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President Lungu has declared war on judges-HH


HH speaking durimg the news briefing at his residence on Friday
HH speaking durimg the news briefing at his residence on Friday

Opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema has charged that President Edgar Lungu has declared war on Judges.

Reacting to President Lungu’s threats on the judiciary, Mr Hichilema stated that the statement from President Lungu is equivalent to declaring war on a group of professionals.
Mr Hichilema said that in international law is called state sponsored terrorism.

He said the UPND is dismayed by remarks made by President Lungu while in Solwezi, where he was threatening the judges from independently dispensing justice in Zambia.

“Edgar Lungu must know that as an officer of the Court, he is bound by certain professional ethics. He can’t speak about his office (the court) in such a manner. The law is the law, and Edgar Lungu swore to protect the constitution, the same sacrosanct document he was disparaging at Solwezi airport,” Mr Hichilema said.

“We, therefore, call on citizens of this country to stop Edgar Lungu from abrogating our country’s constitution and breaking the law. When we say our country needs strong institutions, it’s to regulate this kind of behavior from selfish individuals like Lungu,” he said.

He added, “Anyone not guilty of a crime must not begin to threaten judges.”

“To the judges; our call to you is for you to remain strong, because you are protected by both Zambians and the constitution. Please dispense justice and matters according to the constitution and the law not according to the way someone feels.”

Mr Hichilema said President Lungu’s threat of chaos must be taken seriously by both the citizens and the international community.

“It reeks of extrajudicial killings that are common in countries where dictatorship is the norm. Zambians, lets us safeguard our country from the chaos,” he said.

HH stresses a point during the news briefing at his residence
HH stresses a point during the news briefing at his residence
HH with the UPND leadership during the press briefing
HH with the UPND leadership during the press briefing


  1. There goes a man without directions. Recently he was attacking the same judges he now wants to sounds like he loves them. Laz is on record castigating him fir attacking the judiciary. Upnd seriously needs a visionary leader.

    • What baffles me is that no one is explaining to us what was wrong with reminding the judges to act professional and and without fear or favour. To me what ecl said needs to be supported by everyone who feels the judiciary needs to be protected.
      The only reason these charlatans are soaking out like this is because they are exposed bcoz ecl has intelligence reports about a judge who is working with a bitter politician to bring chaos in the country.
      There was nothing wrong in ecl reminding judiciary to execute there work without fear or favour and professional.

    • Upnd has about 3 watsup groups. I belong to one secretly through my wife. Whenever there’s is an article on LT they inform each other on those groups to post rubbish comments and tick down any comment against there supreme leader. Just take note on the comments they will be upticking on ghis article and see how they downtick senseable comments. To them it’s about seeing who is popular on social media even if they don’t debate reasonably.

    • Flash back :

      President Edgar Lungu’s 2021 bid has gone to the Constitutional Court with Christian Democratic Party leader Dan Pule leading other opposition parties in filing the petition.
      Pule together with Wright Musona of Zambia Republican Party, Peter Chanda of New Congress Party and Robert Mwanza from the Citizens Democratic Party has taken the matter to the Constitutional Court also asking the court to declare that President Lungu can contest the 2021 elections.

    • The petition for the third term bid was started by pf cadres and was taken to the Constitutional court by pf aligned nashala neka parties for dan pule, musoma etc, why has pf all of a sudden become agitated and scared of the process which they started on their own?

    • @ HH Oval Head why are you up voting yourself in order to appear the majority agree with you? You must be a loser to vote for your own comment several times in order to feel good. You can’t stop rigging, even rigging useless stuff like LT biased opinions. I was sitting there and watching your green button votes going up at such a faster rate, pretty much a fraction of a second. You need to examine your sanity loser mate.

    • By the way @ ‘HH Oval head’, everyone knows the Lusaka Times voting buttons are broken… now a user can submit unlimited votes on the same comment, whereas before they didn’t allow the same IP address to vote more than once. So loser mate, stop blowing your own trumpets. It’s lame.
      I don’t even know why LT has continued keeping these useless and broken voting buttons.

    • HH is an opportunist who wants to rule at all cost.

      Yes, he himself (HH) is on record calling judges names. This is not a man of integrity, I have been consistent about this.

      That this individual who was involved in corruption with the previous regime is the same and has the potential of dispensing the same mindset as president.

      Look at hour he quickly drugs in he international community.

