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President Lungu warns Judges, but insists that he is not intimidating the Judiciary


President Edgar Lungu at Solwezi Airport address 0195_1
President Edgar Lungu at Solwezi Airport address

PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu has warned that there will be chaos in the country if judges try to emulate the Kenyan courts and stop his third term bid in 2021.

Speaking on arrival in Solwezi yesterday afternoon, President Lungu warned against emulating the Kenyan courts on whether or not he was eligible to contest the 2021 election.

He said he had the right to contest the presidency in 2021 if the Patriotic Front adopts him.

“To my colleagues in the Judiciary, my message is just do your work, interpret the law without fear or favour and look at the best interest of this country. Don’t become a copycat and think that you are a hero if you plunge this country into chaos. I want to close by saying that those people who don’t like peace and freedom will say ‘President Lungu is intimidating the courts of law’, I am not intimidating the judiciary, I am just warning you because I have information that some of you want to be adventurous, your adventure should not plunge us into chaos please!” President Lungu exclaimed.

“In English there is a saying, to be forewarned is to be forearmed. We don’t want to plunge this country into chaos because we are trying to imitate what’s happening elsewhere. We are a beckon of peace and freedom, let us keep it that way. I was on the ballot paper as candidate and I assured that I would protect Zambia and that I will do. God bless you.”

And President Lungu insisted that there were people with an agenda to get his government out of power.

“There are people outside Africa and some of them within Africa who want to bring confusion in Africa. They have picked on South Africa, Zambia and Kenya for a regime change. I said we should look out…..there are people out there who just want power change, they want to take over the country from us and manage us in the manner they did during colonial days, that I will not allow. So to my colleagues in the judiciary, my message is that do your work, interpret the law without fear or favour, look at the interests of this Country Zambia. Don’t try to become a copycat and think that you will be a hero, you will plunge this country into chaos,” President Lungu said.

He, however, claimed that his statement was not meant to intimidate the courts.

“I want to conclude by saying those people who don’t love peace and freedom will say President Lungu is intimidating the Courts of Law; I am not intimidating you my colleagues in the judiciary, I am just warning you that I have information that some of you want to be adventurous, your adventure should not plunge us into chaos please. There is an old English quote which says ‘forewarned is forearmed.’ We don’t want to plunge this country into chaos because of trying to imitate what is happening elsewhere, we have been a beacon of peace, freedom, justice and liberty, let us keep it that way,”


  1. The main issue Mr President Sir is correcting the current mess your ministers have created! Maize floor price- millers and middlemen in collusion with some senior govt officers buying maize at low prices only to sell at 3 times the price to the UN’s WFP, the Fuel rise, Zesco tarrifs, poor road works, poor sanitation in townships and prison remain forgotten places, continued wastage of funds on fake contracts, luxury SUVs, allowances and unjustified salaries!

    These are the issues you must correct Sir or come 2021 PF will be in opposition and the mistakes that were left behind will be used against the current leaders. This is the truth!

    • Madi Jonathan hallunating and contradicting himself at the same time-just let the Judicially proclaim their verdict without yr intimidation!

      Kikiki, atiii chaos, iwee ka chakolwa, Paya bantu pashala bantu!

    • This Lungu is not presidential material, no wonder he failed at his law practice. How can the determination by Judges that he doesn’t qualify for a 3rd plunge the country into chaos? There are several people within PF more qualified to be president that this failed lawyer.

    • Compare and contrast this speech with the one from the Botswana president recently ( Ba Tswana are so blessed)
      Compare and contrast with emphasis for respect for rule law demonstrated by HH on hardtalk even when pressured (then ati he was grilled)
      How many days after prayers is this? what being prayed for? I receive 3rd term I receive HH somersault and die. Christians ka

    • “…do your work, interpret the law without fear or favour”…….but interpret it in my favour.
      No, Mr President focus on issue that matters to Zambian people and stop brainwashing people with these conspiracy theories.
      “3 meal a day per family by the year 2021”, that what we ought to be talking about.

      This man laid his hand over the HOLY Bible and swore before millions to uphold the constitution of the country.
      He even went further and declared a National Day of Prayer. Today he can stand on a podium and without shame threaten to plunge the country into chaos if he is not allowed to stand for a third time?

