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The illegal takeover of power in Zimbabwe is not in tune with modern politics-President Lungu


FILE: President Edgar Lungu recieve a special messege from President Robert Mugabe by Zimbabwe Foreign Affairs Minister Dr Walter Mzembi at State house in Lusaka
President Edgar Lungu says the illegal takeover of power in Zimbabwe by the military is not in tune with modern politics.

President Lungu says Zambia like all SADC countries are interested in the happenings in Zimbabwe.

The President said this interview with ZNBC News in Egypt.

President Lungu disclosed that he has since sent the Minister of Foreign Affairs to meet the SADC chairman and look at the way forward on the Zimbabwe situation.

The Head of State stressed the need for democracy to continue thriving in Africa.

And South African President Jacob Zuma says Zimbabwe’s military has confined President ROBERT MUGABE to home in the capital Harare.

The South African leader’s office says Mr Mugabe told Mr Zuma in a phone call that he was fine.

Troops are patrolling the capital, Harare, after they seized state TV and said they were targeting “criminals”.

BBC correspondents say the move may be a bid to replace Mr Mugabe with his sacked deputy, Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Mr Mnangagwa’s dismissal last week left Mr Mugabe’s wife Grace as the president’s likely successor.

Heavy gun and artillery fire could be heard in northern parts of Harare early on Wednesday.


    • Juntas are an affront to growth of political space. Gen. Constantine Chiwenga has committed an egregious crime against the people and constitution of Zimbabwe. Whoever his partners in crime are, they cannot be left to freely shred the country’s constitution and usurp constitutional power from an elected administration. They are guilty of treason as such, they should be challenged to restore of constitutional order to the elected Government with mandate from the ballot. Under no circumstance should SADC curve in to such acts of extra-constitutional misconduct. We have zero tolerance for treasonous conduct in Southern Africa. Under what constitutional clause are the junta appointing political party and Government figures to lead Zimbabwe? Inaction would be a terrible precedence in our…

    • SADC must immediately step forward in unity of purpose and leadership. A standby intervention force must be activated to move in should diplomacy fail. The country and much of the region risk a perilous period should juntas enjoy a free ride. I will never support juntas under any circumstance. They are usually worse than the deposed civilian rulers.

    • I 100% endorse power take over in Zimbabwe because Mr Mugabe has over stayed and I believe Grace kept that man on that throne to enrich herself. Look at Dr Kaunda or Thabo Mkeki the level of respect they command, same would have been for Mugabe had he stepped down a longtime ago. But Grace is the one who has caused issues in Zim.
      As for you Mr Lungu, we are watching your moves, same can happen to you in future and you will lose much more than respect.

    • Listen to the rantings of Senior Citizen,
      We are not in West Africa were soldiers can walk and kill people. Zim just like Zambia is peaceful and I would not even support any move to send in soldiers in Zimbabwe. It is a domestic issue and Zimbabwe people will solve it. You want our men in uniform to go and die for Mugabe all because he is Lungu’s mentor. Mugabe is going and soon there will be elections.

    • @perth: What is there to watch about Lungu??? In Zambia constitution is very clear. Even if he stands and wins in 2021, He won’t after that. Where’s the fuss from??? Filling your head with nonsense????

    • @seniorcitizen, do you wanted the country to continue on the same path. Trust me a lot of people are happy that Mugabe will be no more . And which constitution are you talking about? The one that is not respected by those in power and which is constantly change to suit the greedy politicians’ need to stay in power forever? Zimbabwe will be better off without Mugabe and it should be a less to greedy leaders that they will pay for their sins before they die, even if it’s one day in prison (like Mubarak) or a good beating like Gadaffi, Mugabe will equally pay and the Lungus and friends will not help him.

    • @seninor/junior citizen
      Firstly, Mugabe was in power illegally, he lost an election, held on to the results for days and manipulated the figures to make himself president illegal,,, so deal with the first illegal, then we’ll come to this one

    • How some people love to have the protection of the very constitution they have been violating!! Military takeover is not ideal for a true democracy. However, ours is not a true democracy. This man refused to hand over power to the speaker when the petition was filed in court. He then blocked the hearing of the same. Talk of illegality! The only thing that will keep dictators like Mugabe, Museveni, Kabila, Uhuru, the President of Gabon, Equatorial Guinea, Uganda and even Zambia is a Military Intervention.

      Our own is already fighting for unconstitutional third term!!!
      Isnt Zuma also pushing for his ex wife to take over the ANC? He even reshuffled the cabinet to get rid of those blocking his ex wife. Kabimba was kicked out of PF because he was the legal successor to late Sata.


    • Is going for a 3rd term in tandem with modern politics? Is police brutality modern politics? Is corruption modern politics? This is a president who is severely knowledge deficient

    • Edgar Lungu you are next with your third term bid that you are championing. You are not a respected leader and frankly the worst Zambian President we will ever have. You were too poor when you assumed power hence the plunder is just too evident and blutant.