    • Pointing out that some judges are corrupt and threatening them is not the same thing. In any case two wrongs dont make it right, this is the head of state and we expect higher standards from someone holding that office. People such as you have no credibility because your positions are not based on principles but on party and individual loyalty. Zambia will be a better place when we have pribcipled people who have convictions and morals that are not easily bought and compromised.

    • Today, HH cannot defend the same people he calls criminals and corrupt not worth the robes that they put on…What is it that has changed for HH to come to the defence of the same corrupt criminals? In fact he should have supported Lungu’ s warning to the same criminal elements.

    • ECL must keep his hands off the Judiciary. Let the Judiciary do it is work. ECL should never have been elected as president. He is the most incompetent clue-less leader Zambia, and probably Africa has offered forth. The disrespect for the rule of law, the intimidation of the third arm of the state, the absence of free intellectual discourse so vital in a leader and in any democracy is the mark of ECL. Zambia is going through tragic wasted years. Not even HH can reclaim this country now. It will take more than a decade, and more that even a potential presidency of HH, to reset Zambia from the current path to peril that ECL has set the country on.Very sad.


    • This HH man has no manners or morals not even bad ones. Why? Is it not HH who insulted the judicial system in Zambia and called judges names all the way up to the CONCOURT? Does he have manners to say something on ECL’s comments to Judges? Does this man have advisers or ni cumbu munshololwa? Does his memory serve him right? Is he normal? Does he think Zambians have forgotten how he insulted the Judges? Shame.

      This just shows shivers down HH’s spine that ECL is back to haunt him come 2021.
      The CONCOURT now has the teeth to bite seeing that they may be clocking a year since its established. Give ’em time to adjudicate. HH stay calm. There is nothing declaring WAR on the judiciary here. What a low energy kind’a opposition leader. No substance. Empty tin, useless observation, common primitive lack of sense of serious vision for the country. HH is an empty barrel! Unharmed nuke head.

    • HH is not a politician period. He assumes all the people are dull and that he is their saviour. Who is offering checks and balances to the three arms of government?
      Who said the judiciary is above criticism?

  2. HH is as good as ICISUSHI. He is again calling upon international community to look at what Lungu said. HH is a devil worshiper together with self confenssed demon possessed Kambwili. Lungu is right to warn these judges. We have only one Zambia


  3. …and here he comes, the biggest chimbwi with no plan displaying chipante pante politics. This guy is just pathetic. Govt. released a comprehensive state with references from the constitution. Then the high lord of Namwala comes up with personal character attacks with no substance….Zambia has rubbish opposition!!!

  4. For those who think judges in Kenya are heroes, the repeated election is even much more a sham unlike the earlier election. All things being equal the judges should have called for rerun the just ended election. They are now scared. Look at how people died as a result. . Lungu you are right sir on this one.


  6. Is this Hh guy normal? He has said called Judges names in the recent past and has 100% forgotten….olo ni kupusa che

  7. Wow ,Kenyan judges have set Zambia ablaze and now Lungu and HH are busy feeding the embers each with his own selfish motives.
    Rule of law should prevail cuz Zambia is bigger than these two men.Thanks Kenyan judges for setting alight this debate we seriously need soul searching ,tough questions and deep reflection in Zambia’s evolution.

    • Kenyan judges didn’t even validate those false claims about election mulpractices. That judge we are told was bribed to rule against the voice of the majority hoping that a second ballot would make the serial loser win but nay. This time around he list big time with many mulpractices which the judges can easily substanciate and annul the elections again.

  8. I listened to Ecl s statement at the air port,I shocked to hear the comments coming out from the opposition ,if this is the kind of criticism then it does not hold water,
    The President talked about being overzealous and adventurous by the judges which might plunge the country into chaos, he did not talk about his cases in court but he was asking them to do their work within the confines of the law.
    We who have children do allow them to play but we also caution them not to do certain things that might lead to injury, I so shocked that even the learned would jump on the bandwagon and speak like this. What I can see here is that HH doesn’t want to face Lungu in 2021 .

    • This guy is the most f001ish person in Zambia. He is the one who was insulting the same judges that he seemed to be defending today, when did he reconcile with them? he is bitter because his scarm has been unearthed. ECL warning is timely let him go a step further by firing those disgruntled judges that will be found wanting period.

