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Chishimba Kambwili and UPND MPs walk out of Parliament in protest against Speaker’s Ruling

General News Chishimba Kambwili and UPND MPs walk out of Parliament in protest...


Roan Patritic Front(PF) Member of Parliament (MP) Chishimba Kambwili and Opposition United party for National Development (UPND) Members of Parliament on Friday walked out of Parliament in protest to Speaker of the National Assembly Patrick Matibini’s ruling on a point of order raised by Mazabuka MP Garry Nkombo.

Mr. Nkombo had asked Dr. Matibini to rule if government was in order to interfere with the judicial system following President EDGAR LUNGU’s cautioning of judges against making decisions that would cause confusion in the country.

Dr. Matibini however, ruled that Vice President Inonge Wina’s answer that President Lungu was only providing counsel to the Judges and not warning them was adequate.

He further noted that the issue was also political and he does not deal with issues outside parliament.

Mr. Nkombo however was not happy with the ruling and walked out of the house followed by all UPND MPs and Mr. Kambwili.

And speaking in Parliament Minister of Justice Given Lubinda said walking out of parliament does not sort out anything despite being a democratic right for MPs

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  1. First of all, he made the statement in Solwezi as Republican President. He was not addressing a PF meeting. So it’s not in order for the Speaker to say it’s a Political matter.

    Secondly, the Judiciary which was the recipient of the presidential rantings does not belong to a Political Party. It’s an institution of Government.

    The ideal thing is for the Presidential Spokesman withdraw the statement on behalf of the President.

    • To expect Matibini to rule on anything objectively is hallucination.

      The man lives for his belly and his belly alone.

      He is a disgrace to the office he holds and to his profession.
      A senior lawyer like himself is not ashamed to say the president was prividing counsel to the judges.

    • I think we need credible mps who can articulate issues to best interest of Zambia not these selfish sellouts. OK fine they were exercising their rights but what have they resolved. That issue issue is closed bcoz pf has enough numbers to continue with business without these minority minions. The opposition in parliament have no powers to influence anything. That’s why it was going to be difficult rule should upnd have won the 2016 election. Opposition needs brains not bitterness to solve the problems. Boycotts are for south Africa mps who think in violent lines. They are things for past and dunderheads.

    • @ HH Oval head – they are playing to the international community – that’s what the walk out has achieved.

      Really, we cannot let these chaps take us back to imperialists… we know HH loves privatisation. We are going to be bought off completely, that’s why he can’t be president

    • Let me start by saying Jonathan is a total joke, waste of space.

      The truth is that the speaker works for Jonathan and benefits immorally from the corrupt establishment. This means he will always side with Jonathan.

      Mama Wina does not agree with Jonathan. But her hands are tied but she tries to remain neutral and not be the party bull dog like Kambwili was when in government. However, if she has dignity, she should resign on principle. Her name is being tarnished.

      Let me end by saying that Jonathan is a total joke, waste of space.

    • Only blue collar people walk off jobs when in disagreement. Smart people can dialogue and negotiate peacefull. This is the limit of Kambwili brain. Call Jean and Bowman. They know how to contro him!

      So what did you want the speaker to say?
      ECL is the head of the executive and the president of the republic of Zambia;
      Matibini has jurisdiction in his boundary, the national Assembly;
      Mambilima is the head of the judiciary.
      That said, CK and HH’s puppets must not put the Speaker under undue pressure. He must not intervene or be seen to be fighting UPND battles with the Republican president. Why is UPND sick that ECL wants to have another shot at the presidency in 2021? Walking outa parley is rude and the unruly MPs needs to be disciplined.


    • CK actually has balls to walkout of parliament, there are many who disagree with that ruling but they simply do not want to come out and show us they agree with the opposition. It is a pity that once an MP disagrees with his party he/she will face ridicule and most likely termed to be working against their party. So kufwila dye mutate!

  3. Hahaha , i’m loving the fire that Lungu’s attack on the judiciary has lit.Our judiciary should be independent and bound only by the constitution and not Lungu’s political rantings.
    Well done Kenyan judiciary ,you’ve shown the independent way to be emulated .

    • But firstly you need to amend the governance issues in the selfsame constitution…its absolute wishful thinking that one would think thecurrent system can allow that… thats how the Kenyans did it and its giving these selfish African tin pot leaders sleepless nights.

  4. Lungu’s governing philosophy belongs in the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. Times have changed. The modern African president needs to be able to govern within constitutional bounds. Unfortunately Lungu lacks that sophistication and reverts back to dictatorial tendencies of the past.

  5. These MPs are cowards. Why do they always have to walk out. Can they not bring about a motion, or suggest a bill that limits the presidents reach. No! They decide to walk but keep draining our parents and relatives hard earned taxed income. PF and UPND are equally useless.

  6. Needless to say, the comments were not as bad as is being portrayed by the media. He (President ECL) implored the judges to be professional. He warned them not to be adventurous. We were there and we heard for ourselves. HH still wants to sneak into Plot 1.
    If the comments were that bad, you are free to move a motion for impeachment

    • Silly comment do not warrant impeachment. The president was out of order. He simply has to apologize to the nation, the Judiciary and move on.

    • Iwee c1kala Kudos. This is not about HH or UPND, this is about Zambia. Running a country is not all about winning elections. Lungu and HH will go Zambia will remain as a living entity. Grow up kolwe iwee.

  7. Now Lubinda says it is their right for MPs to walk out of parliament. By the get suspended for exercising the same right on a presidential speech.
    Shame on the incompetent Speaker. This is the chap who should have been Acting president.

