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No third term for President Lungu-GBM


Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba (GBM)
File picture: Edgar Lungu with Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba and Given Lubinda during a rally to drum up support for Solwezi PF parliamentary candidate Newton Malwa on September 10 ,2014 -Picture by THOMAS NSAMA

Opposition UPND Vice President Geoffrey Bwalya has vowed that there will be no third bid for President Edgar Lungu.

Reacting to President Lungu’s attacks on the judiciary, Mr Bwalya said this is a dark week for democracy in Zambia and Africa as a whole.

He said the utterances by President Lungu expressing his desire for a third term in office and threatening judges not to rule against his third term bid should leave no doubt in the minds of all Zambians and the world at large that the three arms of government in Zambia are under siege of a brutal dictatorial regime.

“Never in the history of our beloved country has such a blatant and deliberate act of intimidation of the Judiciary has been seen. Under the Constitution, the Judiciary ought to be an independent arm of government free from interference or direction from anyone,” Mr Bwalya said.

“However in clear violation of Articles 119 and 122 of the Constitution, Edgar Lungu saw it fit to directly interfere with the independence of the Judiciary by giving the Constitutional Court instructions on how to adjudicate upon a matter in which he has personal and, quite obviously, selfish interest, that is the case in which his eligibility to stand as a presidential candidate in 2021 is being considered.”

He said “In whatever way one looks at it, Lungu’s message to the Judiciary was loud and clear. His message was that the Constitutional Court should decide that case in his favour; that the Court should decide that he is entitled to stand for a third term in 2021 or else there will be chaos in Zambia.”

“In other words Edgar Lungu was telling the Judiciary how to perform its functions. And he was warning Zambians that the PF will cause chaos if he doesn’t have his way. Fellow Zambians, this is not only contentious of the Court but also a breach of the Constitution.”

The UPND Vice President said this has exposed President Lungu to possibility of being impeached under Article 108 of the Constitution on grounds that he has violated the sacred law of our land by his careless and irresponsible utterances and on grounds that he has committed a gross misconduct.

“We therefore urge all Members of Parliament to rise above partisan interest and save the Country from Lungu’s tyranny before it is too late,” he said.

“Likewise, we urge the Judiciary, through the Chief Justice, to prove its independence by publicly condemning this unwarranted attack and by taking appropriate action against Lungu in the same way it has done against other citizens in the recent past. No one is above the law, not least Lungu!”

He added, “Civil Society, the Law Association of Zambia, the Church and all well meaning Zambians must protect Zambia`s hard won democracy and speak out against this tyranny. We owe it to ourselves and future generations to come.”

“Let us preserve the peace that Zambia has enjoyed for 53 years and say no to Lungu`s selfish attempts to plunge the country into chaos. Zambia is bigger than one man and his band of thieves, whose only interest is to hold onto power at whatever cost so that they can enrich themselves at the expense of the millions of Zambians suffering in abject poverty.”


  1. The Power Hungry Lungu. In 2021 no Lungu, PF can feature any other. But weather ECL is eligible or not he should not stand.

    • The tittle is wrong. Well I don’t care whether wrong or right but the issue is in understanding how the constitution defines a term. What we know is that a person is not eligible to stand after completing 2 terms. A full term is 5 years or 3years upwards. In the case of lungu 3rd term doesn’t apply. If you say no 2nd term for Ecl I will understand you.

    • Him also is not being different from Lungu as he is also telling the judiciary to do as he wish, I support the government of the day but Lungu was wrong to say what he said when addressing the public so is everyone one who is talking about the matter which is pending court ruling. Both of you stop time to work their is still a long way between bow and 2021

    • GBM, if Jonathan insists on this third term madness, just go for this throat. You have the blessing of our lovely country to do so.

      That is contempt dull GBM. What if the courts say It’s fine, let him stand. GBM you will faint.

    • It was a major scoop for the Zambian people defeating Kaunda’s demonic one party dictatorship. Now the thug in state house is busy leading you back the road you have already traveled. Please, impeach him! He seems to think Zambia could be another Zimbabwe whose testicles are held in such a vicious grip by a 100 year old dictator.

