Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Global Water Partnership offers Zambia immediate support


Ministry Lands PS Trevor Kaunda (r) shakes hands with Alex Simabwi
Ministry Lands PS Trevor Kaunda (r) shakes hands with Alex Simabwi

Global Water Partnership has offered to financially support Zambia in her efforts to develop a strategy that should guide the country in raising funds for climate change related activities. Speaking on the margins of the ongoing Conference of Parties, COP23, Executive Director Alex Simalabwi said the offer is available immediately if the Zambian government made a formal request.

“We know the energy crisis in Zambia is linked to a water crisis and the water crisis is also linked to unemployment. Our organization is willing to help by finding investment in the climate change related activities in addition to addressing issues related to the fiscal deficit”, said Mr. Simalabwi.

The Zambian government has indicated its willingness to work with Global Partnership in developing a national strategy aimed at resource mobilization for climate change related activities. Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources Trevor Kaunda told Mr. Simalabwi that his Ministry has always remained open to developing synergies with entities that could help the country in efforts at mitigating Climate Change related effects and adaptation measures.

“We have experts in the ministry but we are also aware that there are experts out there that we continually seek to reach out to so that together we may mobilize the much needed resources to support our activities”, Mr. Kaunda said.

The Zambian embassy in Germany organized the sideline meeting, which ambassador Anthony Mukwita described as in line with the country’s economic diplomacy.

“For us as an embassy, this is what defines us – creating synergies between the private sector and any part of government that we think could work well for the good of the country”, said the Zambian envoy.

The Global Water Partnership works around the world with governments helping them mobilize investment in the effective management of water and energy solutions. The organization is already working in Zambia supporting climate change related adaptation programs.

Under the adaptation activities, the Zambian government is investing and promoting irrigation, conservation farming, food security, early maturing seeds, crop diversification and drought resistant crops.


  1. In normal set up, such news should inspire a sense of patriotism because as citizens we are delighted when positive development is happening. But with massive stealing going on, the very first thought that comes to mind is:, it doesn’t matter the money will be stolen anyway. It should not come to this point.

  2. Always begging for important things…you will find that the finiancial support is in the region of $42 million, same amount the wasted on overpriced Fire Trucks yet they have no medicine and water!!

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