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Govt spent $6.2m on Engineering equipment that was never delivered


A forensic reveal of the Auditor General Report continues to show glearing reports of misuse of public resources.
Checking the report on the Ministry of Transport and Communication shows that government spent over US$6.2 on an equipment that has not been delivered.
The report reveals that the Ministry of Transport and Communication wasted US$6,271,420 (about K62,714,200) on the procurement of engineering equipment that was never delivered.
The report indicates that Chita Lodges proprietor James Kasanga Chungu who is also proprietor of MCD Civil and Mechanical Engineering was contracted  to deliver 12 Dredging machines at the cost of $11.8m.
And the Auditor General has further disclosed that government was not using some of engineering equipment that was previously procured, as it was lying idle in provinces where it was distributed.
“In paragraph 40 of the Auditor General’s Report for the financial year ended 31st December 2015, mention was made of the total amount of US$9,240,370 (about K92,403,700) paid to MCD Civil and Mechanical Engineering as of November 2015 for the supply of 12 dredging machines at the total contract price of US$11,875,800 (about K118,758,000) and a delivery period of eight months from the date of advance payment,” read the Auditor General report.
“It was further mentioned that as of July 2016, the supplier had not delivered any of the dredging machines. In their Report for the First Session of the Twelfth National Assembly, the Public Accounts Committee strongly recommended that the Ministry must give the contractor a deadline by which date all the dredgers must be delivered failure to which the Ministry must fully enforce its contractual rights.”
The Auditor General observed that the supply contract had misleading information.
“A scrutiny of the contract document in 2017 revealed that specifications for the machinery to be delivered were six cutter dredgers and six excavators, not twelve dredgers as indicated on the face of the contract document. A review of the situation during the audit of 2016 accounts revealed that the contractor had only supplied three amphibious excavators valued at US$2,968,950 leaving a balance of three amphibious excavators and six cutter suction dredgers costing US$6,271,420,” stated the Auditor General.
“It could not be ascertained as to when the three undelivered excavators and six cutter dredgers would be delivered and no security guarantee was availed for the balance of US$6,271,420 being held by the supplier.”
And the Auditor General disclosed that the previously procured dredgers were not being used.
“Fifteen dredgers that were delivered during the period from 2014 to 2016, were not being utilised. In this regard, 11 were at the ministry headquarters, awaiting distribution, and four though distributed were idle,” stated the Auditor General.



    • People should now ask where is leadership in this country. This is a lot of money from a poor country people must be accountable. So Sata was right when he said his ministers are useless and one of his ministers is now the president.
      If you thought Chiluba was bad think again at least the guy only sold companies these guys are selling the whole country!

    • James Kasanga Chungu, this is the man known as Jimmy Fingers, I thought he repented awe sure old habits. Zambia is on its knees

    • This is one of the reasons why I have consistently said Chakolwa Lungu must go by any means pissible.

      These PF thugs are bleeding the country dry and busy hiding the loot abroad thereby providing loanable capital funds abroad while presenting a begging bow to international donors.

      What these *****s do not know is that the US China and UK are monitoring any amount being shipped abroad by Stupi1d Lungu and his stooges. It will just be one day when it will pull the plug on them and put them on the wanted list for fraud and money laundering.

    • Courses available for those aspiring to careers in the Zambian civil service and/or Zambian politics
      Diploma in Corruption (1 day)
      Bachelors Degree in Corruption (3 days)
      Masters Degree in Corruption (2 days)
      PHD degree in Corruption (2 days)
      Courses include practical training.
      Those without brown envelops need not apply.

  2. It is justified when people suggest regime change. This is an epitome of a collapsed system of governance. The government is not functioning. It’s completely broken down. What more evidence can we demand to see.