    • You are just scared of Lungu. Your hh can not win if Lungu. You are not educated with GBM because you can’t understand that constitution allows Lungu to stand again one year and half is it 3 years?You are dull with GBM chi Lufumo

    • Forgive Lungu, he has never understood the Zambian constitution.

      Remember how he argued about ministers remaining in office after parliament was dissolved?
      Also remember that he did not step down and let the speaker rule after the election was petitioned last year?

      In both cases he was wrong and violated the constitution and even on this case he is wrong and he will not be allowed to stand in 2021.

    • LUNGU is the dullest lawyer the country has ever witnessed.

      He signed in the new constitution, in front of 60,000 cadres at heroes stadium without reading it first.

      The constitution is very clear between “holding office” & “term of office” and LUNGU is has already held office twice & is NOT eligible in 2021 as Elias Chipimo jr elaborated. The only exception is when an ELECTED VEEP takes over a deceased presidents reign & serves under 3 years.

      Maybe PF should feature RB, their real leader

      No wonder LUNGU drunk a widows benefits & got deregistered by LAZ.

    • Edgar Lungu will certainly not be allowed to stand again. Chiluba was more ruthless than Lungu, but Zambians stopped him dead in his tracks in his bid for a third term. Lungu is not as politically astute as Chiluba was. I do not see who will go round campaigning for Lungu for a third term. I doubt it can be the former Chelstone Clinic Office orderlie Kaiser Zulu because he can only convince his belly and that of his master and nobody else. Our only hope is that the constitutional court will stop Lungu’s nonsense of a third term by interpreting the constitution correctly. Otherwise, Lungu will set himself on collision course with not only the rest of the country but many people within PF who now believe Lungu was the wrong replacement for Mr. Sata.

    • The Technical knockout for Edgar is that he was not elected Vice President at the time he ascended to the Presidency. Secondly he did not ascend to the presidency by virtue of him being elected Vice President but through a Presidential Election. So he cant stand for presidential elections more than twice. Thirdly the law cannot be applied in retrospect. Under the old constitution he has served a term already. Do members of parliament who are elected through a bye election protest when Parliament is dissolved that they have only been in Parliament for less than 5 years? Thats why no lawyer has supported this nonsense, they know the man is not eligible. Even Winter Kabimba who initially supported this call had to make a U-turn. Its a simple case for the Con Court and the man knows that by…

  2. I’m not a lawyer so I can’t argue on constitutionality. But I’m not old like the Speaker of the Vice President to forget easily that ECL issued a directive to Defence, Police, ZAF and ZNS Commanders while he was Defence Minister to approach Guy Scott the then Acting President to hand over Instruments of Powers to him or else hell was going to break lose in this country. This news is in Public Domain. It’s against this background of threats and intimidation that serves a point of reference to the recent rantings against the Judiciary. I hope the Judiciary remains resolute.

    • It was Lungu who had the instruments of power and it Guy Scott with the Attorney General who threatened Lungu with a charge of treason if he didn’t hand over to Scott. Thank you.

    • This comment is so misleading to the people who didn’t follow the events. The opposite actually happened Lungu had the instruments of Power and was being bullied by Guy Scot to hand over.

    • upnd supporters and members will do anything to twist the truth for their benefit so the high lord of Dundumwezi and Namwala can get into plot 1!!!!


    • This is not about an INDIVIDUAL (HH)! This is about Zambia. PF cadres look beyond Lungu. How do you manage to be so dull.

  3. Rupiah Banda couldn’t go for a third term ….and Lungu shouldn’t be allowed either.Rule of law demands that constitutional limits need to be respected.

    • Do you understand how the constitution defines a term? Do post your dull comments here like your fellow tonga jj.

    • Don’t you understand how the constitution defines a term? Do post your dull comments here like your fellow tonga jj.