    • The issue is,why even talk about the judges.In my view the comment about the judges whether positive or not is highly misplaced.In Gambia,their president lost and he refused to step down.Burkina Faso,Campaore was made to run by the masses.In Kenya,the judges decided.Africans,lets not allow individuals to preside ove us as if these countries are their own bedrooms.

    • @ 9.2 Chichi

      Indeed. Very misplaced; totally inappropriate. The statement need not have been uttered, except by an over-zealous and over-adventurous president.

    • I agree, HH is stiff scared to face Lungu again. HH has in fact bribed this judge that Lungu is referring to. This judge is putting spanners in the ruling the season why it was postponed

  9. I think the point President Lungu must know is that whether he goes for 3rd term or not the PF is losing the 2021 general elections by a huge margin, the writing is clear of the wall. President Lungu will do better to have someone else stand to save him the embarrassment and probably charges of abrogating the constitution. The statements such as the one made in Solwezi are only ensuring mass mobilization against PF while consolidating the opposition. PF is losing in 2021 and i would like to urge all progressive PF members to just ship NOW as the boat is sinking fast. PF has no future beyond 2021, its misrule, corruption, lack of concern for the majority poor are all charges to boot it out just like its alliance partners MMD were booted out.

    • Stop misguiding yourself. For me I now respect Peter sikambas views rather than this charlatan. Sikamba is the only one who will talk sense on this issue.

  10. Ka hh today you want us to believe that you support the judiciary… The same pipo u were attacking afew days ago… Anyway I now know you have acute amnesia

    • The judiciary only become independent if it rules against state but should it rule against upnd it’s called all sorts of unprintables. ..insults and names that you can’t imagine they exist. Please our judiciary has been independent already.

    • Zambian Eagle
      Guys look at this critically a day before HH was asked on BBC if Lungu qualifies to stand in 2021 and HH said the matter was in court for determination and that UPND would respect the decision that will be made and a day after Lungu warns judges and threatens chaos if the judges made a judgement that would not be in his favor.
      Why would the President cause chaos if the courts made a decision that is not in his favor? Who is he going to cause this chaos on the Zambians or the…

    • The Chief Justice has not taken offence, the judges have not taken offence, the court clerks have not taken offence only HH with his goons are worried. Hopeless alarmists.
      Of course judges needs to be level-headed. It is the duty of the Chief justice to ensure professionalism in this organ of Government. We do not want the Kenyan Supreme court/Electoral body kind’a circus snooping around Zambia. The overriding reality puts Country first. We do not need the lecture of one terrorist named HH to offer empty talk and dull alarmist episodes of politically induced concussions in the name of protecting the judicial process in Zambia. It is high time ECL tamed his tongue too. Chaotic UPND vultures are hoovering in the air twisting well-meaning counsel to discredit the president.

  11. Zambian politics today one says this tomorrow something else. No direction just keep on capitalizing on what another person has said! What an aspiring leader!!

  12. If HH was food,only tongas or fo0ls could have been eating it.this is a worst political leader Zambia has ever had.HH has been insulting judges throughout to the extent that LAZ had to warn him to stop it.but today Kainde wants to lecture us about how good Zambian judges are?INDEED HH IS A LUNATIC!!!LOOK,HH IS DAMN SCARED OF FACING EDGAR LUNGU IN 2021.HE KNOWS TOO WELL THAT IF CONCOURT JUDGES RULE THAT ECL IS FREE TO STAND IN 2021,HH WILL 100% LOSE-HENCE THE PANIC NOW!!!WANYA KAINDE-YOU WILL NEVER RULE ZAMBIA THROUGH BACK DOOR!!
    H.E.Lungu gave a wise…

    • You are now wishing your dan pule and musoma had not taken this third term bid
      Zambian Eagle

      Guys look at this critically a day before HH was asked on BBC if Lungu qualifies to stand in 2021 and HH said the matter was in court for determination and that UPND would respect the decision that will be made and a day after Lungu warns judges and threatens chaos if the judges made a judgement that would not be in his favor.
      Why would the President cause chaos if the courts made a decision that is not in his favor? Who is he going to cause this chaos on the Zambians or the…

  13. Continue….
    H.E.President Edgar Lungu gave a wise advice to the judiciary because we all know how desperate HH is for state house so he may bribe certain judges who may pass judgements in favour of Kainde-a thing which can cause chaos in Zambia because majority of us do not want Kainde to rule us!!
    Plus the international community HH always cries to cant control us.we are an independent country so we have to rule ourselves!!