    • @3.1 those Zombies or rather Zombians are programmed to boot lick Lungu’s #*#% regardless of the truth out there.
      You forgot to include chief bootlicker, Ka “terrible” & “nudian princess”

  3. Disturbing, but not exactly surprising.Lucky for them, they will get away with it unscathed. In fact, they will get away with anything no matter how much is stolen. If these things are so common in a ‘Christain’ Nation with an annual Prayers day, what more in atheist countries? Actually, it is just a mockery of God. We should not call Zambia a Christain Nation because this not how a Christain should behave. Many Business owners in Lusaka are in cahoots with Government officials to defraud citizens. In this case, Chita Lodge owner colluded with Government to line his pockets as well as those of PF officials with millions of dollars.

    • This Chungu thief is a major contributor to PF in the last 5 years. He also was paid millions of Dollars by DANGOTE to share with PF through contracts.
      Ichalo ubusuma Tukashila bakabwalala!

  4. Someone was busy telling us to take evidence to ACC, well here is the evidence that you keep yapping about. ACC please do something for once you nitwits and act on this report. USD 6.2 million dollars is a lot of money that can do wonders in agriculture and not this misplaced procurement reeking of corruption, shaaaa.

  5. This regime is the best because the government for the first time in the history if this nation has be run transparently. We never used to heat of such before not because the previous govts were clean but because they were hiding such reports. Continue releasing such reports ecl.
    I know 700ls dont know that the auditor generals reports first goes to the president before it is released to the public zoo.

    • So what you are saying is during MMD tenure you were living in Sudan? Coz even then Auditor General’s reports used to highlight misappropriation. The only difference now under PF thieves it is 1000% worse and it starts from that spineless moron you call a president.

  6. This nonsense will not be supported but the thing is even if we vote for Hiakinde such things will happen,so the solution is to bring back the white Man.Like it or not the BLACK MAN has failed. CORRUPTION,LAZINESS IS IN BORN.

    • Serously lets invite the britons to rule over us for the next 50 years and then let them leave. ON OUR OWN ‘WE CAN’T’. The white man is leaving South Africa and see where that country is headed. You might not like this but thats a fact. WE NEED A WHITE PERSON TO PUSH US AROUND IN ORDER TO WORK AND STOP US FROM STEALING.

    • I’ve been signing this song for a while. Trump was right, this continent needs to be recolonized so we can be saved from ourselves. We are a sad lot that cannot manage our own affairs. We deserve to be herded like sheep or cattle.

  7. Under the sun were fool delight in the pain of others…they also will stand in the court hoping for a remorse and they wont get it.

  8. Ati, “umuntu ni Lungu”. The man is unconcerned about corruption and he is just going about like somebody who is mad. He only gets serious and worried when he notices that his bottle of jameson is half way getting empty.

  9. The earlier we accept that there is no functional president in state house the better. His residential address is flight something……. It’s free for all criminals to plunder while he’s in flight.

  10. What are you all yapping about? This is how top civil servants build mansions and buy jeeps and they get permissions from ministers who get permission from Lungu. Let us just hope that the new anti corruption Phiri will have sharp teeth to bite all of them.

  11. Civil servants are to blame and the controlling officers. The Auditor General’s findings should be backed by a law where relevant institutions shall be obliged to follow up on reported misuse and misapplication. The parliamentary committee should also be seen to act on such findings and ensure that culprits are brought to book. In this case, the supplier is known and the officer of the attorney general merely has to institute legal process against the supplier to recover the money with interest. The office of the Auditor General was created to reveal such so that appropriate actions are taken either criminal or civil litigation or fire the officers concerned for gross negligence

  12. Pf became so adamant to choose the waste and useless man without leadership qualities. Weather you intend to use a highly and sophisticated strategy to take you beyond 2021, zambians will never spare you. Your elder brother RB wept, but you will cry loudly without shame

  13. I never thought we had an enemy in our midst until now. I wish the cobra was here to spite in the eyes of these ministries of lawlessness. Where is the appointing authority to tame his team of criminals?

  14. The man never expected such a thing in his life, to become the President? He’s so excited that he may not wish to leave the office even when the constitution disqualifies him.

  15. No problem we know where the money is so it will be found. It is not lost. @don, #17 did you expect yourself also to be a nuisance?

  16. That is Jimmy Fingers…….on the move., as Jimmy would always say” We are all Zambians and entitled to our copper.”

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