    • Ba dull Oval Squarepants. The Article in the constitution does not say “two terms” but says “holds office” two times. Or in other words has been sworn in twice like Lungu. A term is 5 years in the 1991 constitution or starts from 3 years to 5 years in the 2016 constitution. But the limiting clause is not defined by “terms” but by “holding office”. Lungu has held office twice.

    • Lungu should not be allowed to stand its against our constitution and once he breaks the it will be a trend. All other upcoming presidents will do the same. So dont set a precedence.

  4. If lungu is lazy why scared of him beat him in the baloot kwasila ,and this ignorant gbm wat are you talking about kanshi gents if you nothing to talk about plz shut up otherwise your dullness is shown clear also whats your agenda i think lungu was right to warn judges something is fish

    • Lungu is lazy work shy, shiftless tourist Bum…Zambians are docile people who vote based on Party not individual..look at that useless the Lusaka Mayor he was a visionless Bum with no plan like Lazy Lungu yet he was voted in..Madame Mwanawasa had a vision and a manifesto but was not voted in!!


    • Mabala mafia

      How was lungu weak after just splashing $12 billion on development ? If anything he should have won by a 90% landslide.. …

    • You are alone. A vote is secret, you will be voting alone. If Pf Lungu won the elections, let the petition be heard so that we put this matter to rest.

  5. Kikikikiki GBM and HH are very scared of ECL!!!they know too well that if ECL stands in 2021 then it will be a 6th defeat for kalusa (HH)!!! Wait GBM,president Edgar Lungu is not going for a third term like FTJ Chiluba wanted to do in 2001.Edgar Lungu hasnt done two full terms.IN FACT,ITS YOU GBM AND HH WHO TOLD ZAMBIANS IN 2016 THAT ECL WONT GET PRESIDENTIAL PENSION AFTER LOSING BECAUSE HE HASNT DONE A TERM IN OFFICE (3 YRS OR MORE)!!SO WHY HAVE YOU CHANGED GOAL POSTS NOW?KIKIKIKIKI.only a fo0lish Concourt judge can call 1yrs 7 months (i.e.23/01/2015 to 11/08/16) which ECL spent in office a term!!SO JUST PREPARE TO FACE MIGHTY PF IN 2021 UNDER ECL BA GBM!!DONT FEAR!!moreover,whoever PF picks may defeat HH in 2021 the way unknown ECL did after Mr.Sata’s death in 2015 because majority…

    • I voted for Lungu in 2016, but Lungu cannot win the 2021 votes and I will not again waste my vote on him. Lungu is losing popularity fast because he lacks the political will to fight corruption, he is an extravagant president and is seen to be largely controlled by Rupiah Banda. There is a lot of anger in PF over the manner Lungu has let Rupiah indirectly lead the PF. This is what will Lungu a weak PF candidate for the Zambian Presidency in 2021.

  6. Problem in Africa is that opposition are so desperate to eliminate elected leaders that they are ready to break the rules themselves. 2021 is still a while away and instead of reprimanding the government for zero accomplishments etc., they are already obsessed with who will be leading the country 5 years from now.

    • Iwe @Jay Jay, the people who took this case to court are four opposition party leaders: Daniel Pule of Christian Democratic Party, Wright Musoma of the Zambia Republican Party, Peter Chanda of the New Congress Party and Robert Mwanza of the Citizen Democratic Party. They are the ones who sued the Attorney General over the tenure of office and eligibility of President Lungu in the ConCourt.

      FYI, infact UPND has since joined the case too…..if that makes you feel any better. Fir Christ’s sake, Opposition “Parties” in Zambia is NOT just about UPND….get your facts straight!

  7. Continue….plus whoever PF picks in 2021 may defeat HH the way unknown ECL did in 2015 and 2016 because majority Zambians in 6.5 provinces have made it clear that they cant vote for HH,hence rejecting him for a record 5TH TIME!!!SURELY CANT HH AND HIS BLIND SUPPORTERS UNDERSTAND THIS?LOSING 5 ELECTIONS IS NOT A JOKE!!!
    Anyhow,i feel like vomiting whenever upnd members try to lecture us about democracy because there is NO DEMOCRACY IN UPND!!no convention has been held in upnd since 2006!!!WHO ELECTED GBM,MUTALE NALUMANGO,GUY SCOTT,MAUREEN MWANAWASA, IN UPND?HH ALONE!!can such an evil party teach us democracy?MY FOOT!!!