  14. HH is confused. Today he insults judges and call them corrupt tomorrow he takes HE’s comment completely out of context and lectures us on respecting judges, Kaya

  15. Under5 under5, I simplt cannot understand you, has your mum forgotten to take you to the under5 clinic for your vaccinations? The judges you called corrupt barely three weeks ago have suddenly become angels? Even Linda Kasonde and her armpit LAZ had no option but to condemn you. Wouldn’t it better for you morally to start by apologising or withdrawing your s.tuipiod under5 statement? Because if you don’t then no one will take you seriously. It’s the same with the “tonga only” for president, I advised you to humble yourself withdraw and apologise and you haven’t. Well, those are the simple things that have ensured that you are a five time loser, and by 2021 six time loser. If Kambwili decided to stand for president you can rest assured that you will fall into third or fourth…

  16. ……Well, those are the simple things that have ensured that you are a five time loser, and if you will be mentally fit by 2021, six time loser. If Kambwili decided to stand for president you can rest assured that you will fall into third or fourth position.

  17. Under5’s supporters pretend not to see his glaring contradictions. Now I know that they are not actually stupio.d people (I drink and eat with them), so the only explanation is what we already know: tribal.

  18. In a nutshell, this is HH’s message to ECL (defender of Zambian sovereignty): “we will fight any of your effort for justice and any of your project to become strong. Justice is bad for our strategic interests of our imperialistic partners. Double standards are the way we conduct our affairs. We don’t want a strong Zambia and Africa”. That’s the psychopathic nature of the HH’s policy. Just yesterday his MPs walked out of parliament rejecting the ruling of the speaker. What rule of law is this man talking about?

  19. Are you surprised at the reaction by under5 and his MPs after the wise counsel to the judiciary by HE President Lungu? I am not, and let me demystify it for you. In his mistaken belief that the only impediment to his presidential ambitions was President Lungu, under5 had hatched a scheme to corrupt some judges on the eligibility clause. Unfortunately for him the intelligence community (including the western/international intelligence), picked it up and informed the President (remember Stephen Savour said they recognise Mr Lungu?). The exposure has sent a chill in the people involved in the evil scheme who may be arrested when the evidence (audio and visual) is revealed and they have chickened out. Under5 is terribly disappointed hence the reaction, which is also an attempt to save face…

  20. ….. Under5 is terribly disappointed hence the reaction, which is also an attempt to save face and minimise the damage. If the evidence links him directly, under5 fears that he may even visit Mukobeko again without the option of Baroness Patricia Scotland and Catholic bishops, and no more Nolles.
    You don’t think President Lungu is so stupid that he can make such a statement without basis do you? Then at your own you don’t understand the man!

  21. @Divide & Rule alas Haamaseka; please note that most of us cannot support ECL if he went for a 3rd term after ruling for 10 yrs.even a failure to call for a convention within PF after 5 yrs cannot be supported.WE ARE NOT LIKE YOU IN UPND WHO SUPPORT HH (WAMUYAYAYA) BLINDLY!!!
    Look, a Zambian president is considered to having done a term after ruling for 3 yrs or more.in 2015 ECL ruled for about 1 year 6 months so surely this cant be a term.
    ALL ZAMBIANS KNOW HOW HH INSULTS JUDGES AND AM SURE EVEN THE JUDICIARY KNOW THIS FACT VERY WELL.even when the judgement concerning ECL eligibilty to stand in 2021 shall come out,if it will be in favour of ECL,believe you me,HH WILL INSULT JUDGES AGAIN!!!for HH judges are only good if they rule in his favour-evil indeed!!!

  22. That also explains the sudden change of tune by under5 that the judiciary is suddenly not corrupt. Remember that he is an under5 in politics, strategy and intelligence so his plans and intentions are very easy to read from his face. Poor boy does not know how his secrets leak out!

  23. And who are those caricatures flanking undee5 at the press briefing? They don’t look like live humans to me, especially the one resembling a woman on the right in the picture.

  24. The ranting by under5 and his under3 young brother Gary Nkombo is also meant to encourage the officers that they have targetted for corruption. When you hear under5 accuse judges of corruption, it means that he is actually covering up his own corruption. The corrupt do that as a matter of routine, that is the reason why when a thief does not want to be caught in the act he points at innocent bystanders as thieves, it’s an age old trick!

