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Immigration arrest Nigerian Pastor Austin Ebosele


Immigration Officers have managed to arrest Nigerian Pastor Austin Ebosele of Omega Fire Ministries and is expected to be deported back to his country today for illegal stay in Zambia.

Earlier, Pastor Ebosele and his wife had resisted arrest for close to four hours yesterday by locking themselves up in the house.

He is said to have extended his stay in the country when his permit expired.

Speaking earlier through one of the widows to his house, Pastor Ebosele accused the ministry of national guidance and religious affairs of being corrupt for deporting men of God seen to have vast investments in the country.

He said the only reason government wants to deport him is because unnamed officials from the ministry of religious affairs are jealous and want to take over the wealth he has amassed in the country.


  1. It is sad that a pastor boasts of amassing wealth and not a harvest of souls for the Lord. How did he amass the wealth he is talking about? I guess by milking the poor through gimmicks that are being used by such “men of God”. This is shameful. I am not agreeing to any bad governance if any that has ruled to deport him but the fact that he boasts of wealth and not souls won to Christ, I am doubtful if he is needed in our country

  2. Zambia chalo cha mukaka ndi uchi, when other people are crying to stay here in Zambia HH is busy telling the out side world that Zambia is a no place to stay and that PF is exporting people to other countries. Anyway everything is there to see for them selves. And what is wrong with Nigeria ba Pastor? Leave what belongs to Zambians to us, the wealth which you have amassed belongs to Zambians.

  3. Zed Zambia is a nation of LAWS and the LAWS will always be applied regardless of status/talent.
    ##### Get the F**K of the country, my country #####

  4. let us learn to use godly language. The Pastor is created in the image of GOD just as all Zambians. Let us be sober and let the law enforcers do their work.

    • These Pastors are *****s and fools. They are big thieves trying to milk the poor Zambians. We have seen the church being invaded by racketeers, thieves, rapists all claiming to be apostles, prophets, etc. It is time the church was cleaned up of the evil doers.

    • Iweee, what is your point kanshi? Ichi chintwenikane…..ichi chi pastor chalakwa. He must be deported mwami. He should leave all the wealth he is boasting of because it belongs to this land.

  5. What about all the Indians who’ve come into the country to take up jobs that Zambians are supposed to be doing? Why can’t you chase them? At least no one will kill you for being a black person in Nigeria but in India black Africans get killed just for being black. Indians are racists who shouldn’t be entertained in our country. Let Indians come here as investors not the way they come here pretending to come and transfer skills but instead come to learn skills from locals and become permanent employees.

    • The corrupt immigration are getting paid by Indians, you find Indians with all papers but can not even speak English or any local language…..all the money they get is circulated in Indian banking circles Amongest themselves and ends up leaving the country,

      Immigration needs to start looking at Indians…..


    • I assume it is “windows” and not “widows” as reported. At least that’s what we are made to understand in the first sentences because there is no mention of anyone else in the house except him and his wife.

  7. Dont judge this pastor so quickly however wealth cannot be the mission for a pastor, may be he was misunderstood by the reporter.
    Overstaying can be an immigration offence however he can heard if he is given chance appear in court , he can appeal if he so wishes Zambia is christian nation

  8. Please immigration dept that’s y u are there to check on pipo that are occupying this country like kings and enjoying the wealth at the expense of indigenous citizens. You investigate how that fake pastor acquired that wealth and forfeit it to the state.

  9. This cleanup exercise of illegal immigrants should continue countrywide.
    There many illegal immigrants in Zambia from the five continents.
    The Zambian Military should be part of this cleanup operations in Zambia.

  10. Yabby – Why are you even calling him man of God when he is boasting of amassing wealth. I’m not judging him but this man I head him speak like that.

  11. This is a good reason to deport him. Visas to any country world-wide are given for a specific purpose. If your visa was to preach the world of God and you start amassing wealth as you confess then that is a different reason for being in Zambia. You can apply for a visa as an investor then as an investor you can start amassing wealth. Don’t use religion to advance your illicit business in Zambia “Wafwa”

  12. Its a very big shame, that a country that boast of being a Christian Nation,can go to such extents of chasing Men called of God.the Judgement of God will rain on every body involved. Shame on this ministry of Religion. Why are you fighting God? Judgement is coming.