  8. You PF zealots, what would you have called HH if he is the one who talked like Lungu did to the judges! Where you not going to call him all the names in the world. Lets not just support blindly without reasoning. Lungu is not above the law, and the law is not Lungu. He is the appointing authority of these judges and if he can speak to them like that don’t you think that he was directly telling them that “don’t bite the fingure that feeds you” (intimidating). PF cadres are brain dead just like their leader.

  9. Dont mind what jonathan said in Solwezi. He was in his usual drunken state. Oh, what a lesder we have for this nation.

    • I am sure Lazy Lungu is asking Kalaba to look for trips for a working visit so the Bum can issue a useless statement on an Aiirport tarmac!!

  10. U cannot expect any wisdom in PF leaders at all. Iyi party niyozula nabakaponya. Nzelu zapa street fuulu. Ni Lesa fye Kabumba eukatulamwina mutulume twangala sha kwa kasebanya. Mwe. Jehovah Twalomba mutulamwine kuli bakalume babule nsoni.

  11. I ve never seen hypocrisy of level, when HH called the judges corrupt they did not walk out of parliament ,I never agree with people like these ,ba Chishimba kambwili ala napapata.

  12. I want mr kambwili to lead by example, let him pay back the salaries he got illegally last year since the corncourt has rulled that they have to pay back, then i will believe him when he says lungu is corrupt but right now the only thing a see in him is corruption

    • Agreed, ba CK lipileni ka ngwee kalya mwa sendelele kanabesaa. Imwe mwa buta tutu nga KK’s hanki. 2021 CK you may just be the option. But pay back

  13. Edgar made a mistake.
    It will be corrected.
    No need to disrupt parliament.
    Sata had made several constitutional errors. He reversed and corrected them.
    KK, FTJ, Mwanawasa, Rupia had made errors.
    To error is only human.

  14. PF – First it was cartel, cartel, cartel! Now it’s imperialists, imperialists, imperialists! Really??? If you have failed to govern, just give up rather than play the blame games and threats of the unknown to consolidate your hold on to power. Who voted for you to defend them from Cartel and Imperialist???

    • Sata is the one who started the plunging of this country into the mess we are in today. He thought money grew at bank of zambia.

  15. I fail to understand upnd and all its blind followers.HH has insuted the judiciary several times.recently HH was even blamed by LAZ for insuting the judiciary.Whenever HH does that,these bantustan MPs never walkout of parliament or say any word.SO WHAT HAS CHANGED NOW?ECL NEVER WARNED THE JUDICIARY BUT WAS MERELY ADVISING THEM AS THEY DO THEIR WORK.look,judges or lawyers are people like all of us,so they belong to various political parties.some are PF,MMD,UPND,FDD,etc so if they make political judgements,they may cause chaos in Zambia!!surely dont you know that lawyers such as Jack Mwiimbu,Keith Mweemba,Martha Mushipe are upnd members or KBF,Tutwa Ngulube,Makebi Zulu are PF?oftenly such lawyers may take a political stance even in court!!

  16. H.E Edgar Lungu is the father of the nation so he has all the rights to advise Zambians.look,ECL know more than we know things as OP update him on daily basis about the happengs across all Govnt wings.whenever ECL advises like that,it simply means he has information about the behaviour of certain judges who have parties they support too.BUT THE POINT WHICH ECL DELIVERED IS LEGAL EXPERTS MUST BE NEUTRAL IN THEIR DAILY ACTIVITIES FOR ZAMBIA TO MAINTAIN ITS PEACE!!
    Those bantustan mps and Kambwili can walkout of parliament daily-we dont care as Zambian peace is more vital than them!!HOW CAN NORMAL MPS SOLVE ISSUES BY WALKINGOUT INSTEAD OF DEBATING INSIDE AND COME UP WITH LASTING SOLUTIONS WITHIN PARLIAMENT?

    • Why didn’t ECL call the Chief Justice & her Deputy + the Attorney General and a few lined Ministers to State House to discuss this particular issue in National Interest. I reckon the timing of the Statement has put the alot of the GRZ institutions concern in limbo. There is a better way of dealing with such sensitive matters no matter what the implications may be; MY EARNEST THOUGHTS A CITIZEN

  17. …ba suntwe with no agenda!!! They have no solid national plan except false accusations. They have no plan, chipante pante stuff!!!!!!!

  18. Matibini sure, all the respect we gave you as a people you have sacrificed it on Lungu’s covens for political power? What weak men can do for others

  19. Kambwili is a blind follower and eventually he shall be lead into a ditch. Of all the many so called parties, he chose to dine with the devil. I say with the devil in the sense that at all times these guys choose to differ with the rest as long as they are seen to oppose. The only thing so far that they have not opposed is increment to their pecks.

  20. Good luck with your walkouts garry that is your specialty when the stupid constitution was being passed you were at the bar drinking whiskey you only came back in to make some drunken statements after all you are on record that should adolf lose the 2011 elections you would resign as MP but politics of the belly you still in your fulltime job as an MP but being a secondary school trained teacher we expect better from you then walking out….please don’t come back keep walking like the Johnny you indulge in

    • That’s why I don’t trust the human race. Trump is about to fire his Attorney General Session because he’s failed to investigate Hillary Clinton.

  21. Democracy encourages foolishness! At each twist and turn opposition finds flimsy excuse to walk out of parliament. Grow up people!

  22. Michael Sata (MHSRIP) rebuked the PF MPs then in the opposition that walking out of Parliament was not a solution. He urged the PF MPs to remain in Parliament and debate the issues there. Today Chishimba Kambwili has forgotten and has gone back to the vomit. Disgusting and cheap politics. Did the PF MPs walk out of Parliament or did they protest when HH insulted the Judges up to the CONCOURT? Where were these “Garry Nkombo and wise UPND MPs”?

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