      He is not only a Lawyer but a very senior one at that, yet he does not understand the difference between a political party constitution and the NATIONAL ONE. But then we should not be surprised at all, this man shamelessly told the country that he did not embezzle his widow client’s money because he later paid it back. He simply has no sense of Right and Wrong.

    • THis man’s credentials as a lawyer need to checked…he is so obsessed with 2021 that he is not doing any work now…I sure hope this is his last term so someone else in PF steps up; how can you issue such warnings who the **** are you? Imagine Stephen from HardTalk quoting on the above and asking a question…he would not survive 5 minutes on that programme. He is a fraud and he would be exposed.

    • Too much inferiority complex among students of mugabe, they see a colonialists everywhere, we see business partners.

    • Even Mushota and the Nubian are embarrassed with these statements! In the PF itself there are more capable people and in the same context, ECL has betrayed the Sata vision of Paya Farmer! Equally HH must humble himself and step down and let others lead. With such a move, both men will have a special place in history! Both of these 2 leaders have a weird way of leadership. I am actively thinking of going myself!

    • @Mushota it’s not whether he is ELIGIBLE or not! He ECL) and even HH have reached their pinnacle! The summit! Anything more will be catch 22. We now need collective leadership that will lead us into a new direction collectively. This thinking of ”what am I getting out of it” is not working and will not work! We need a benign leader (who will not be patronising) but will be bold to accept he is a human and doesn’t have all the solutions.

    • Some of us who are privileged to have seen Zambia in the good days despair when we hear and see that some students never smell ‘bad eggs’ in a laboratory! In Rwanda students are returning to government schools as private education does not provide better education. Those of us who did have free education also experience the best quality!
      My children have completed their university education abroad but will they fit in if they decided to come back to Zambia! Hell no! Too much corruption is maligning us as Zambians! We need to move together period!

    • Lungu afunta. He needs to be checked by psychiatrists.

      He is now ranting after noticing that he is not eligible to stand in 2021.

    • Lungu ayopa chaani mambaambala uyu?

      Aaya he is delaying his misery instead of laying an olive branch.

      The constitution is clear here. No more than two terms . It does not state the period of each term. Its PF s fault.

    • This government has upside down priorities! Mr. Lungu has just shown that he was not joking when he said he has NO VISION! I mean, while his presidency is fighting for legitimacy, the man just concentrates on an illegal third term in 2021, why? Because he cannot fulfill his many empty promises. This is the first president who has really no heart for the people and country he leads. Everything is about him and his pals getting rich, and threatening others who want to stop their corruption. Now PF what do you have to say about your man? God help us!

    • This is from Mr. Clueless Incompent,Wasted Years Zambia Edgar Changwa Lungu. Absolutely without value to the good governance of Zambia.

  2. The great leader has spoken . Follow the leader. After a new constitution, he is eligible to stand in 2021…to show muscle…..just lock hh on his return for being a chimbwi no plan on hard talk. Banamulepaule chi.kala live pa hard talk. He looked lost and

    • Davies Mwilla: The opposition are trying to dent the image of our country led by the able and humble President His Excellency Edgar…
      Bowman Lusambo: If Kambwili thinks he’s a man let him resign from PF so we can meet him in the by-elections
      Sunday Chanda: it is pathetic that some disgruntled people wish the government can stoop so low.
      Amos Chanda: First of all,when the bid for the fire tenders first surfaced the IMF okayed the deal and all the farmers have got paid so it is utterly nonsensical to equate the plight of the pensioners to what is happening to some chief in Southern province,there is no tribalism at play.
      Chilufya Tayali: if they have evidence let them take it to ACC,i think the AG is being sponsored by HH because ever since he came out of prison he’s been so bitter…

    • Pukuta Mwanza & Joshua Banda: The tremor that occured in Lusaka around 11:00hrs is testament that God answered our national prayers,so this report is clearly the work of the devil,let us all condemn this with prayers by fire.
      Dominic: Am in people let me just reach where am going because am driving.
      Johnny De: Manchester United is so uninspiring,God bless the hardworking PF.

    • I think we are missing the point. It’s not about EL standing in 2021 or not. We want a sound president, a president who will lead the nation properly.
      Whether legible or not if PF loves Zambia, it will choose a sound minded person.