  13. Let God have mercy on the man.He ain’t hurting nobody.He is preaching the Gospel.Some people are benefitting from His ministry.Given time,he can correct his paper work.God’s blessings on you pastor,I never heard that you robbed a bank.You deserve leniency and we pray that so shall it be!Hey folks let’s for real criminals who are out to harm people. Real crooks who do everything so cunningly no one can tell they stole anything.PEACE!

  14. All you ediots with negative comments bring proof that he’s wealth is from church money.
    He has a right to do business like most people and be wealthy.
    Being a pastor does not mean you should be wallowing in poverty.

  15. Foreign National or not. Test all the spirits according to the scriptures. Don’t just open your mouth if you don’t know him at a personal level. I met pastor Austin five years ago and I confirm he’s a true man of God. Why is it so easy to judge than to make peace? Sinners protect sinners but Christian we cause all sorts of trouble for one another in the body of Christ in today’s generation. When Paul was in prison, Christian gathered to offer prayers to God but in our so called Christian nation we condemn and judge others.

  16. This man is a fool. He says someone from the ministry is jealous and wants to take over the WEALTH he has amassed in the country. Did he come to Zambia to preach or make investments for himself.
    Please go investment and make wealth in Nigeria

  17. I wonder what makes us or why we call ourselves christian from christian nation.
    that is why true prosperity is far from us.this same minister for religion has deported alot of men of God.meaning she is been used.
    i pity my country zambia.
    have you ever heared of a muslim deporting a fellow muslim any where in saudi arabia.or in any arab nation.

    i pity even people talking rubish about a man of God.when you bring causes upon yoursef it is the same men of God that you wil run after to pray for you.
    mind what you say.before you bring problems upon youselfs and your family yet unborn.

  18. Why rush to condemn the man of God when he applied for extension. He careful how you comment on things that you don’t always take as truth what newspapers write them the bible.

  19. The ministry is a ministry of religious affairs. When are we going to hear that Moslems who have overstayed are deported? Why are you targeting Christians? I do not disagree that the Pastor has overstayed but targeting Christians? Stop persecuting the church. In which ever you look at the matter, the church is being persecuted and we are not going to be quite. Stop this. Chipata and Lundazi have Moslems that have over stayed. Go and do the cleaning there if you really mean business.

  20. Some comments are just annoying, a pastor 4yrs work permit expires and all attempt to renew it fails why???
    The same mistake made here by the reporter saying widow instead of Window, is not far from the truth that the statement or publication was to draw hatred.We all came from somewhere and somehow we live somewhere outside our states or country,you don’t expect someone to live in a place for eight yrs (8) not to have invested in that place, is Zimbawe a rich country?? How much offering do you het from such a poor place if not self struggle and hardwork? Was there existing church when the pastor resumme? If any,how was the church??sending a pastor who labour day and night and the success if what they enjoy out, mishandling him as a criminal is an act of pure wickedness to the highest…

  21. zimbabweans kicked out foreigners today they are walloing in abject poverty.beging foreigners to come back and invest.
    we should be careful.American understand these theory of foreigners that is why the give free 55,000 resident permit to foreigners every year for more than 30yrs now.
    and that is why they wil remain world power.
    but my worry is that why wil a minister interfere wit what is hapening in church.if she claim that the pastor is having problems with his a minister cant she help resolve the problem.why rush to deport him.
    mind you this same minister deported a pastor from the airport who was invited for a crusade in zambia.zambian let us wake up and fight this menace by calling thses minister to other.
    otherwise one day we all we be in pastors are…

  22. deportation of pastors are not surpose to be heared of in zambia.because we are known as a christian nation.if we as christian nation are the ones pesecuting pastors then something must be wrong with us or the people acting in our behalf

  23. Something wrong in Christian Nation if public boasting about deportation of a pastor who never did anything unless we are misinformed …Its cray…Why is the Church quiet….

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