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Wedson: Cameroon game not a formality


Coach Wedson Nyirenda has insisted that Chipolopolo are treating Saturday’s formality 2018 FIFA World Cup qualifier against the
African champions Cameroon seriously.

Nigeria have already qualified for the Russia World Cup from Group B which has Algeria as the other opponent.

Nyirenda has called a strong squad for this game to be played at Levy Mwanawasa Stadium in Ndola.

“There is no small game. On paper it may look like a formality game but there is a lot to win. The players themselves have to win bonuses. And We also have FIFA rankings,” he said.

Nyirenda hinted he will field a strong side against Cameroon.

“When you have a plan for a big team, you don’t alter the team. A few local boys will be given a chance to play but those that will, will only be custodians of the CHAN team,” he said.

“This team is on the verge of being consolidated and we are playing the World Cup and this is for our continental guys so we cannot alter that,” Nyirenda added.

Second paced Zambia, who have seven points) and Cameroon (6 points) are battling to finish second in Group B.


  1. WN the fact is that the game between Zambia and Cameroon is a formality game,the issue of rankings are unnecesary and useless what ar we going to benefit even when Zambia can be ranked first in Africa without any apearance at the globe competetion?u messed up when u drew with Cameroon and gave away a game to Nigeria at home.Go back on the drawing board and ensure that u qualify to the Afcon not targeting the rankings from fifa we ar not itrested in that.

    • Rankings are important in so many ways
      – professional player work permits
      – fixtures and seeding
      – Annual awards

  2. I have no confidence in you Mr Coach especially that you are so prejudiced. Going to the World Cup is always our dream! Keep your useless rankings.

  3. Iwe ulicupuba sana,is that what you can fight for?you had a chance to beat Ngeria,but you failed due to your poor thinking.Zambia has never played in any world cup tournament,as soccer lovers we wanted to see zambia in Russia,and this time after failing to qualify you are saying it`s not a formality game.You are a useless coach you have failed give chance to other people who can make us happy by qualifying our national team to a bigger tournament.Faz is also a problem there not looking at your performance.Ati NGONGA BAKOSWE IMWE.

  4. Who knows Nigeria can fail to go to Russia for some reason & the second placed will automatically qualify.Have FAITH,we will be in Russia through the back door!!.

  5. “If nsoso did nsoso,then chipolopolo will nsoso” typical African mind!! This game is a waste full stop. Zed needs a white coach to help with technicalities. Look at wat happened at home against 9ja and under 20 quoterfinals where we wer leading by a goal 6min to go!!

  6. You will always be behind him!! We are too tolerant and that is why we let people perform below par…sport or politics….we complain and complain and that is it…we let them continue under performing, continue stealing etc. My point is we cant be satisfied with Rankings!!!

  7. maybe ichisungu is a problem here. Maybe someone needs to go and explain the word “formality” to Wada.

    Rankings are important as you approach qualifiers so that you can be seeded not when the qualifiers are already underway. At that stage they count for absolutely zero.

  8. You can never beat Cameroon. Zambia will come third here. Zambia is a bad losers with a loquacious coach. Your coach is too arrogant.

  9. Can you see your life Zambians? I told you you won’t beat Cameroon. Zambia is just coming up in soccer. With this your boastful coach, you can’t go anywhere in football. You need a fresh mentality and fresh orientation. Let your work speaks on the pitch not in the newspapers.

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