  3. Can’t believe this is happening in 2017, i am more than shocked. I don’t know what to expect next, the lack of an agreed definition of political leadership has led the country to discussions about power and term limits and buried the real issues – performance, results, service before self – the servant of the people. The church should resurrect and openly guide the nation on the kind of leadership that we deserve to advance the economic and social transformation we want. We are now in 2017, our next elections are not next year or the year after – its best we focus on delivering current promises instead of preparing the stage to announce the next promises

  4. sorry Mr Lungu here as Zambians and not even the courts we donot ask 3rd terms go and ask names i may not mention , its this time we have given to deliver or you fail on your own , but no no third term , just learn from kenya , donot even talk about it . Judges we need men and women of patriotism , ready to protect Zambia and not self -individuals in what ever position they may be .

    We donot need patronage , but serious patriotism if this country has to move, right now even professionals have stopped thinking ,but working to protect their jobs , Zambians change .Judges stand uip and be counted God in heaven and us wie are with you . Actually learning from Kenya the 2016 case somebody would have lost too, but no names mentioned here , judge on own based on the 1st Sept Kenyan…

    • ECL is now getting mad,3rd term kwisa. We want change,PF is clearly failing to deliver.So many problems around the country yet he is busy talking about 2021.Let him win the masses over before he even talks about 2021..oh wait,the guy does not have a PLAN.People talking about HH on hard talk are fools,at least he has the bravery to go into the Lion’s Den. ECL does not have the testicular fortitude to face Hardtalk. He is a wolf in sheep’s skin.What a sadistic and vengeful character this ECL is turning out to be.We are chucking you out come 2021.i only hope the opposition can come together and unite for the purpose of change.Let them all work with HH so that we have a united opposition to get rid of these PFools

  5. Words of wisdom from HE ECL. You are the King Solomon of Zambia from the East. We indeed need peace and we have no where to run to in the event of the unlikely.

    • Which Solomon Mr Wako ni Wako? King Solomon was not a corrupt drunk. King Solomon never got convicted of stealing a widows money. King Solomon did not pretend fire trucks cost $1m whilst people are dying in hospitals because of no medicines. King Solomon did not spend his whole leadership traveling for allowances. King Solomon did not ignore cadres pouring PF holy water (chibuku) on others. King Solomon did not watch markets burn. Maybe you mean some Solomon Zulu from Petauke. King Solomon was not only concerned and obsessed with the next election. Dzikomo a Wako

    • It actually depends on the side on King Solomon you focus on, he was human, probably permanent turnaround of Israel’s history because his ending was bad. I find the President’s statement unwise in all areas that is why he quickly brings in what he may call a clarification. The obvious answer as to who may bring chaos are his supporters because they are the ones likely to be aggrieved. Does he expect such statement on the side of those insisting that he does not qualify to declare bloodshed if ruling is his favour?

  6. Where is “learned” (LOL) Lubinda to lecture his Endemically Corrupt Leader that he is denting “democratic image” of Zambia abroad?

    • Mr Wako are you sure its not tender 42, 1.2bn roads, being 3rd hungriest nation, markets burning, pouring PF holy water (chibuku) on others, lawlessness, get rich quick and kill while trying? Everything has its time,yours will come too

    • @ Wiseman……This is just friendly and wise advice I’m giving you. Continue communicating the colonial language to the electorate as you are used to being perpetual losers. ECL for 2021! No wonder Laura observed that UPEND has such poor under 5 publicity and PR strategies.

      @ Chosen1……… There is a wise saying in Nsenga that a fish does not realise the importance of water until the water dries up. The day ECL will hand over power in 2026 that’s when people like you would appreciate his legacy as his shoes would be to big for HH, a man masquerading as an accountant and economist yet doesn’t have either qualification. By the way ECL is allergic to corruption.

    • Wansekesha ati alergic ka. Day made. By the way we are already “appreciating” his legacy. Those with eyes can see those with brown envelops cant see.

  7. Unbelievable. This guys is NEVER presidential material. Never a democrat. What will prevent this guy from changing the Constitution to remove the term limits?

  8. He is purely trying to intimidate the learned judges. That’s being prejudicial. Allow the judicially operate independently please.

