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Take interest in keeping Zambia clean-Chadiza Council Chairperson


Chadiza Town Council has challenged members of the public to take keen interest in implementing the keep Zambia clean campaign  to ensure its success.

Speaking in an interview with Zambia News and Information Services (ZANIS) in Chadiza, Chadiza Town Council Chairperson Paul Phiri said the campaign has not achieved its intended objectives because most people in the community were not taking the campaign seriously.

Mr. Phiri said members of the public have left the responsibility of cleaning the surrounding to the council alone.

He advised the members of the public to participate fully in the keep Zambia Clean campaign to ensure its success.

And speaking earlier, Chadiza Town Council Secretary Henry Siwakwi said it was unfortunate that people opted to leave everything to the council when they were the ones supposed to take the leading role in the campaign.

Mr. Siwakwi said that the council was there only to sensitize and review the campaign while the main driver of bringing the desired change was the public itself.

He said much has not been achieved from the campaign because there was lack of harmonization between the council and the public.

The Council Secretary said the Local Authority has been sensitizing people on the importance of keeping their surrounding  clean and would continue to do so but that the challenge was with the public who have failed to fully participate.

On Monday, civil servants in Chadiza district and a few members of the public took part in the keep Zambia Clean campaign when the cleaned the surrounding at Chadiza market.

The Keep Zambia Clean Campaign was commissioned in 2007 by the late Republican President Levy Mwanawasa  with the aim of keeping  the country clean by ensuring people maintain clean surroundings but to date nothing has been achieved as t most surroundings including that of Lusaka City is so dirty.


  1. For this KEEP ZAMBIA CLEAN campaign to succeed in this country, The Council, The Government and the general public must all get involved and be serious as well. Le me give examples. How do you tell people to keep the town or city clean when there are no rubbish bins or trash canes around where people must throw in any trash?
    Look at the places where vendors are everywhere. Vegetable vendors are the worst. There is dirt all around and the Council Police pass there without a word. The stalls standing around cities are dirt on their own.
    In Ndola from town center to wherever you want to go bus Stops are awful. No laybys. It has been like that for years

  2. How much does it take to put up some lay bys at bus stations? The potholes at bus stops have been there for years and the Council is not concerned at all. One will wonder what the Councellors are there for.
    People travelling on public and private transport throw canes, packets and bottles through windows and its normal.
    The Council open up new residential sites that are not serviced with no roads and no drainage systems and nothing and they remain like that even years after people have settled there. Keeping Zambia clean is just about the City Center but whole city and it includes roads, clean toilets, proper drainage systems etc.

  3. I just built in an Area in Ndola called Pine Grove West of Kawama and North of Mitengo and Chifubu. I was surprised when I got a plot in this area last year to learn that this area has been open for construction for more than 8 years. Plot owners make their own roads and sometimes people build where there is supposed to be a designated road but because the Council has not provided a proper plane people use their initiative and all this time the Concil officers are nowhere to be seen. They appear once in a while and only when people start fighting.

  4. Zed is embarrassingly dirt. It’s very dirty everywhere. It’s unbelievable . . . In LUSAKA most parks and open spaces has been sold by corrupt council Planners and Engineers

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