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Kitwe Mayor comes to the defence of under fire Lusaka Mayor

Headlines Kitwe Mayor comes to the defence of under fire Lusaka Mayor

Lusaka Mayor Wilson Kalumba

Kitwe Mayor Christopher Kang’ombe has defended his Lusaka counterpart Wilson Kalumba who has come under fire from Kusaka residents over his perceived under performance.

Mr Kang’ombe who doubles as Local Government Association of Zambia President said the association is concerned with criticism on social media directed at Mr. Kalumba on various developmental proposals and decisions of the council in the capital city.

“LGAZ wishes to appeal to the members of the public and residents of Lusaka that the council makes decisions through recommendations from sub-committes to the full council meeting. Each committee is composed of a minimum of four councillors, technocrats from city stakeholders and chief officers from the council management,” he said.

Mr Kang’ombe said decisions of any council are bound by collectively responsibility and that is why there is a record of council minutes and who attended the meetings.

“In line with the principle of decentralisation, the residents of lusaka are at liberty to engage the Mayor of Lusaka or appear before sub-committees of the council to make suggestions on development,” he said.

“We wish to state that Mayor Wilson Kalumba is fully aware of the principle of engagement with the residents of Lusaka and as an association of local government we appeal for round table discussions,” the Kitwe Mayor said.

He added “Social Media allows people to express themselves but we also feel it should be used to build our country and also encourage leaders in areas of improvement. Democracy is not just about day of voting but residents have a right to participate in the decision making process as suggested through this appeal we are making to those who live in Lusaka.”

He stated that the LGAZ membership comprises of 109 councils across Zambia and we shall undertake to share best practices in all local authorities.


  1. Lol what an excellent excuse. My friend cannot do anything when committees and sub committees vote on doing things that do not directly improve the lives of the people. Then let your friend step down and somebody else who has leadership qualities of advising the committees to look at issues again if he as Mayor cannot do it. It’s basic leadership skill. He doesn’t have to accept anything recommended to him by committees because he was voted in office. People in committees are not voted into Office. He answers to the People who voted for him, not to committees.

    • B R Mumba Sr surely how can you develop your selfsame enterprise when you all sleeping and day dreaming like this chap!!

    • That’s why people must be subjected to medicals before taking office, this does not look ‘in order’,,, minkonono mu office so,,,

    • For a minute there I thought that was a frog on his face, it’s his nose!

      What did the frog say to the sleeping Mayor…….

    • Kekekekeke, yaba what a drunk mayor. Kalumba is embarrassing us from Luapula. You Lusaka residents dumped Maureen’ votes in trash bin, for that Chibuku drinker.
      @Ndobo, I agree with ya, Tasila would make a lively Mayor.

    • Really laughable….we hear Lazy Lungu’s govt has now introduced “sleeping allowance” or
      “siesta allowance”, Edgar is leading the table on that one….what have we done to our country, these lazy tins will not go away until the finish everything like termites at least termites build something behind them!!

    • Mayor Kangombe should not talk about committes and sub-committes we want Mayor Kalumba to perform not to depend on committees. Is Mayor Kangombe admitting that the great mayor of Lusaka is visionless can only perform with the vision of committees? People of Lusaka should be regreting not voting for mama MAUREEN MWANAWASA now dununa reverse at work.

    • What committee? As of they do it for free… That’s where the make money from allowances chairing and sitting in these commitees like those MPs in Parliament.

  2. Lombe(MA)
    Correction,people in committees are called “Ward Councillors” and are voted durig ward elections…But it’s true these(some) guys are iept..

  3. That’s the problem when you vote on party lines. There were a couple of good candidates for the position of Mayor. People decided to vote for this unknown man. Fisho Mwale, in my opinion, was a better candidate than this guy

  4. How does Kang’ombe defend this chap SLEEPING OF DUTY. I wish this Wilson Kalumba was working for the Mines. He would have been history by now. SLEEPING ON DUTY AT NORMAL ORGANISATIONS IS A DISMISSABLE OFFENCE.

    • @ C-General if it was in the Northern hemisphere he would have been toast by close of today! Why are is the Kitwe Mayor defending the State House Road based Mayor? Although the Kitwe Mayor is in a different league!

    • Only in Zambia can a Mayor have the cheek to defend another Mayor for snoozing on duty forgetting that its the taxpayer paying these allowances which were increased by this reckless govt of Lazy Lungu.

  5. That picture captures the state of the city very fittingly. The Mayor is snoozing so the city is sleeping. The garbage collectors are sleeping, the health inspectors are sleeping, the civic centre is sleeping. I suspect Lungu who lives in this city is sleeping too

  6. Really laughable…you see this is what you get when you elect utter empty tins; vote wisely next time ask them what they plan to do for your community…dont simply vote for them for the Party they rep…

  7. He is meditating imwe awaiting to hear from Jehovah. Yamupasa headache Chibolya, ati Mayor of Lusaka he needs Coco butter

  8. Lekeni ba Mayor batushe. Whoever took this photo has no respect for power and authority, don’t you know that this is a PF man! No doubt this photo was taken after lunch when the boss was having a nap to facilitate digestion after an official luncheon. Mulekwatako umuchishi! Ifintu ni PF, umuntu ni lungu!