  9. We still have people who don’t believe in GOD that every good things are coming from God. This Pimbilimano thing is should by a bible and read to understand. Your life is also a gift from God so don’t fool yourself

  10. The following are what is making PF unpopular (Attend to them):
    1- Maize flow price- The producers (Farmers should have benefited more than consumer). Even developed countries don’t apply market forces to staple food.
    2- Big contracts should be handled by ZPA and not individual ministries
    3- Leadership at Ministry of Health. Paying journalist by the minister to cover even useless events doesn’t mean that someone is working. Things are not okay at Ministry of Health.
    4- Agriculture minister need to be replaced
    5- Number of MMD ministers to high.
    6- Harassment of people by cadres. Even in bus stations sure!!!

    “Let those who have ears, hear”.

  11. Ha ha aha u have served two terms my president.Don’t stand in 2021 period.If u stand you’ll plunge Zambia into chaos.There are a lot of capable leaders in PF to rule this country.We still have Men we thought would succeed Sata n PF therefore not allowing you won’t change anything.We don’t want you to stand in 2021.We PF members are tired of you becoz of bring MMD too close.

  12. I heard what the President said last night on TV. Such kind of statements are not good. He was clearly intimidating the Judiciary. What has to prevail is JUSTICE and CORRECT INTERPRETAION of the law. And if that plunges the country into chaos then it’s fine as long as Justice and correct interpretation of the constitution has prevailed. A President is not supposed to intimidate the Judiciary but call for Justice to prevail and interpret the law correctly

  13. To all Peace loving Zambians: Do not fear man on earth, but fear GOD IN HEAVEN: What ever a man sows on earth , it is what he shall reap on the day of Judgment: Galatians 6:7 also see Mathew 5: 9 Blessed are the Peacemakers for they shall be called sons of GOD: Amen.

  14. Last election, He ran as incumbent and he had all perks as an incumbent. He didn’t afford is Fellow running mates the same perks. Wow.

    I’m sure this has sent great shock in the clergy circles.

  15. 16 days ago this man and his bishops were at Nkana Stadium crying to God for national peace and reconciliation today he is threatening Judges. God have mercy on Zambia by removing this man from power cos your children will suffer more under the rulership of these evil men and women.

  16. Some judges are not working for the interests of Africans because they belong to secret societies. Yes, Judges need to be careful with trying to copy what the Kenyan judges did two months that almost plunged a good country into chaos. Kenyan Chief Justice is a coward tribalist who was trying to execute a civilian coup de tat. Remember Guy Scott almost trying to plunge Zambia into chaos when he was the acting President. It took brave men and women to stop the Guy Scott nonsense.


  18. Unbelievably shocking! This dictator who stole elections in broad daylight is intimidating and threatening judges that “if you rule against me and stop me from going for a 3rd term I will go to war against the country”. Who is going for him? If an opposition leader spoke like they would have been arrested for treason. And you say HH is tarnishing the image of the country when Lungu is doing it all by himself.

    FTJ tried to go for a 3rd term but the people stopped him. I know Lungu is more dictator than Chiluba but people please stop him.

    Ruling in his favour and thus allowing a constitutional illegality is what could plunge the country into chaos.

  19. One must be very foolish and stupid not to understand the real issues affecting people and this man all he cares about his power. Time will catch up with him. as Abraham Lincoln stated “Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power”.

  20. ECL u r too quick to comment on this matter. Desperation does not help. Kenyan Judiciary still remains very professional compared to Zambians because they answer to the law not any individual person. Their jugdement was within the law which was actually made by their parliament. Ba Lungu Mutekanye mwebafyashi besu. Tatulefwaya ichinfulunfulu.


  22. Something is really wrong with this man. Mr president sir, don’t you think you have important things to do other than fighting for 2021 eligibility? You have 3 more good years in office to make things right or worse. Do we have to remind you that Zambia is now the hungriest country in the WHOLE world?? Are you aware that $1 is now 10.05?? Mr president sir, you have a job to do…………Power hungry right??

  23. I ve not seen any connection to the topic,the first paragraph and most of the comments ,i can not conment any further.

