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Ndola wife kills husband by stabbing


A 30-year-old man of Ndola has been killed by his wife after a domestic dispute.

Acting Police Spokesperson Danny Mwale says the deceased, identified as Francis Kabayi of house number 4093, New Mushili in Ndola was stabbed by his wife and sustained a deep cut on his left shoulder.

He says a knife is alleged to have been used in the act.

Mr. Mwake says the incident occurred on Thursday, November 9, 2017 at around 15:30 hours.

He says the body of the deceased is lying in Ndola Teaching Hospital Mortuary awaiting postmortem, while the suspect identified as Prisca Njimpi aged 24 is in police custody and will appear in court soon.

Mr Mwale has advised couples to learn how to resolve their differences amicably without resorting to


  1. This is a sad story indeed. Whatever has entered these women. I also fail to sleep now because you never know when you can be attacked. Most of these women just create imaginary competition and start attacking you for absolutely nothing. Could be speaking from experience.
    So it could just be hearsay and a life is lost.

    • Too sad that Francis died.
      Problem also there are no emergency numbers like 911. And our acts, you get stabbed in shoulder, instead of calling hospital, people call their relatives or post on “whatsup group”.
      If in good shape, you can’t die from shoulder stab.

  2. Mambala was too drunk and he couldn’t even defend himself. I’m glad it’s him not her! #Zambian men cowards ,. White power !!

    • Don’t you see how western men fail to hit back on women on CHEATERS and other western programs? When an African man does the same you call it COWARDICE. Shame on you Whiteboy!

  3. Looks like you can trace this from the time fat albert battered his spouse. Looks like the young women declared that it will not happen to me and enrolled for drilling lessons at the gym.

    • Not even the luxury of a state of emergency could help our dumb police force to obtain clues. I’d hate to be the IG of such a police force

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