  9. Let him just resign, Lusaka is pathetic yet we have an elected mayor, it’s big disgrace. OF must discipline this guy because he lied to the people of Lusaka. He doesn’t represent PF NOT IN ANY WAY.

  10. He should have atleast removed that bling bling necklace b4 taking the nap. Sleeping with an instrument of authority is a no no.

  11. Frankly speaking,i regret having voted for W. Kalumba as Lusaka Mayor.the man is useless and has done nothing for Lusaka since 2016.
    Yes Kalumba won because we were just voting for WHOEVER STOOD ON PF on 11/08/2016!!!but in 2021 PF should never adopt this man as Lusaka mayor.for now we must live on and blame ourselves for voting for a wrong person as our mayor!!
    HOW I WISH MAUREEN MWANAWASA STOOD ON MIGHTY PF IN 2016,MAYBE SHE COULD HAVE MADE A GOOD MAYOR OF LUSAKA!!but she stood on a loser(upnd)’ s party and she only has herself to blame!!

    • Yet you say you regret voting for him..really sad….even if a frog stood on PF ticket you would have voted for it as you are the selfsame utterly dull ignorant voters we have in Zambia who are easily bribed with Shaky Shakey Opaque Beer and loud music on a stadium!!

    • @ Njimbu
      That is the problem of voting on party lines and not on the ability and competence of the candidate and that is what has cost Zambia in terms of development. People should understand that it is not the party which thinks but an individual. This should serve as a lesson to the gullible people of Zambia but each time elections come, Zambians start behaving as if they are bewitched. It is either they vote on party lines or tribal lines. So pathetic!

  12. Iwe Kitwe Mayor please don’t make a fool of yourself trying to defend this embarrassment of a mayor. Besides his falling asleep during important functions whilst wearing his mayoral gear, he has been making the most ridiculous of suggestions which just leave me dumb struck. Leave him to exculpate himself.

  13. Good morning Mayor Kalumba…… kikikikikiki……. I also take those nice naps once in a while…..whats the big deal…. kikikikikiki.

    What! You never seen under5 enjoy a nap? My my! you are missing a spectacle!!!!!

    • When someone sleeps recklessly like this, all orifices open up, drooling, amashupu, amamina, amanong’o, hey i end here, we got kids like ngimbu on LT.

  14. Are you sure some people voted for this toad? It’s like people danced away to dununa reverse and ended up voting for a GANDE.

    • This chap like his boss Lazy Lungu has achieved his mission in life which is to wear the LCC chain …just like Lazy who is in State House but they all dont know what to do there…so its just to take siestas to kill time…utter lazy bums!!

  15. HaJayJay and his Namwalans never sleep or take a nap! The most uzeress party to ever come to Zambia! Full of Under Fives.

  16. Christopher Kang’ombe you are a hard-working Mayor. You cannot even be compared to Wilson Kalumba.Tell your Lusaka counterpart to wake up and bring some sanity to the capital city

  17. Pikiti Kang’ombe you should come to Lusaka and this sleeping mayor should be taken somewhere else. This man is a gonga of a mayor he has no agenda for Lusaka, from a deep sleep katwishi efyo alelota ebele no more mtn, zoona booths in the streets of Lusaka ine nati eeh!! Bushe ninupena?? olo ni opener?

  18. Forget about ba Maureen Mwawasa we are used of the same people . Zambia is for every Zambian not family imo ine, let her go to Jehovah’s witness and start giving those booklets ,time is running out . Mwaufwa bwino ubufumu bwamu calo mwakana church yenu .

  19. Daughter: Edgar Lungu is not serious
    Father: Why do you say so?
    Daughter: Because he has taught mayor of Lusaka Kalumba to also start sleeping on duty
    Father: Although you are under age there is treason.
    Daughter: What is treason?
    Father: Wikandetelela nshilalila ine.

  20. Lusaka is dirty and not worthy being a capital city. Can we just come up with a different area where they can just build a capital city with nice structures?

  21. Kangombe I am disappointed in you. How do you defend such type of behaviour? You have been very consistent and smart in the way you run Kitwe City. Everyone is able to see that. However, this guy you are defending is zero performance my brother. Leave him alone


    This malingering starts from Plot 1, right down to the storm trooper – stone throwing machete wielding P.F Cadre.
    At least when K.K, was in power such blatant indiscipline was rare as K.K would SACK lazy Goons like this sorry excuse for a Mayor.

  24. Hahahahahaha.. one article where I have seen bloggers in full unison! The mayor has been a big waste of space thus far.. I am not shocked at all because 90% of the people who voted for this guy had never heard him utter a single word, let alone ever seen him! I attended a mayoral debate (with all the candidates present) organised by the Chevening alumni and in true Zambian fashion, very few people showed up… So I wondered what the voters were basing their choice on if they couldnt even attend a free debate to hear their candidates give ma plan… “I have a dream”, says the Lusaka mayor…literally.

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