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Magistrate Court acquits Chishimba Kambwili


Chishimba Kambwili addressing Journalists at his house
FILE: Chishimba Kambwili addressing Journalists at his house

The Lusaka Magistrate Court has acquitted expelled Roan Member of Parliament Chishimba Kambwili on three counts of traffic offences.

In this matter Mr. Kambwili was accused of having been in possession of a car bearing false registration mark, failure to display an insurance certificate as well as allowing a person who did not have a driver’s licence to drive his car.

Speaking when he delivered the ruling Lusaka Magistrate Brian Simachela said the prosecution failed to prove its case.

Magistrate Simachela said the prosecution witnesses were inconsistency making it hard for the court to place the suspect on his defence.

He said the matter was not properly investigated.

And Speaking after the ruling, Mr. Kambwili praised the judiciary saying justice has prevailed.

Meanwhile, The Lusaka High Court has found Chilanga Member of Parliament Keith Mukata and his co accused Charmain Musonda with a case to answer in a murder charge.

This is in a matter where Mukata and Musonda are accused of killing a security guard Namakambwa Kalilakwenda.

High Court Judge Susan Wanjelani says the state has presented enough evidence to warrant the suspects to be placed on their defence.

And in response Defence lawyers led by Eric Silwamba said the accused will remain silent but will bring other persons to testify.

The matter has since been adjourned to November 14th for commencement of defence by the accused persons.


    • @Spaka like lilo. You don’t think this is a set-up by PF? Right now people may start praising the judiciary.

      Next week the supreme court will rule that ECL can stand in 2021, what will the same people say about the same judiciary? …

    • When are Lungu’s prosecutors going to stop taking frivolous cases to courts….or are they just as bas as Edgar at law. Remember Edgar Lungu was debarred by LAZ for misappropriation of funds from a poor widow.

    • Judiciary closing in on Jonathan, the traveller. Lungu Chains needs to heard to Swaziland for asylum. Unlike Henry we will fish him out.
      Chi Kambwili I hope you have learnt a lesson. Kampyongo you are doomed mate. Start apologising otherwise you are dead meat mate.

  1. @Spaka like lilo:the case above is not about corruption.learn to read before you expose yourself.
    Moreover,Kambwili will never support your tribal king HH so ba upnd cadres stop cheating fact Kambwili is even taking people like Dr Guy Scott who supported upnd in 2016 to his who is losing here between PF and upnd?Kambwili is from the North and many Northerners do not like UPND-let this fact sink onto your heard!!
    This was a traffic offence and there was nothing serious here!!

    Njimbu BB2017!!!

    • This full of rat njimbu has no clue…..all we are saying is kambwili is calling lungu a theif everyday with no response from lungu , it must be true.

      Who cares about UPND? It that theif lungu we care about right now….

  2. Am looking at the name of the magistrate………any one tell me something about it please. Am not tribal but please i need confirmation of that name. Its frustrating that if it was any other person other than the known name, am definitely sure he or she could have been found guilty. I do not know how many times i have paid for not displaying a certificate of fitness on my car……ANIMAL FARM EXTENDED.

  3. Winning on technicality is not winning at all. Winning when you are truly innocent is the winning worthy praise. Some of our police can express themselves well in the queen’s language.They will say yes instead of No ultimately crucifying themselves

  4. All the weapons formed against innocent Zambians by the known plunderers and thieves will have no success at all, all we will see are nolles and withdrawals, but when time comes for plunderers and thieves to account for their greed, the prisons gladly will contain all of them.

  5. NDELOLESHA FYE – Are you saying this is the reason ConCourt Judges have been delivering those judgements because of their names. Can we for once stop this stupid tribalism thing. It looks like our heads have become so tribe that we don’t even look at reason. This is worrying indeed. How do we argue everything from a tribe point of view? For those who are tribe we can help them change instead of attacking them.

  6. If you think this a victory by Kambwili against PF, you are wrong. This is a disaster for the country. As the Magistrate has put it, “the prosecution failed to prove its case, prosecution witnesses were inconsistency making it hard for the court to place the suspect on his defence, the matter was not properly investigated.”

    Regardless of which party, tribe or anywhere you come from, if you have a police service that is this unprofessional, THE COUNTRY IS IN TROUBLE!!! We need to push for reforms in ZP, now!!!!!

    • Right you are.. This is beyond partisan. If they can fail to do proper investigations, they can lock up innocent people

  7. Kambwili is as corrupt as they come, being cleared of a traffic offence does not mean one is innocent of other more serious crimes such as abuse of office to get yourself contracts and become a millionaire overnight! Let all who have been stealing be they HH 20 years ago after privitisation, be they Rupiah be they current ministers in the PF govt let them all face the true justice one day!

  8. People read through the things CK was accused of having committed. Not displaying the insurance disk, unlicensed driver and false registration mark. I am beginning to believe that black magic works in these courts. I mean the insurance disk was not displayed, registration was false and unlicensed driver and he gets an acquittal

    • What about
      “…the prosecution failed to prove its case, prosecution witnesses were inconsistency making it hard for the court to place the suspect on his defence, the matter was not properly investigated…”?
      In your wisdom (?) prosecuting without evidence merits conviction?

    • You sound like a black magician whose magic fails to show you the truth, insurance disk may not be displayed if you have not yet insured the vehicle and that being the reason the car was parked and no one was permitted to use that vehicle until that unlicensed driver in his wisdom decided to put a false number plate and drive without permission. Why then should the owner of the vehicle be convicted? Is this not another likeness of the Mpombo’s son’s case?

    • How did the vehicle go on the roads? Was it being driven by an unlicensed driver? Was this driver permited by the owner to drive it? Mr CK can only be acquitted if the unlicensed driver drove the vehicle without Mr CK’s consent. Even then, fines and penalties are definately due on the driver.

  9. Kambwili has been callingvout lungu as a theif as well as lusambo and kapoyongo and no response from them them while kambwili has opened up proceedings against munir Zulu for calling him a theif ??

    Lungu and his thugs are theifs.

    People pointing to the visible roads as proof of a working lungu and pf are blind to the fact that Zambia now owes $17 billion…..nigeria built a whole new capital city for less….while we owe so much yet the Chinese and Indians still own most of our portfolios for the next 25 years while we still owe 17 billion….

  10. Politically motivated prosecution i must say.Lets prosecute those involved in the $42m fire truck scandal instead of small harmless fish like CK.

  11. Yaba,so you mean $42m fire extiguisher trucks? come next year some will develop mechanical faults and will be jump started when going out to quech fire..Someone already called them wheelbarrows.

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