  8. @Non partsain.
    You are like myself,wife,daddy,mum,kids,brothers and sisters or simply say my whole clan-WE CAN NEVER VOTE FOR HH WHETHER LUNGU STANDS OR NOT AS WE HATE HH’S EVIL WAY OF DOING POLITICS!!HH has divided us Zambians badly since 2006.if he can do this while in opposition,what if he by mistake wins the presidency?PEOPLE FROM THE NORTH AND EAST WOULD BE FORCED TO CHANGE THEIR NAMES TO HAMASOKA,NKOMBO,MWIINGA,LUHILA,ETC!!!
    so for us,HH is never an option!!WE CAN EVEN TRY KAMBWILI OR NAWAKWI BUT HH NEVER!!

    • @Njimbu
      Stop deceiving yourself. The manner Lungu has departed from Sata’s way of doing things, his lack of political will to fight corruption and the handing over of the PF to MMD is making people in provinces to begin to realistically look at HH and other opposition candidates as an alternative to PF. Political preferences are never cast in stone. They change over time and they are likely to change in 2021. Never forget that at some point Bembas voted for Mwanawasa and not for Michael Sata. That is Zambians for you. Nothing can stop them from voting for HH or any other opposition candidate if they are convinced HH or somebody else would do better than Lungu.

  9. Don’t be afraid of Lungu, GBM if you are popular show it in the ballot box. There is nothing as third term for Lungu. It will only be the second term for Lungu because the definition of term is a full term as defined by the constitution of Zambia. One year and six months canonot constitute a term of office. Our term of office is 5 years. Lungu did not even save half of that. You will have heart attachs by insisting to oppose obvious things. What Lungu, a lawyer has picked up, are judges of the belly who are being promised large sums of money by the opposition’s financiers to confuse the country, that will not happen. At first you called Lungu a weakiling after HH was thrown in chimbokaila you changed to a dictator. Just be sober like Genral Miyanda and deal with issues sobery. Lungu is…

    • You simply look at that archive picture above from 2014…do you honestly GBM would be afraid of Lazy Lungu whose got rich via stealing!!

  10. Continue reading… Lungu is only serving his full first term which ends in 2021 there after you can challange him at polls if you think you are popula not this ranting before the interpretation by the law. If you are popular as you claim then wait for the ballot box. Otherwise we are not interested in Grade 2s setting the agenda for our country. What law can a grade two interprete. This is not like running a milling or a bus company these are national issues. GBM keep quiet.

  11. This semi blind, illiterate chap has tested the power of politics (defence minister- my word). How can we an enlightened country continue to have an agenda set by these blind men like GBM. They have no clue what running a nation means, Zambians you did very well to show this man called a business man that you can vote for someone else. He has no agenda for Zambia other than his milling, transport and fuel businesses. Let him carry on mistreating his drivers and gender based violence and the law will catch up with him atase.

  12. Ubufi ba Lusaka Times, chi GBM, where has third term come from? Please don’t be danda heads, take to read the new constitution. Lungu is now saving his first full term! GBM you are dull, keep quite! Telling lies wont help you to hood wink Zambians!

  13. Zambians do yourselves a favour by reading the constitution of Zambia by yourselves don’t wait for the fancy belly interpreters who may be serving their masters. What is a “Term”, How long is it? you do not need Rocket Science!!

  14. It doesn’t matter what anyone says: what matters is the constitution and this law is very clear. Am not sure why the president is unsettled because he clearly qualifies to contest in 2021 and courts will prove this. We have to live with this till the law is changed again.

  15. …says the 1.d.i.ot who couldn’t even win a seat in his home village wirhout the help of MCS. I guess the biggest matter remains, would this misfit have passed for VP for Mazoka or Levy??? That in itself proves his credibility to comment on the president, really!!!!!!

