Charity Centre for Children and Youth Development (CCCYD) Executive Director Alex Bwaluka says the organization is prompted to target women in northwestern province in its financial literacy campaign.

 Mr Bwaluka says having found that there is low financial literacy especially among women mostly, his organization has embarked on financial literacy campaign to help them improve in their businesses so that they can safeguard their livelihoods at household level

 ZANIS reports that Mr. Bwaluka said that  the organization was conducting a training programme  dubbed “Get to Know Your Numbers” for women entrepreneurs  Manyama area  to help them enhance growth in their businesses.

 Mr Bwaluka explained that the programme which is aimed at imparting financial knowledge is going to help the women understand basic accounting and controlling principles, develop deeper customer understanding and basic marketing knowledge.

 And Rose Masaka, a beneficiary of the training programme thanked the organization for the initiative, saying it will go a long way in assisting her in conducting her business in an improved manner than
before due to the knowledge gained during the training.

 Ms Masaka said that the training was easy to understand even for people that had not gone very far in their education.

 CCCYD is currently training small scale women entrepreneurs in business simulation training in Kalumbila district and other districts in the province.

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  1. Bo Dahlbom: “You can’t do much carpentry with your bare hands and you can’t do much thinking with your bare brain.”

    “In this respect an intuition pump works like a lever for the mind. Just as the use of words and ideas have spread through culture over time increasing our intelligence, thought experiments and intuition pumps have increased human intelligence even more.”

    Thanks for taking interest in helping our grandmothers, mothers, sisters and daughter. The Backbone of our a community’s.



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