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Luano District council procures five banana boats at a cost of over K86,000


The Local Authority in Luano District in  Central Province has procured five banana boats at a cost of over K86,000 using the Government Equalization Grant ( GEG)  in its bid to provide marine transport across the Mulungushi and Lunsemfwa rivers, respectively.

ZANIS reports that Luano Council Chairperson, Gabriel Mwami, confirmed in an interview that previously it was a challenge for the community to cross the rivers using dugout canoes which exposed them to accidents.

Reverend Mwami said  the canoes were so small that they could not accommodate many people and belongings.

The new boats would service Mbosha and Chembe Chiefdoms, thereby prompting development as more goods would be transported to the area on time, he said.

The Council Chairperson further assured that the Local Authority had put in place plans of phasing out dugout canoes by procuring more banana boats for residents in hard to reach areas.

Speaking on behalf of the residents, Charles Chabusha commended the Council for buying the banana boats as they will reduce on accidents which people were experiencing in the area.

Mr. Chabusha said the purchased boats will also help to enhance the transportation of agricultural produce in the district.


    • Which Corolla Make and Year and is it brand new or second hand …. please the total amount 86,000 gets you the second hand corolla 2007 model imported from Japan with probably about 16000 kwacha change. Don’t issue sensationalist statements!!! Be more specific

  1. Banana boat at K17000?The reporter should have investigated and told us a complete story. If the boats are motorized then this qualifies otherwise this is another fire engine saga.

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