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Impasse arises at Chisokone market over foreign traders


Copperbelt Minister takes part in a street cleaning exercise along Ndola's Chisokone Avenue
Copperbelt Minister takes part in a street cleaning exercise along Ndola’s Chisokone Avenue

Marketeers at Chisokone market in Kitwe City in Copperbelt province are up in arms with the rising number of alleged foreign nationals who are doing business at the facility.

This follows a dispute over some of the market stalls that the foreign nationals have allegedly taken over at the facility.

There was near fight scenario which however was controlled by armed police who rushed to the area to calm the situation..

The development attracted attention of Kitwe District Commissioner Binwell Mpundu who appealed to the warring parties to trade in harmony.

Mr. Mpundu said government has no intentions of prohibiting foreign nationals from trading at Zambian markets as there were some Zambian entrepreneurs who were trading in markets in neighbouring countries he did not name.

ZANIS reports that the District Commissioner who was accompanied by officers from the Immigration department, Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) and the Zambia Police said that foreigners could not be removed from the market.

He warned that his office would not hesitate to revoke trading licenses on any erring marketeer.

Mr Mpundu assured the Zambian traders that his office would ensure that foreign nationals operated in accordance with the laws of the country.

He however said his office and the immigration department in the district would intensify the screening process of foreign nationals coming to do business stating that those coming to Zambia should comply with the laws of the country.

In a related development, Mr Mpundu informed the gathering that his office would call for a consultative meeting this Friday with all stakeholders including the foreign nationals to find an amicable solution to the impasse.


  1. Since when can u get a work permit to sell in a market if u are a foreigner,, where are the foreigners from can LT confirm they are chinese investors
    This is permitted by the PF PRO POOR PARTY

  2. Comment:Ba DC do a small research before making unsubstantiated comments on the situation at chisokone and many other markets in our country. the majority of these foreign traders are from DRC and you claiming that even Zambians own stalls there is very untrue. DRC government is very hostile to other nationals trading in their country. #ZambiaFirst

  3. There are no Zambians trading inDRC. Or Zambian pastors with churches in Hwahwabrempe country getting wealthy without winning souls for GOD. There are no Zambian pastors who threaten people with consequences. Its not from GOD.

  4. Zambians are generally lazy people. They are jealousy of the hard working foreigners. They came to zambia to make money, you think they came to play. These marketeers should stop being jealousy and work hard like foreigners. I send a lot of money back home because Zambians dont want to work. Very lazy people. They want fast money that comes easily. They want to drink all the time.

  5. Its not true that Zambians are lazy, they just lack creativity where business is concerned, that’s why in Lusaka zambians have been reduced to selling salaula and nsima to foreigners who have taken over the running of these markets. Some are have even employed Zambians. Zambian men are used to looking for a job instead of creating one and if a Zambians start selling a product which is fast selling all follow suit they don’t look at supplementary business if my freibd is making sofa I should make beds etc. Almost all Zambians are engaged in the same business.

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