  24. The people of Zambia are not going to eat the fruitless debates and court battles regarding the 2016 elections which PF won fairly in 6.5 provinces. Its time for UPEND cadres to heal and move on as time for electioneering is over. At least offer constructive alternatives to the governance and development agenda of PF which is what Zambians are expecting from you like the Greens are doing. You are just exposing your insatiable and avid hunger for power. Otherwise if you continue like this its nafuti nafuti 2021. Surely its either you don’t learn from you past or you enjoy being perpetual losers. ECL ewabako! Elo aka mikolopa…mark my words.

  25. Even from the UK I can feel the winds of change blowing in my motherland……lungu is a corrupt violent thug and even his supporters are tired of defending pf cortuption and violence….

    • …the only wind of change you will feel is what you decide to do with hh when he loses again in 2021 for the sixth time. ECL and PF are in power and no law shall change that!!!!

  26. This ka Insane Dictator Jonason Agwesa Dziko Pombe, is so addicted to flying & plunder, he has now grown wings, combined with his Jameson Dutch courage believes it’s democratic to threaten Judges.
    What does one expect from a Lawyer who had his licence revoked, for stealing from a Widow??

  27. To start with, the first paragraph is extremely questionable!!! I am looking at a copy of the Daily Nation and the Daily Mail right now, and no where does it border on the “third term bid”. This matter is before the constitutional Court and until they determine that ECL doesn’t qualify for another term, then it is not a “third term bid”. The president, with the whole intelligence apparatus behind him, is ably informed of what transpires in the country-he cannot be talking from without. For him to bring up this matter, it is coming from somewhere. I wouldn’t rush to just condemn him, there are elements at work trying to undermine the government. LET US BE CAUTIOUS WHEN HANDLING SUCH MATTERS.

    • What whole intelligence behind him ? Let me tell you, that intelligence behind lungu is all geared toward plunder and silencing his critics.. …..just like the intelligence he recived to go and raid UPND officers ……

    • Do you think the British Intelligence reports to cretins like you or the opposition??? They report to the government in power. Just like in Zambia, they presently reporting to ECL and the PF government. It is called National Security. So keep your misguided and upnd-type governance to yourselves!!!!

    • The only thing that comes to my mind is that intelligence has told him that the decision is not in his favour. This is an effort to change the Concourt verdict.

    • @Bululu: Read between the lines. A leak from the JCC says the JCC said the ConCourt did not follow the contstitution and only gave the petition 10-days. JCC is not a court, it is not suppose to interpret the law. It is a disciplinary committee for Judges!! Something malicious brewing….

  28. Most of us Africans are ignorant about geopolitics.
    In Zambia in particular,the UPND has shown alot of ignorance and blindness due to their agenda to install a regional leader to a national position.
    NO country in Africa which has allowed the west to decide who will be in power has ever had peace.NO COUNTRY.
    DRC,Rwanda,Sudan,Libya,Angola,South Africa and now Kenya including Iraq,Afghanistan etc
    So who is the REAL threat to peace in Africa and Zambia?
    It’s those who are sleeping with the enemy.Those denting Zambia’s image so as to justify intervention of the west.
    I thank the brothers in Kenya.I know South Africa will do the right thing like Zimbabwe.
    Zambians must get ready to fight the agents of western imperialism like HH.
    We have all been warned.Let us not all Zambia be a victim…

  29. When people in nation become too corrupt, The same God they say choose leaders will give them a corrupt one to punish them, just like he did to the Israelites by given them Saul for a king, Zambia is just having a king Saul time.

    • You upnd supporters think the whole country is up against ECL. Comparing ECL to King Saul and hh to David is just that, a wild dream!!!! hh has no heart for Zambia, it is power he wants for himself. Just like he has kept upnd to himself and eliminated any opposers to his dictatorship since 2006!!! We all know the cries of the tongas, remember we have tonga friends. They have all rallied behind hh so he becomes the first tonga president of Zambia, that’s their wish. It’s all about hegemony, power which they think has been denied them by the bembas/easterners since independence. Right now go to southern, they will tell you the economy has collapsed. Remember Harry Nkumbula?? Research about him and see where this is coming from.

    • @zambian citizen.

      Since your daily bread is tribal hating.

      I am one person who won’t give a hoot even if my brother becomes president, because that won’t make my entire clan president. Starting with kaunda, give me name of former President and name of village they came or come from, then give us the developmental statis of those areas, we all know kk’s dad came from Malawi, but we consider him as chinsalian, what did he do for chisalians, sata and his famous chitulika.

