Desitiny Power of 40 (Samba Yanga top left)

Zambian media entrepreneur Samba Yonga, has been selected as one of Destiny Magazine’s “Power of 40” most influential women in Africa. Yonga is the co-founder of the Women’s History Museum in Zambia and Lead Consultant for Zambia based communications company Ku-Atenga Media.

The annual Power of 40 report is in the November issue of DESTINY and DESTINY MAN, magazines published by Ndalo Media, South Africa.

To celebrate 10 years of positively impacting lives through using thoughtful content, Ndalo Media will be hosting the 2017 Power of 40 Awards, which will celebrate candidates from this year’s DESTINY and DESTINY MAN lists.

Yonga has been selected for her work in researching and exploring obscured narratives of women who have made an impact in Africa with the Women’s Museum of Zambia and her vision to use communications as a strategic tool to position Africans as meaningful decision-makers and game changers.

“I am honoured to be named alongside women and men who are impacting the development of Africa in extraordinary ways and under extraordinary circumstances. Through this nomination Zambia has been recognised as a country that holds some the of the most productive minds that continue to contribute positively to the development of Zambia and Africa as a whole”, Yonga said.

The museum focusses on exploring how indigenous knowledge impacts contemporary life and seeks to restore narratives of women that have been obscured from mainstream knowledge.

Ku-Atenga Media provides strategic communications consultancy for a wide range of high-level international and local clients. The list includes Zambian government agencies, European Union, the UN and various corporate multi-nationals.

The awards ceremony will be held in Sandton, Johannesburg, South Africa on 21st November, 2017. The public has an opportunity to attend the awards ceremony by nominating their favourite named personality on the list by clicking on these links below:



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