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3.5 million-dollar fraud at DFID funded ZAP? DEC says it knows nothing


A financial scandal is brewing at the UK funded Zambia Accountability Project (ZAP) which has seen a number of local civil society organisations implicated in the alleged theft of US$3.5 million.

The funding was provided by the UK’s the Department for International Development (DFID) through British Council as part of civil society support for the 2016 general elections.

However, a number of local NGOs that received funding have allegedly failed to account for the funds and have produced questionable reports.

Some of the NGOs fingered as having failed to account for the funds include FODEP, SACCORD and YALI.

Well-placed sources at DFID have confirmed that the local office is under pressure from its London office to close the matter and ensure that organisations that have failed to produce reports of accounts refund the money.

The financial scandal has apparently claimed its first victim after Abdon Yezi who was managing ZAP at British Council was suspended.

But the Young African Leaders Initiative has come out strongly defending itself after allegations of financial misappropriation hit social media over the weekend.

In a brief statement, YALI President Andrew Ntewewe said, “YALI has noted with deep concern some malicious statements being circulated on social media accusing our organisation of embezzling $3.5Million.”

“We would like to inform the general public and our responsible media to disregard such statement with the contempt it deserves. We understand this malicious statement is being perpetrated by individuals who have some disdain of the works we do and the principles and values for which we stand for,” Mr Ntewewe said.

And Drug Enforcement Commission Deputy Public Relations Officer Kamufisa Manchishi said the Commission is not investigating the matter.

“Following several queries on the story making rounds on social media regarding a named international organisation reporting certain local NGOs to the Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) for money laundering, the Commission wishes to state that no such report has been received, not even through the Anti-Money Laundering Investigations Unit (AMLIU) as alleged in the story and we, therefore, deny the same,” Mr Manchishi said in a statement.


  1. How did someone come up with such a story? Is there smoke without fire? We would like to hear from DFID, British Embassy or British Council itself. ACC, DEC and local organizations hold little trust from the Public. The truth always comes out in the end.

    • But why do you want to hear from DFID? Are you hoping that they will say they never gave ZAP any funding? You have ZAP formed by bogus Zambian people who distribute the money to local NGOs with bogus management. Because this money was issued around elections, obviously you know what happened. Sangwapo, Tuchekeleko,….the list goes on. The bogus Local NGO thought it was campaign gift, so they laundered the money without accountability. When we tell you that the level of corruption has reached astronomical levels, and there is no control, you call us names. If leaders are not able to come out to answer questions of corruption, then how can expect ordinary people will behave?. Now even NGOs are stealing. SHAME. So dont expect anything from DFID, ask your friend in NGOs and ZAP.

    • It’s an African thing. West Africa just squandered all the Ebola prevention money it was given. Giving Aid to Africans is a waste. They are used to squalor and disease and deprivation. Any attempts to help them is futile. no pity here.

    • There is NOTHING wrong with this

      I prefer to TRUST President Lungu

      Not nonentities here

      It is LIKE comparing me to persons contributing here, not even close
      I am a rare breed.

      The truth is this economy, is being run prudently and diligently.

      You have the RIGHT president who knows what he is doing, anything else is hearsay and MUST be shoved away,

      I speak from experience, although I am 27



    • Not worth commenting !!!
      Everyone here knows that we have the dumbest PHD, make your claims as you wish and please your ego, but that will not change peoples perception. Dumb you will remain!!!!

    • @Kanene

      Why are you defaming my good standing name, all of a sudden on here?

      I know we are not on the same level ( myself being on the upper tier) but cant we just get along for a change!

      It is NOT healthy is it?

      I have a PhD



    • There is nothing that puts you up. You are just a little frustrated young lady with a possible mental disorder.
      You accumulated papers without experience, and that is evident in your behaviour, in essence, that PHD has not brought you any value or standing in your job or community where you live.
      Indeed we are not the same level, and can never be…..behind me are many tangible results, while we have a bragging little 27 years old girl.
      I will ignore your further comments, to please your ego.

    • Mushota, please do not waste your energy if you really are what you claim (i.e. PhD holder).
      All you need to do is the following:
      – Tell us what is the Topic of your PhD Thesis?
      – Tell us at which university or college was this PhD granted?
      These days it is very easy to check people’s credentials.

  2. My advice to Andrew Ntewewe and your colleagues in YALI; please go into productive ventures and move out of this NGO business. You’ve been in this field for far too long. The Same advice goes to serial NGO parasites like Rueben Lifuka, Lee Habasonda, Goodwell Lungu, Isaac Mwanza et al. Takwaba, ama guys aba tababombapo ifyamano. They just move from one NGO to the next in the name of promoting good governance. Set up industries and employ people.

