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Lusaka High Court Judge allows a Lusaka woman to change her gender


The Lusaka High Court has granted a Lusaka woman an application in which she wanted to be allowed to be addressed as a man.

Judge Betty Majula-Mung’omba’s in her judgment has since ordered the Registrar General of Births and Deaths to change her birth records from female to male after medical tests proved she was in fact a man.

Hellen Sibanda of Lusaka had applied to the Court to change her gender as determined by medical experts and scientific evidence.

She was also granted her application to change to the male name of Rick Sindaba Nkuba and the court advised Hellen to file a deed pole by lodging documents and paying the prescribed fees in accordance with statutory instrument number 40 of 2014 of the births and deaths registration.

She argued that her parents and doctors were mistaken by her gender due to her phenotypically female features in terms of the external structure.

Medical tests showed that Hellen had testicles trapped underneath the stomach and what appeared externally as a vagina was in fact a blunt which was unconnected to any reproductive organ, whilst what she thought was a clitoris was in fact a micro penis which is capable of ejaculation.

The tests further revealed that Hellen had no ovaries or womb or other female reproductive organs.

“The applicant in this matter has for several years now labored under the belief that she is female. This is as a result of the fact that she was born with a defect known as disorder of sex development (DSD). As a result of this, all her records such as the birth record, certificates, driving license and educational certificates bear her as being that of a female,” read the judgment.

“Growing up in her community and indeed in her household, she was always treated as such female. In her later years, like every girl her age, she awaited the onset of puberty and the attendant consequences thereof.

To her disappointment, she experienced no such physiological developments. This left her and her parents wondering what was amiss, prompting her to seek medical assistance from Dr Brown Kamanga who advised her to undergo a blood test to determine the structure of her genetic makeup. She obliged and following the test, it was revealed to her that her genetic makeup is, what in biological terms referred to as 46XY chromosomes, signifying that she is a male.”

Judge Mung’omba also ordered the Examinations Council of Zambia and all schools which Hellen had attended to change her certificates to reflect that of a male.


    • Ati interesting,,, this is shocking,, it must be witchcraft from luapula,, maybe the parents offended someone from there before he/she was born

    • @Ndobo not from Luapula, ni Rick (Dick) Sibanda. How old is this she-male? Did court prove that indeed Hellen can ejaculate, how did they prove it? Did she inpregnant anyone yet?

    • Transgender people are some of the most invisible in Africa, where rigid gender stereotyping continues to stifle freedoms. Many are forced to hide their identities and live on the margins of their communities or risk being vilified as immoral and unchristian by the conservative majority.

    • Did she grow boobs or hit male puberty? She could be like that South African runner Semenya. God bless him for the courage to claim himself. Thank God each time you have well developed children.


  1. She is two in one, he and she same time like south African caster simenya,,, sibanda is a ndebele name this person is not zambian that’s why she or he different from our bemba women who kill men

  2. Feel pity on these humans, stop making fun of their disabilities , they did not chose to be born that way and can not help hormone imbalances in their bodies…

    The trauma and stigma these people go through is unimaginable…..may God bless you and be strong, wish you the best.

    • @Spaka, I don’t get it, fee pity of what? Rick has seen more breast than you. Now she will have chance to fuuuck, not not be fuuucked. All her friends are looking forward to be first.
      Lucky guy!


      Transgender people across Africa are usually publicly humiliated, stripped, harassed by the police, and thrown out of their homes. Alcoholism and suicide are often the only ways out.

  3. OMG , Lungu’s fears have come to pass .These Judges have learned from Kenya to make bold rulings…next step is stop Lungu’s 2021 candidacy or annul his election.

  4. @ Spaka, so you have some humanity in you after all? Or is former Hellen from *****mwezi? I have noted that the
    professor in USA has similar weaknesses of standing for anything related to *****mwezi against his better academic judgement.

  5. Transgender people across Africa are publicly humiliated, stripped, harassed by the police, and thrown out of their homes. Alcoholism and suicide are often the only ways out.

  6. There must be a lot of hidden cases out there.There is a person who was with me in high school and was in girls dom ,wearing dresses and skirts. Few years later,I saw her in Lusaka dressed as a man

    • Fashion junkie Jackson Irungu, alias Lady Jay, is the second man to go public in recent days about her transition into a woman after Audrey Mbugua, formerly Andrew. Ms Jay took to her Facebook page to finally break the news of her transitioning into a woman to the world. According to earlier interviews she has done, Ms Jay has long held the belief that she is a woman trapped in a man’s body. “Feeling like I have been living in the wrong body for as long as I can remember. Finally decided to open up to the word!? #Transitioning!” lady Jay said. See her earlier photos and photos after transformation then-and-now-meet-kenyan-man-changed-gender-opposite.

  7. In the devloped world transgender and she-male have increasingly become more popular terms due to raised awareness for lesbian and homosexual (so called lgbt) rights, the only reason why the likes of her/him shud b villified in africa.

  8. It is good that the medical background that led the courts to this allow this change have been explained.

    I think it is important to treat each case individually because it can also be psychological or emotional unbalance that leads certain people to deny their natural identity and make such decisions.

    I understand the concerns raised by some bloggers like 12.awesu. Just this week, German lawmakers passed a law to recognize a third gender which is neither male nor female. Instead of dealing with the roots of the problem, they have created a comfort zone for those affected with this problem.

  9. If “she” has balls she’s welcome to call herself a Man.
    Unlike those who just wake up one day and start to say they want to be a Man, no bals, no dick whatsoever

  10. He can go marry Nkandu Luo, these animals from Kwa Nabwalya are amazing sure! I mean, would you argue if I told you that Luo is a man or rather ape ? busy kulimoneshA ta as a woman.

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