Tuesday, May 21, 2024

First Lady Esther Lungu graces the bridal shower of Speaker’s daughter


Bridal shower
Bridal shower
First Lady Esther Lungu embraces former First Lady Maureen Mwanawasa during the bridal shower of Speaker of the National Assembly Dr Patrick Matibini’s daughter Zodwa
Chief Justice Ireen Mambilima (right) and former First Lady Maureen Mwanawasa
First lady Esther Lungu dancing
Bridal shower
First lady Esther Lungu dancing


  1. Zoona, they should have invited Mutinta Hichilema for the function as well, we are one people despite HH and Lungu being sworn enemies.

  2. It is news because it shows us how the president and the speaker associate behind the scenes. Without this we could not have known these relationships and will not be surprised when this guy passes certain decisions in parliament.

  3. @8 Han, admission is by ticket. That ticket is a free flowing smile and Mutinta does not possess one.
    Besides, under5 does not allow his wife to mix with poor people.

  4. Everything wrong with this:
    1) First as others have pointed out already, what is Matibiti doing at a female gathering where the old’s are teaching her daughter how to have s3x with her future husband? I recall when I was a kid in the village, we weren’t allowed near such places.
    2) Is Matibiti Lozi? If he is this kitchen party version is the Bemba version and not the traditional Lozi version… so might be cultural misappropriation there;
    3) Why is this being turned into a formal and political event, with his formal inner circle invited? Such gatherings are reserved for private family inner circle (the Chief Justice; the President’s wife; former president’s wife… what is he doing)?
    4) Stop such archaic traditions already… this is 21st century, send her to a hen’s party with…

    • 4) Stop such archaic traditions already… this is 21st century, send her to a hen’s party with her friends at a male strip club to get laid, while the dude invites 10 strippers to his mate’s house. Yep I said it… last time of freedom!

    • Yeah eye-of-Horus :). That was deliberate from me and I knew I was going to cop it from the ‘self-righteous’ people like you :(. But seriously think about it, what’s up with old folks teaching a grown-up how she should please and serve her husband in bed. What happened to the equal rights feminist movement? Never mind what I proposed as an alternative, the tradition is stone age and barbaric.

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