    • Cretins and morons like Senior Citizens are a danger to our society. What normal citizens should do is lobby SADC to insist on constitutionalism, stop vices like abuse of human right and promote rule of law. Next volatile situation is DRC and SADC and our moronic Senior Citizen will pretend nothing is happening

    • contd…
      …No sir, you are just scared that the same will happen in all these countries I have listed. African Dictators can only be removed by force. Sometimes I actually believe that Africa is cursed, else tell me how we have all these Dictators acting like they have the same mother!

      – Kenyan elections were nullified by the courts, but Kenyata still went ahead to organize his own re-election
      – Mugabe fired the Veep in order to pass the presidency to his wife
      – Museveni wont let go of the presidency, he has violated the constitution multiple times
      – Zuma is no exception, the courts found him guilty of using tax-payers cash for his private palace, now he is trying to pass the presidency to his ex-wife
      – Gabonese president (Ali Bongo Ondimba) inherited the presidency from his…

    • contd..
      – Gabonese president (Ali Bongo Ondimba) inherited the presidency from his father
      – Our own president claimed he was “anointed” by late Sata to take over PF, forced his candidacy by flashing machetes at Mulungushi, refused to step down when the petition was filed in court, blocked the petition, sworn/swor himself as president, now wants third term
      – DR Congo Kabila is no different, inherited the presidency from his father..In fact he used a military coup….
      List is endless, just check the history

      The military must intervene and kick out all these dictators!!

    • What a stupid statement coming from a Young African Leader like Lungu. Honestly do you Zimbabwe leadership Democracy? Mugabe has abused power and killed many innocent people. SADC presidents expect Nkhama are all Hypocrites because they are corrupt and want to rule for life.

      Lungu Accept mistakes your mentor and wife GUCCI Mugabe made. Hope it’s a lesson for you and Ester. Try Zambians in 2021.

    • Thats how Lungu will go if he keeps disregarding the constitution .

      By the way what was the outcome of the court ruling on lungu’s third term bid, i thought the ruling was for the 15th November?

    • I can’t beleive such trash coming from a President. ECL knos knows very well the suffering of our friends in Zimbabwe and here he is supporting this tyrant. Please Zimbabweans, do what you must to this tryant and his selfish wife and children we are behind you. He thinks Zimbabwe belongs to him and his family, show him pepe.

    • ECL no worries, this won’t happen to you. There are no real men or revolutionaries in ZAmbia anymore. Our men are only skilled in alcohol, theft and se.x.

    • Guys does anyone know why Mugabe was knighted by the British monarchy after fighting against it?

      Why would any one against the British empire be knighted?

      Why did the colonial masters choose Mugabe over Nkhomo?

      If you can answer these questions then you will understand what Mugabe really stood for in the eyes of his colonial masters until the relationship went sour in 2000.

      I must say one thing about the current military action Zim. Its not for sake of bringing sanity and real democracy in Zim but to protect the ZANU-PF from crumbling and enforce the sharing of the looted money to all ZANU-PF stake holders. Remember there is no honour amongst thieves.

      The ZANU-PF implosion is also likely to happen to Lungu ‘s PF in Zambia because a few PF top people around Lungu are the…

    • Oh, shut up lungu! The military takeover was not only right but long over-due. Did you say: “…not in tune with modern politics… “. If this came out of another mouth not yours it could have been funny. What has happened in Zim is a lesson tailor made for you, lungu. Where in the world did any constitution allow a single person to govern for 37 years uninterrupted? We know the nonsense you spewed is your way of mourning your mentor and role model, Bob Mugabe. If the Zambian army had half the size of the Zim military balls, they could have kicked you out the moment you committed treasonable violation of the constitution by failing to handover power to the speaker and keeping thieving MPs on payroll.

    • I believe that if democracy can not bring change people want then military intervention or a revolution becomes absolutely necessary. A revolution saved France and Spain from tyranny. For Spain it happened not long ago in 1982. To stop leaders who cling to power because of sham rigged elections military intervention is the answer.

      If it was not for captain solo in Zambia Chiluba would still be ruling zambia today. And if it was not for Mwamba luchembe and his colleagues who agitated KK, KK would still be Zambian president today.

    • General Chiwenga is Right. And time will vindicate the Zimbabwe Army.

      Robert Mugabe was knighted by the British establishment simply because Zimbabwe is of key economic importance to the British monarchy.

      Zimbabwe was facilitating conditions which allowed for many white farmers of English heritage to Create large farming estates with much of that wealth repartriated to England. Furthermore, the monarch in England has serious interest in mining operations within Zimbabwe.. knighting Mugabe was a placating measure, a way to access the great wealth which resides within Zimbabwe.

    • “The illegal takeover of power in Zimbabwe is not in tune with modern politics-President Lungu. What is Mr. Clueless Incompetent talking about? There was illegal takeover of power in Zambia on August 16, 2016 using nefarious means of ballot rigging, Electoral Commission arm-twisting by the same guy arguing for “modern politics”. Whether it is by the army or ballot rigging by PF thugs, it is still “illegal”, immoral and unethical. Mr. Incompetent, Give Zambia a break.

