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Zambia Revenue Authority collects over K 342 million against a target of K328 million


Trucks waiting to be cleared at Kasumbalesa border

The Zambia Revenue Authority(ZRA) at Kasumbalesa border has collected over 342 million Kwacha as at October 31st 2017 against the annual target of 328 million Kwacha.

ZRA Deputy Station manager Martin Chanda says the modernization of the border post has helped improve the monitoring of traffic in and out of the region.

Mr. Chanda said the modern electronic traffic management system that has been used by a private Israeli firm has also helped smuggling at Kasumbalesa.

Mr. Chanda said this when Finance Felix Mutati meet representatives from ZRA and Zambia integrated property border crossing company-ZIPBCC

And Mr. Mutati says Government will remain stead fast by ensuring that it boasts domestic revenue so as to improve the economy.

Mr. Mutati said he was impressed with security measures that have been instituted at Kasumbalesa boarder post adding that this has reduced smuggling in the area.

He further urged security wings at the border to continue clamping down those involved in smuggling activities.

And Chililabombwe Mayor Christabel Mulala said despite smuggling levels reducing at the border there was need to construct a fence to enhance security

Meanwhile, ZIPBCC share holder representative Saron Dandrovich said the company has spent over four million United States dollars towards improving the new state of infrastructure at boarder post.

Mr. Dandrovich also assured government that his company is the process of developing a trade center for small scale traders on the Zambian side.


    • And how much have the Israelis made out of this deal and for how long are they going to be reaping us off? Rumour has it that they collect the lions share out of this arrangement with government.

    • I concur with what myth has posted, that is, according to what I have heard. If it is true, surely one leader in this country will sell out this country one day.

  1. Where does all that money go….the streets of Lusaka are so dark at night the roads are bumpy…any thoughts???

  2. And why you are not asking yourself how much the Israelian company invested on that facility and how much the border improved as a result of that…instead of being gratefull that investors are coming to the country and investing money you have a very poor view and unprofesional view…not smart at all!!

    • So we didn’t have our own funds to improve those border facilities?….and were waiting for a foreign investor to come and improve them for us?…and thereafter watch him mint millions of kwacha from a facility that we could wholly own. These are some of the ventures over which it would be very justifiable to borrow some money and easily pay back in no time. Zambia my beloved country!

    • Unprofessional view indeed! This partnership with the private sector is a win win for us all. They invested their own money and have a period of time to recover that investment simple and straight forward and at the end of the day, Zambia shall retain ownership of the property. Similar to the proposed Ndola Lusaka duo carriage way, we are told the investor shall use his own money and get to recover it over 17years, a great deal from where i m sitting. However, some people still find a problem in the deal and if you contract loans to build, they still raise fingers and voices.

    • @3 C.Banda, your view point is one that is not smart and professional. Ever wondered why taxes keep on rising in Zambia? We’ve got people who think like you in government and it won’t take us anywhere. The question you should be asking yourself is this…..if government had made that simple investment, how much more money would they have been making? Don’t just be an armchair critic of my comment, travel to Kasumbalesa and do your own investigations like I did. The investment is nothing to talk about compared to what the Israelis are getting out of this deal. What is happening at Kasumbalesa is exactly what government want’s to do with RATSA by outsourcing simple services which government does from LAMASAT at an unnecessary cost……is that what you call smart thinking?

    • @mypoint
      foreign investors you can find in all developed countries such as Great britain, Germany, US etc… and even in our continent such as Nigeria the biggest economy in our region, SA and more and I am sure that you aware of that.
      so it is a healthy process in my point of view.
      I am sure that you don’t want that a Zambian firm/ Investors will be rejected in other country!
      the Investors are investing their money and once they return their invest the ownership of the project and the fees as a result of that goes straight to the gov. look on the Chinese that making the roads and many other companies that bringing ideas and job opportunities to the population.

  3. Don’t just consider Lusaka but our rural areas too. My aunt in my village wants tarred roads too good social services. Think holistically. Spread this tax revenue

  4. Again i repeat, the IMF has demanded increased internal tax collection, and these announcements are to get the money that we keep begging for,,, why is a foreign company engaged in colle tion of revenue… this is and should remain a government responsibility. Does our Constitution permit national revenue to be collected by a foreigner. No it says the ZRA will impose and collect taxes.

    • ZRA collecting taxes but this article speaking on collection fees like a toll gates along the roads across the country.
      you are right according to our constitution ZRA are collecting taxes but here it fees.
      it is a big different

  5. This is what happens when you have dumbies running the country even though some where educated in foreign countries. Furthermore, Zambian must stop been lazy. Why should an isreal company or a foreign company come do this for us??? I would rather they train Zambians and leave after implenentation so ZRA owns and uses the knowledge and tech to collect revenues.

  6. Smuggling at Vic falls kazungula and katimamulilo is so higher it has made so people here in Livingstone so rich and some were standing as candidates as MPs pama election

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