    • @Divide: You can do better than that, my guy. It’s not about developing where you came from, no. It’s about empowering you kin and kith in the urban areas, the capitals. You are aware that just before last year’s elections, upnd started making shadow Boards of Directors for organisations such as RTSA, ZESCO etc and all proposed names were tonga???? That is what happens, remember Mwanawasa’s infamous FAMILY TREE?? It was about giving relatives and tribespeople strategic jobs not developing one’s village.

      Tribal hating??? Explain to me, why has southern province ever since the inception of upnd never voted for anyone else?? Even Mwanawasa lost badly in southern. Open your mind, man!!!!

  30. I have been telling you that we have a thug and thief in State house; now you have it;why warn judges? he wants to extend his rule to cover up his corruption; and is that tthe so called Solwezi airport? my foot!

  31. Where is pukuta mwanza and bitihop Joshua banda to cast out this demon of seeing ghosts of long gone colonialists in their people?

    • The problem with UPND supporters is that HH is infallible and does not make mistakes. They only see mistakes in ECL. They are obsessed with having a Tonga president, no matter what.

      This is what puts off non-tongas.What if HH actually became president.Teti tupekale!

      I can only imagine the arrogance and change of official language !

    • …I remember at Kulima Tower bus station during 2001 elections when a conductor asked a gentleman to move and sit in the back in the usual nyanja language. The poor little guy got his response in tonga!! Remember 2001 elections when a certain Andy Mazoka was in the lead???

  32. The Constitution is very clear.
    If a sitting president dies and another takes over to complete a term and that remainder is not more than specified, that term will not count. People what do you want? Why cant you read. This is the only exception to the 3rd term.

    • Wasting your time Ken. If these Chaps refuse to understand that article 104 refers to a Petition under article 103 (second ballot), can you expect them to notice that Jan 2015-Aug 2016 is less than a Term (3yrs)?
      And pls don’t remind them about 14 days….

  33. The agents of colonial masters can bribe our judges so that they cause confusion. He is not speaking from whithout,but from intelligence reports brought to his table.

    • what colonial masters iwe, your colonial masters are the Chinese and Indians , the old colonial masters you are talking about you are going back begging to the for a bailout at the IMF , ? you have no shame.

    • These guys don’t get it……Zambians are colonized by Zambians, this “colonial masters” myth, has really brainwashed many of you. Its a pity.

  34. Obatala for your information ECL did well in his law degree outstanding student, he did not fail put your facts together before vomit your words.

    • Despite all that, he is still a dull lawyer and visionless tinpot dictator. He has failed to run the country the way he failed to run a law firm and also stole which makes that law degree irrelevant.

    • Ba Loliwe he is failed lawyer: FACTS he stole clients money entrusted to him because of his qualification as a barrister, moreover the client was a widow with orphans (muka fwilwa nabana ba shiwa)…cash from a client bank. Clients complaints against were too much that even the Law Society disbarred him by nullifying his practising certificate. The proverbial Monkey in a maize field (kolwe mwibala lya mataba) fits perfectly on ECL. If this is not being a failed lawyer twebeni ba Loliwe

  35. Yaba uyu kapala….maybe ali uwanwa mo ama shots! Third term….someone tell this ‘humble president’ to be really humble. This is Zambia takwaba 3rd term muno ngawaifililwa wemwine in the 2 terms vacate we remove the immunity and probe you kwapwa. There was once a shrewd politician than this low grade drunk of lawyer as President who tried to do this…where is he…did succeed? Kapala iwe..

    • Indeed uyu kapala is an embarrassment. Initially he could say external factors want to take over Uganda.., now they want to take over Kenya, South Africa, Zambia. Why talk about other countries lazy lun? Lazy man stop hallucinating third term will never come. My fellow luapula boy FTJ smart a politician he was, tried third term… didn’t we stop him? Don’t put us to test.

  36. Is there a video clip to confirm this speech? If this is true, I must admit I am genuinely SHOCKED by what Lungu has said.

    I know its common knowledge by now that Lungu is NOT particularly bright and ‘cannot think on his feet’, but this speech breaks all records and lowers him further in most people with objective minds.