    • @The Chosen One. I hear you. As a matter of fact NGOs are big industries themselves. The main problem I see with many of ours is they perpetually seek handouts from donors. I am not surprised that the same funders can actually turn against the institutions they finance.

      I would have no problem if the said NGOs could self finance and continue with their activities rather than depend on handouts all the time …

  3. Boniface Cheembe, McDonald Chipenzi, Andrew Ntewewe, Chimfwembe Mwenye etc senior government critics. Busy pointing fingers at government yet you are actively practicing CORRUPTION??? This is really a shame for you guys.

    • Whenever you drive around Lusaka there are a lot of brand new jeeps and pajeros driven by very young people you wonder where they tap money for such affluence because here in Zambia we are alleged to be the poorest in the world! Now I know.

    • Zambian citizen please, why bring me in a story that does not even touch my name…please stick to the topic…i know you were hungry to pounce on me had it been that my name was mentioned. Cool down…transparency and accountability is my skin

  4. Look at DEC denial… they are the ones who should go out and investigate, not sitting on their bums waiting for people to ‘report’.

    As for these NGOs, everyone knows they are just there to embezzle money and get rich and not for the cause they were formed. NGOs are the highest paying jobs in Zambia, forgetting people who are struggling actually donate their hard-earned dollar coins to these organisations.

    They don’t even do their jobs these days of providing proper checks and balances to the govt and put pressure on them. It is because they know the govt and the cops know they are stealing money and they are afraid they will go after them if they chose to criticise the govt. Gone are the NGOs back during the FTJ’s time, the Oasis Forum; Transparent International of those days;…

    • continue reading…

      Transparent International of those days; FODEP of those days; Amnesty International of those days; NGOCC of those days (ironically under the current Veep); Zambia Congress of Trade Unions of those days; LAZ of those days; The Post newspapers of those days; etc. Those organisations made meaningful change (e.g. stopping FTJ of his 3rd term bid), not these charlatans of these days.

    • …Those organisations made meaningful change (e.g. stopping FTJ of his 3rd term bid)….and that is all they ever did!!! That experience exposed them to a lot of international support, both technically and financially, and gave them a huge influence on the leadership of our country. With the anti-corruption crusade crashing, they no longer had a point to concentrate on; the acquittal of the main accused plunderers eroded the public’s confidence in the NGOs work. If they had realigned their focus on humanitarian matters, they would still be relevant, but they seem to be preoccupied with political themes. Just look at the way LAZ is fumbling-questioning the enactment of Article 31 when Article 77 of the Constitution takes care of that??? LAZ should now be in the forefront decongesting…

  5. Corruption in Zed starts at grassroots, NGOs are not exempt. In fact most of them are bogus from beginning. Easy for them kudyelapo, no kuswamo

  6. Zambia has sunk so deep in the sewers of corruption that it will need a whole new mindset to senitise our young that being called a theif and corrupt leader is not ok as lungu is portraying.. …

    • spaka, I asked you last time, is everything ok??? How does Lungu come into this??? I hope the hate you have for him is not getting to you and taking you to mental institutions!!! Hang in there, dude…kwekwekwekwekwe….

    • Spaka has a point, leadership is the main catalyst for our development which includes being transparent and accountable as away of reinforcing trust. Drawing parallels with KK’s and Levy’s days clear shows the level of degeneration having reached unacceptable levels for a so call Christian nation. Coming to think of it, election monitoring groups being accused of corruption. Ladies and gentlemen, this is as bad as it gets. What would stop them from partaking in rigging.

    • Citizen

      To you lungu who is supposed to President, and is looked up to by many young, being called a corrupt theif day day out is ok ???

      Lungu by not responding is accepting the accusations……..nearly every day we hear how corrupt lungu is , has he even attempted to counter those accusations???

      Zambians now think being called a corrupt theif is normal…..shame….

  7. Paradise Papers ( 05 November 2017)

    Hichilema became a director of a Bermuda company, AfNat Resources Ltd., in March 2006, and he resigned that August, according to Appleby’s records. AfNat Resources was incorporated in 2005 and explored for nickel and other metals in Zambia and other African countries. It was listed on London’s alternative investment market until 2010 when it was purchased by Canadian mining company Axmin for about $14 million.

    • Anyone can copy and paste. It’s a shame you chose only the negative. It clear to see what you agenda is.

      There are legitimate uses for offshore companies and trusts. We do not intend to suggest or imply that any people, companies or other entities included in the ICIJ Offshore Leaks Database have broken the law or otherwise acted improperly. Many people and entities have the same or similar names. We suggest you confirm the identities of any individuals or entities located in the database based on addresses or other identifiable information. If you find an error in the database please get in touch with us.

      That is the rest of the article. Clearly states no illegal ties have been made.

      Mark my words, the media will jump on this..

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