    • If HH engaged in corruption he should be investigated , not so ba chembele mr terrible ?

      As the saying goes if a suspected rapist refuses a DNA test , for what ever reason , he is guilty of something…….not so mu chembele ?

  25. Upnd schemes have been unearthed….. Wenyo Just shot to kill that concourt old tonga bit.ch judge…. They will know how serious this is.

  26. 1. UPND President hakainde hichilema has charged that the Zambian judiciary is decaying by the day HH

    2. THE Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) says UPND president hakainde hichilema must stop making careless and unsubstantiated allegations of corruption against judges because doing so has potential to create anarchy in the country.

  27. You can now see what sort of president you could have had had you voted otherwise. When it suits him he shall praise who ever but this is the same person who INSULTED the judiciary and the police together with the one who appointed them when things didn’t go his way. Don’t be swayed make your own judgement. I’m of the opinion he’s the wrong man for head of state. You need a man who can put himself into other people’s shoes. When things go sour he shall simply bolt to another destination while you and the others remain fighting on his behalf. I will not sink that low, the price is too high!

  28. Am sick and tired of this moron HH.
    Please Lord,help us.We need real opposition like Sinkamba of the dobo party.
    Otherwise these guys are still dizzy and high from meeting the “international” community.

  29. Adolf you are known to be on record that the judiciary in Zambia is corrupt so ECL is asking the corrupt judges to act professionally and not bring chaos. Its the same judges who dismissed your petition on count of lapse of time and you accuse them of not hearing your matter. Its the same corrupt judges who made orders for you to be removed from lilayi to a normal prison. But not to worry yesterday at your house you addressed the ‘cowards’ you hope can vote for you in 2021 sadly you will lose and this time badly expect in the land where you are the patron for all their traditional ceremonies you an ordinary headman now presiding over chiefs including your paramount chief mukuni…..

  30. @9.2 and 9.3
    It’s not a crime to talk about the juridically, the govt spokes person has provided us with the law of we how we can talk about the juridically and Ecl was with in the law, I’m just watching CNN USA President Trump on a judgement where a soldier has been discharged by a judge and called it a disgrace, what would you say is intimidating the judge who made the ruling.

  31. Most of you seem to agree that the President had received intelligence about some Judges, how did he get that information ? Its through the office of the President he is privileged to hold.

    This is the worrying fact, if he is using state machinery for his own gains its subverting the constitution he signed to uphold.

    Fellow Zambian do not let this country go backwards, the is what we fought against in the ushering in of democracy through the movement of multi party democracy which Dr Kaunda allowed to prevail.

    Its very had to bring back democracy from dictatorship. Lets not allow fellow human being like us to destroy which is good for us and generations to come.

  32. if somebody else said that i would reflect. not that u5 tribal leader. when he says anythin it just annoys.

    he is like a neighbour that just shifted from the compound and blurs loub music in the hood.

    is the the only wise man is sp

    as long as u5 and a certain ruthless continue head this party it will never rule this nation.

    for last 15yrs we keep telling these deaf people that u5will never rule zambia.

    he has no representative in


    in the mentioned province we know u5 a tribal leader who has seperated sp from rest of the country

  33. Badala, I think you are really an under 5 in politics! Not sure if you have any strategy or good advisers in your so called UPND. LMAO

  34. To say a list hh his a bad person and a chance him has failed five time and when did a zambian president has saved 1 year term i see now upnd are scared of lungu ,the fact is he is the boss why not reminding them of doing what is required of them

  35. @38 Citizen of the world, kwena muli fipuba imwe. How do you think presidents run their countries and protect their citizens if not through intelligence systems? Surely you cannot be that stupio.d and yet hope to run a country! You think democracy is being let free to harm the country? Like torching markets, insulting the president, failing to give way to presidential motorcades. My under5 son is more intelligent than this renowned under5! Yaba!

  36. I wanted to stop calling under5 and his tribal followers as Donkeys, but with this kind of thinking and behaviour what else are they? Even Stephen Sackur’ s body language suggests that.

  37. Under five is indeed a cry baby. He does not understand that ECL has an obligation as President to give wise counsel and advice to any professional body in Zambia. It is not interference at all.