    No, I think I will wait for a video clip of this speech. This has to be a bad joke. This is too 5tup!d to be true.

  37. No one is above the law, that is why the opposition is saying there is a break down of rule of law in Zambia, how can this guy openly intimidate the courts? This man thinks a president is above the law, when he was supposed to secede power to the speaker during the partition he held own on to it, and this was the game to intimidate the judges. Now he is using threats to supress the courts, does it mean if the law says he can not stand the court must just say the opposed, for fear of chaos, who is he? This rubbish only happens in zambia, where men put their tails between there legs for fear of another man because he is President, Zuma paid back the money in RSA there was no chaos, they held an impeachment vote successfully there was no chaos beacase RSA is a democracy, if Mr. Lungu wants a…

  38. Lungu, stop embarrassing yourself. What does the rule of law mean? As a qualified lawyer albeit the disqualification, you ought to know the law and that’s the least thing you can do! Let the courts decide. If the rule in your favour so be it. Why interfere?!

    • It’s not interfering, he’s just sounding a warning because somethings when done cannot be undone. Remember the decision of the Concourt is FINAL….!

  39. Lungu, stop embarrassing yourself. What does the rule of law mean? As a qualified lawyer albeit the disqualification, you ought to know the law and that’s the least thing you can do! Let the courts decide. If they rule in your favour so be it. Why interfere?!

    • The problem is such statement puts the court in a tight corner. If they rule in his favour, his opponents will refer to these sentiments that the ruling was out of intimidation . He should not have said that.

  40. Civil Servants know that the big dog is busy amassing vast amounts of wealth. So nisangwapo! Sad that the ACC has to wait for orders to act. Forgot though, it’s the appointing authority so they have to follow instructions. Why not move the ACC to State House like RDA, it ain’t serving any purpose?

  41. Is this true? If it is I’m so amazed that we have chaps who can even support this. Chaps supporting statements from this man are the worst tribalists. When we say patriotism, is this man really patriotic?

  42. Why warn Judges who are more learned than him? He is just scared of intolongo. Ala tata nangu benga mupela ka 2021 nakena kakapwa. Leave the judges alone without interference. What goes up will always come down.

  43. The judiciary should not listen to him. The concourt judges must concentrate on interpreting the constitution and not to listen his threats. There are somany pipo in pf who can take up that position. What is he scared of? If the concourt judges bends to his threats then the concourt judges themselves are useless and not required in this nation.

  44. The UPND called Mwanwasa a dictator.
    They called RB a dictator.
    They called Sata a dictator.
    They are calling Lungu a dictator.
    Anyone who beats that moron HH is a dictator.
    Meanwhile all the above presidents have been elected to public positions.

    In sharp contrast,HH has never been elected to any public position.
    Infact,he has never won any election even in the party he hijacked.
    So,why are the UPND cry babies?

    The President is within his power to protect Zambia and Zambians when the information on his desk clearly tells him his political opponents are colluding with imperialists who want to rape Zambia once more.

  45. During the Hardtalk HH was asked why he should stand in 2021 despite losing 5 times. His answer was very good, “Its not about me standing but we want the process of elections to be transparent and reliable, every Zambian including me qualifies to stand for election” . The question we should be asking ourselves is; does the constitution allow Edgar Lungu to stand or not? This is what should be the base for our arguments. If the president has received information that some judges want to stop him from standing, the question is still will that be constitutional or not. If not then the president is right. If the constitution does not allow ECL to stand in 2021, he will not but if the constitution allows him to stand, like HH said, he should be allowed to stand.

  46. Now I understand why Jay Jay calls this man ‘Lazy’. His version of work is traveling around the country or outside, while saying nothing substantial. This time he wakes up and seemingly out of no provocation, begins to hallucinate about judges. Spews a lot of rubbish and we are back to square one – until the next time. Nothing about his ‘blueprint’ for the economy and social issues affecting people on the ground.



  49. So you wanted the president to say that… OK judges go ahead and experiment like they did in Kenya. No he was just cautioning them which is ok especially that ecl said he had information that some judges were overzealous. Some of us don’t want war coz we ve nowhere to run to. Let the judiciary be independent and wise

    • @Sharon. read your comment loudly and listen to yourself, you have just insulted your beloved president.

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