  16. So far so good for responses regarding the term of office. Let’s pass on the challenge to our Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) to interpret the duration of the term in office and if for sure ECL qualifies to stand for election in 2021. All of us are wasting time debating an issue that is very straight forward going by the constitution stipulations. It is either we read and understand English or we are just dull.

  17. Ati they “want power in order to enrich themselves at the expense of millions of poor Zambians”, now look who is talking: the fat ZESCO pole supply tender himself!! This under5 party mwe bantu, can’t they do better than this? GBM you are a thief and corruption itself and by association under5 must be the same as they say that birds of a feather flock together, tightly.

  18. UPND members should listen to majority Zambians who do not see sense in their top leadership (HH & GBM)!!!surely these two will never win you the presidency as they never make sense at all.TODAY EVEN KAMBWILI IS MORE ATTRACTIVE THAN THESE TWO!!!
    HH and GBM told Zambians in 2016 that upnd wont give ECL presidential pension once they defeat him on 11/08/2016 because he hasnt done what qualifies to be called a “TERM 3 yrs or more” in our constitution.SO WHAT HAS CHANGED TODAY?DO HH&GBM HAVE SHORT MEMORIES?bembas say “takalabwa mwebwa!!”but i cant be shocked because HH&GBM have completely nothing to offer POLITICALLY!!upnd can only have hope of forming Govnt once HH&GBM are replaced!!

  19. I am not a politician and do not draw my name into such but I know even uncle knows HH cannot win presidency even without Lungu Even where he went at BBC ,Chatham house analysts discussing with Benjamin Netanyahu our colleges who signalled and predicted the coming of Donald Trump and Brix it accurately and correctly have reached consensus that HH cannot win the Zambian Presidency even if the incumbent did not stand and Mutati with Bo Wina as running mate in complimentary Its the same observation at BBC and Brookings Institute where former president of Malawi Joyce Bank was discussing Africa with world bank Africa representatives There are saying he has lost 5 times and the 6th one most…

  20. even likely to a new entrant or the incumbent He cannot simply win regions Its the same analysis in South Africa just line we have it here locally

    Sometimes it takes humility to understand and accept failure and concentrate on what you can do best and be useful

    Mutati or Bo Wina can still win it nothing fundamental has changed for the benefit of HH or other Then the law s not clear on 3 term bid for those who wish to read the application and defence in this case

  21. Why is UPND so scared of the ECL 2021 candidature that they are even prepared to bribe judges. Here in Europe, Judges CAN NEVER overturn the will of the people. To HH and GBM; prepare for a bigger loss in 2021.

  22. ask miles sampa. ask mulenga sata. ask shinono. they will tell you

    u5 is as sturbon as a donkey.

    gbm is a ruthless illiterate.

    These top two are not salable


  24. Its not right to flatter someone and make him loose all the way Sometimes you need grace and wisdom to see and analyse your chances because flattery will get you everywhere but when it shows he start wondering because he have no fundamentals Currently we know that GBM or the 2 Parliamentarians can marshal a more formidable though the 3rd one has fallen off So its clearly a win for PF in 2021 given the current un varied circumstances and fortunes whether Edgar or Mutati or Inonge combination as it has emerged

    The tiger also is not doing itself good at those prime TVs conferences which have further dampened more his political superiority and chances also with little disruption…

  25. with little disruption of the usual political environment as people seeks to understand the true meaning of fists being thrown Wisdom sometimes is seen in self restraint and quietness not multitudes of words

    It becomes difficult also to be approved in positions of responsibility in future if multitudes of words abounds

