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An unknown people attack an Albino adolescent girl in Chama District


A 19 -year- old female albino of Chief Chikwa’s chiefdom in Chama District in Muchinga Province has had her right hand chopped off by unknown people.

Narrating her ordeal to the Zambia News and Information Services (ZANIS) from Chama District Hospital bed this morning, Miriam Kumwenda of Buyoyo Village said she got attacked last Saturday  night.

Miriam said while asleep she heard a knock at the door and when she inquired who was knocking, a man who identified himself as a Mr. Nkhowani  asked her to open.

She added that she ignored the knock but later her alleged attacker forced himself inside, closed her mouth with a cloth to avoid her screaming and later carried her into the bush.

Miriam said while in the bush other unknown persons appeared and started beating her up.

She added that they then started cutting her left arm when one of them told his friends that it is the right hand that was needed and her left arm intact.

She said they then started cutting the right hand saying it was at this pointed when she was hit behind her head with  an unknown object and lost consciousness.

She said the assailants thinking she had died left her after which she regained her conscious adding that it was at this point  when she started crying.

Miriam  said her parent found her and later rushed her to a nearby health center for medical attention.

The matter has since been reported to the police and when contacted for the comment in Chama Police sources said they are investigating the matter and referred all queries to the Police Commissioner Godwin Phiri who could not be reached for a comment by broadcast time.

Police sources said that two suspects are currently in police custody while other is on the run.



  1. Very sad,the ugly head of foolish superstition is at it again.Oo Africa wealth comes from hard work and skill.If charms work why is Africa the poorest continent now superseded by all?

    • These subhumans must have their balls cut off with a kitchen knife while they are looking on. First, prick needles into their testicles before cutting them off.

    • These attackers were people that were known by the victim! Such a sad incident! The assailants must be dealt with in the harshest terms. Thank God the vicitm is alive so she can identifu these animals. All for the sake of wanting to get rich! Money is truelly evil!

    • That is one of the hardest sentences Ive ever read, my jaw hurts like I was trying to chew dry bones. “An unknown people”. Ba LT please, my 6 year old can do better than this. Come on now. Is this the new culture of mediocrity?

  2. Myths and ignorance will compel ***** s to do anything.It is time to stiffen our public law – anyone attacking an albino is to rot in jail.Not even bail.

  3. Judgement Day is coming where we shall all account for our deeds. I wonder how murders will face the Lord! OOOh my God. An innocent albino girl experiencing such pain. My heart bleeds.

  4. African leaders are doing nothing in terms of this kind of crime . If I was in power I was going to hang these people in public so that the rest will learn a good lesson including those traditional healers who sent them there is no justice in this world

  5. This action, if true, should be reported to the president, who should make sure the culprits are apprehended as soon as possible. The reigning chief needs to speak up against this stupidity. All traditions which do not add to the future development of the country should be made illegal.

  6. This is sick. And what is Chief Chikwa’s message to his subjects, and in particular to these killers, on this matter? Silence means consent. This is attempted ritual killing, pure and simple. Question is: – Is the Chief indirectly supporting them?

  7. This is sad reading. I am from Chama and this makes a sad reading. Why kill an innocent child. was the child sleeping alone?

  8. It seems that madness from Tanzania & Malawi is finding itself here. We need sensitisation quickly because (mark my words!) these attacks will become common. Albino mutilations were unheard of in this country, so why now??

    Maybe its “evil spirits” or those refugees, or whatever. The important thing is to find those assailants and their motivations.

  9. Chama is near Malawi so these criminals could have come across the border. A dozen of these criminals have been apprehended in Lilongwe and are appearing in court.

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