  38. Intelligent observers, including level-headed senior members of the UPND can draw up a clear analysis as to what HH himself has all along been blasting members of the Judiciary whom he unfairly labelled with accusations of being corrupt etc; as compared to President Lungu’s timely advice to the Zambian Judges. It is a pity that HH is surrounded by a bunch of intellectually bankrupt colleagues. After an encounter with BBC’s Stephen Sackur, HH seems to have hit the Kalahari Desert devoid of fertile grounds for credible ideas. The world knows that Kenyan Judges failed to weigh-in merits and demerits of a judgement to long-term security of the Kenyan Nation.

  39. It is possible that Mrs. Mazoka, wife of late Anderson Mazoka was a confidential bearer of her husband’s WISH never to hand over UPND’s Presidency to a non-TONGA – Lozis included. Mazoka skillfully dribbled Patrick Chisanga, Sakwiba Sikota, Bob Sichinga etc by flattering them that UPND was national party. The insistence by Mrs Mazoka that UPND leadership be handed to HH reflects the power of the “KITCHEN” to some Zambian leaders. This trend seems to feature in the behavior of Mrs. Maureen Mwanawasa for holding critical beliefs of Late President Mwanawasa – as this precipitated in the behavior of Ba Mpombo and Mike Mulongoti towards RB’s Republican Presidency. JUST FOOD FOR THOUGHT!

  40. The most uzeress and immature party leader to grace the political parties in Zambia! The guy is so immature that someone must ask him to start at the Ward, Section level or maybe as an MP. Under Five. Inexperience. Some judges need correction from the President and that is not wrong.

    • This HH man has no manners or morals not even bad ones. Why? Is it not HH who insulted the judicial system in Zambia and called judges names all the way up to the CONCOURT? Does he have manners to say something on ECL’s comments to Judges? Does this man have advisers or ni cumbu munshololwa? Does his memory serve him right? Is he normal? Does he think Zambians have forgotten how he insulted the Judges? Shame.

  41. This HH man has no manners or morals not even bad ones. Why? Is it not HH who insulted the judicial system in Zambia and called judges names all the way up to the CONCOURT? Does he have manners to say something on ECL’s comments to Judges? Does this man have advisers or ni cumbu munshololwa? Does his memory serve him right? Is he normal? Does he think Zambians have forgotten how he insulted the Judges? Shame.

  42. This six time loser wanted to use the courts to reverse a win for the president and caused uncertainty in the nation never happened before for two weeks! He may try to buy the bench! The president is in order to warn accomplices to this man who want the presidency at all cost! He is desperate! He wants to “Privatise Zambia” and get rich – Hagain!

  43. The problem hh has he thinks he is also in power ,this will go mad someone his going crazy fimbi filetota this man no regard he is a hired gun by angro to come and finish wat they started

  44. “UPND is a party for the Tonga! Sakwiba is not Tonga so he cannot take over the presidency!” Do you think UPND has changed?

  45. Being reminded to be professional is not wrong! Setting markets on fire is what is wrong. I am glad Amnesty never votes in Zambia!

  46. Go to Europe and to America and disturb the presidential motorcade and you will see what will become of you! Balekutumpika mwaice Under Five!

  47. vote

    There are so many verbal axes and grenades that get thrown at HH and UPND you sometimes wonder if they are the ones in government. You can throw as many as you want on HH but it does not make you a better person. Tbe hypocrisy of some of our guys in the diaspora is not only deceitful but shameful, you have people some who came as illegal immigrants calling the country that tbey came into illegally and voluntarily as imperialists yet these are the countries that have provided you with a livelihood when the politicians you support are the very reason you are an economic migrant. Africans are dying on the Mediterranean sea to get to the very same imperialists, how ironic? Learn to be honest and factual

  48. GBM no where to be seen in the above pictures only the inner circle from same tribe and province. GBM be extra careful with your artificial friends! My brother munshebwa ………………

  49. This is a Tonga party, nothing can change! HH failed to talk on BBC, but was able to talk at useless press conference ! Comedian!

  50. This under5 boy is a ball of contradictions. In the process he is doing what only he knows best: shoot himself in the foot as far as Zambian votes are concerned. The number of self inflicted bullets in his foot, I wonder whether he will still be walking come 2021!

  51. Whats the difference? HechiHechi was the first to declare war on judges. This U5 is really pathetic. He says exactly what he has done himself to the judges. Maybe ka-short memory is eating him up.
    I think that kaHard talk took his tumawisdom away.
    What a disaster!

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