    So stop flattering HH and chopping his money You have hard enough of his

  26. Under5 knows that the only thing that stands between him and state house is the person he calls “Mr Lungu”. What he does not know is that even if “Mr Lungu” was not there, there will alwaus be a novice to hand a sixth defeat and a seventh if necessary. Look here, under5 is simply under5, no material for presidency in him. Fipelwa na Lesa.
    Stephen Sackur told under5 to his face that essentialy he has no viable political or economic policy which policy which can propel him to state house, which is what Zambians have been telling him too all these five losses. Under5 has to start being honest with honest before pretending to be honest with Zambians. Today he talks about the need for national unity right at a tribal ceremony which he supports to the hilt. Today he praises the judiciary…

  27. The signs of the type of leader you will have are defined by those close to him. If HH became head of state (which he won’t) education would go through the window as you can see he embraces a form 3 drop out from Kamwala sec school simply because he has money

  28. If ECL decides not to stand in 2021 still upnd can’t win, The political situation in Zambia changed when 50+1 was introduced in 2016.Today the country is politically divided, EVEN amongst chiefs divisions are there, Churches and their political parties and more worse political tribalism which was introduced heavily by HH and chiefs. Other factors are hypocritical behavior of Tonga/ Upnd society who has openly failed to work and accept the current GRZ, e.g Hilda chibomba,Wesley chibamba and others from various organizations including top Tonga officials serving as civil servants as well as parastatal denies to work with current government because of roots of tribalism.unless HH and GBM stop / changes systems of doing politics they can’t win presidential elections even in absence ECL…

  29. Anybody that PF will field, will beat HH pants down!!! So just campaign against PF and not Lungu!!! You are wasting your time talking about ECL.. Don’t say I dint warn you UPND!!!

  30. Zambians, lets read th constitution and try understand it for it is our duty or know th basics of our constitution. Th constitution talks about “holding office” and not havin a full term. In this matter, th constitution says “a person should not have held office twice”. It further defines what holding office is i.e one swearing in to another swearing in. Th rest i leav to u to ponder. Put aside yo political inclination n understand our supreme law that ought to be respected by everyone of us.

  31. Zambians’ intelligence will not be insulted this time around. They already know the outcome of the ConCourt’s ruling on this matter as they have read the constitution thoroughly(particularly the clauses on the incumbent President’s eligibility to stand) and are waiting anxiously.It would be better for this ConCourt to release this outcome soon so that we move forward as a nation. And then we will see where the chaos the President talked about last week will come from.

  32. A term is 5 year just like in football a game is 90 minutes it doesn’t matter whether you come as substitute it doesn’t say a player has to play 90 minutes it say the game is 90 minutes come back to the issue in the Zambian constitution it says the term of office 5 years & when an MP or any President dies we go for bye election even if we have 2year remaining so time frame is important like sata mhsrp once said in 2008 that when i become a President its 5 year because it’s my term people said no no no a term is 5 year not for person but duration one term doesn’t count whether you started on the middle or biging so time & term should be respected my question is 5 year is for a person why did we…

  33. A term is 5 year just like in football a game is 90 minutes it doesn’t matter whether you come as substitute it doesn’t say a player has to play 90 minutes it say the game is 90 minutes come back to the issue in the Zambian constitution it says the term of office 5 years & when an MP or any President dies we go for bye election even if we have 2year remaining so time frame is important like sata mhsrp once said in 2008 that when i become a President its 5 year because it’s my term people said no no no a term is 5 year not for person but duration one term doesn’t count whether you started on the middle or biging so time & term should be respected my question is 5 year is for a person why did we…

  34. All those that have ears, please listen to my Vice President and take heed, no kind of threat will work, you can try to manipulate and redefine the word term, guess what I am not a lawyer and I thank God I was never one and don’t want to be one, because it is so easy to work out. How many election has this man been through for this position, if you get the answer 2 then simple. You got it. I tell you what, if this man was not a thief then maybe, I would have turned a blind eye. If He stays well it will be at his own risk, guess what GBM will have my Blessings to go for his throat like he said.

  35. Fellow Zambians, the way the debate is going on this platform makes me wonder how we got here. If the issue of the term is not so clear, then we have a badly drafted constitution and we must fix that urgently so that it becomes crystal clear. As for now, let the Con Court deliberate on the matter and guide the nation. Whatever the outcome, we must respect that and move on. There are other issues in the constitution that still need to be fixed for our democracy to thrive. Let’s work on that as a matter of urgency. Zambia is bigger than all of us!

  36. Paradise Papers
    Hichilema became a director of a Bermuda company, AfNat Resources Ltd., in March 2006, and he resigned that August, according to Appleby’s records. AfNat Resources was incorporated in 2005 and explored for nickel and other metals in Zambia and other African countries. It was listed on London’s alternative investment market until 2010 when it was purchased by Canadian mining company Axmin for about $14 million.

  37. (1) The term of office for a President is five years which
    shall run concurrently with the term of Parliament, except that the
    term of office of President shall expire when the President-elect
    assumes office in accordance with Article 105.
    (2) A President shall hold office from the date the Presidentelect
    is sworn into office and ending on the date the next Presidentelect
    is sworn into office.
    (3) A person who has twice held office as President is not
    eligible for election as President.
    (4) The office of President becomes vacant if the President—
    (a) dies;
    (b) resigns by notice in writing to the Speaker of the National
    Assembly; or
    (c) otherwise ceases to hold office under Article 81,107 or
    (5) When a vacancy occurs in the office of President, except
    under Article…

  38. This is the only country where everyone is assured of being alive in 2021. All blockers will be alive up to 2021 August. Hahahahahahah. God willing, there will be a winner in 2021.

  39. Read through article 106 (6) which is defining article 106 (3). This doesn’t need the interpretation of any court. One just needs to understand the Queen’s language and be level headed.

  40. Was lungu not a president during the one year. It’s simple rupiah Banda did it and didn’t cry for another term, what’s special about lungu.
    So will lungu only serve for 4 years in 2021???

    • It helps to find time and read these things yourself not wait for a frustrated politician to tell you first….

  41. Jay Jay – Liar, it was Edwards supporters Prophet Dan Pule and his nashalaneka political parties who took the matter to court. The opposition and other well meaning Zambians just joined the petition.
    By the way Edward was elected on the old constitution. The current constitution came into effect after Edward was already in office.

  42. Whats this obsession about Lungu standing in 2021? Is HH so afraid that he would lose again? And why is GBM so obsessed with a person in another party and not his own. HH has stood for five times and he is still UPND president. What term is this 6th? Let the courts decide and this hot air is for nothing. Or is GBM just wanting to be relevant by also being part of those shouting? For me, I want Lungu to stand so that he can lose cleanly. PF is a party about to pack up. Can you imagine PF surviving after a loss. It is already very disorganized, I doubt it very much if it would survive a loss. Again, I am not sure though if UPND is the answer. UPND has been there before PF but why do Zambians not like it? Thats what GBM should be concerned about, why his party has lost 5 times. Maybe HH is a…

  43. Supreme leader HH and fat Albert are on record warning ECL about not getting his benefits if he lost the 2016 election because of article 106 (6) (b). They were right just read through, but what has changed now.

  44. It is not third term! These UPND leaders are very dull! It happened in the US, it happened in Congo DR and it happens everywhere! You are scared of your own shadows! Hazaluza Hagain will NEVER be president in Zambia! He is in it to lose it and in a long wait! He finihes Sata’s term and goes for his first term! What is wrong with amdonki?

  45. Lungu is not eligible to stand as President in 2021 because he went through elections. The only President who would be eligible is one who ascends to Presidency without elections and serves a short term according to the current constitution. Lungu and PF cadres should read the constitution before its too late. Don’t bring third term through back door, baba you are not eligible.

  46. Tenure of office of President and vacancy
    Constitution of Zambia (Amendment) [No. 2 of 2016 45

    5(b), the Vice-President or the President-elect shall serve
    for the unexpired term of office and be deemed, for the purposes
    of clause (3)—
    (a) to have served a full term as President if, at the date on which the President assumed office, at least three years remain before the date of the next general election; or
    (b) not to have served a term of office as President if, at the date on which the President assumed office, less than three years remain before the date of the next general election.

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