  1. And plundering, corruption, stealing, abusing human rights, threatening judiciary, abusing powers of Police, torture, tribalism, abusing rule of law, forging election results, promoting hunger, denying education is “…in tune with modern politics…”

    BUFOON !!!

    • I salute the military of Zimbabwe. Some of these politicians needs to be taught lessons. When they taste power they want by all cost to remain in power even when they have failed. Just as Mugabe failed but forced himself on the people so is Lungu. Why up to this time he doesnt want the petition to be heard? He knows he lost because evidence is there.

    • Mugabe overstayed his uselessness and I have no sympathy for him and his cronies. He added many problems to Africa and the entire world. Mugabe became the biggest exporter of economic refugee, prostitutes and thieves to this world. In terms of exporting only thieves, Mugabe was the second biggest exporter in the world after the Democratic Republic of Congo (Zaire), which has always worked hard to maintain its dominance in the export of thieves since the days of Mobuto (the biggest thief). There is nothing which can be used as a benchmark when attempting to measure and blame the army general (Gen. Constantine) who deposed Mugabe. It is nice that Mugabe is under house arrest and maybe Zambia and other countries in the region will focus effectively on their domestic economies.

  2. All selfish politicians are not comfortable with what is going on in Zimbabwe. Politics must be used to serve people not for personal financial gain. It’s lesson to all African Dictators that every episode has its ending no matter how long it takes. It’s just for every leader to smoothly prepare for his ending or other people will prepare it for him. Shame

    • Remember a year go, Green Party President Peter Sinkamba challenged President Elect Edgar Lungu to follow the provisions of the law following the petition that was filed in the constitutional court by the UPND.
      And Mr. Sinkamba expressed concern with the statement coming from the PF legal team that with or without the petition, the President must be inaugurated next week.
      Mr. Sinkamba told QFM News in Lusaka that President Lungu knows very well that he is supposed to hand over power to the Speaker of the National Assembly Dr. Patrick Matibini following the petition that was filed in yesterday by the UPND President Hakainde Hichilema and his running mate Geoffrey Mwamba.
      Mr. Sinkamba says President Lungu on several occasions has assured the nation of respecting the law saying even now…

  3. @Kaz, exactly. But I am also certain that the happenings in Zimbabwe have sent shivers down every dictator’s spine.

    ba president you forgot to mention that vote rigging is not in tune with modern politics either.

    Inshinku shalinganya president na opposition president.

  4. The president is right not to support an illegality. The restoration of the constitution must be top on the agenda of today’s SADC meeting.

    • Corrupt drunk thief is right. But do what he said, not what he does.


      Mugabe has RIGGED ELECTIONS. We must listen to the people of Zimbabwe. What did they say?

      “Thanks for getting rid of this TYRANT “!!!

    • When this euphoria is in top gear, we sit comfortably and cheer on while ignoring the dynamics of each respective country. Remember Libya, you all cheered as Libyans killed the “tyrant” Gaddaffi and the imperialists pulled strings in the background. WHO BOTHERS ABOUT THE SUFFERING OF THE LIBYAN PEOPLE TODAY??? YOU HAVE ABANDONED THE VERY PEOPLE YOU SPOKE OF, LIKE YOU SPEAK OF ZIMBABWEANS NOW, AFTER IT ALL FALLS APART???

    • Zimbabwe “fell apart” a long time ago!

      Mugabe and his corrupt wife have run out of money to steal and bankrupted the country. The Zim dollar COLLAPSED due to their theft. Diamonds were stolen and exported. If those diamond resources were used properly, Zimbabwe would be richer than Botswana now. FOUR MILLION Zimbabweans have run away from their home country.

      Mugabe has put Zimbabweans on their knees. IT CANNOT GET any WORSE! Without Mugabe and his stealing wife it can ONLY GET BETTER!

  5. “The illegal retention of power for over 37yrs in Zimbabwe is not in line with modern politics,good governace or the tenets of democracy” – Enka

  6. I wish to ask: What about the rigging of elections, the plunder of national resources, the rising poverty levels, the rising unemployment levels, the mismanagement of economies, the disparities in the very very rich and the poor, to name but a few. Are these in line with modern politics. Many times one ill deed deserves another. In my layperson,s opinion, mr. Robert mugabe may have earned the situation that he is in.

  7. Aba nabena baleikala fye bekwite Egyptian coffee.
    If you dont respect the will of the people and all democratic chanells are exhausted,i think its the right thing to do.You can not wait for a president to be carried arround on a stretcher am sure even his true age is well and above 93.
    The problem with these SADC leaders is when they meet they discuss ways to rig elections, trasfer power to their wives as if its an STD.
    Why is it that every regional leader is talking down opposition as planning to conniving with imperialists.

  8. Lungu you have NO MORAL right to comment on the happenings in Zimbabwe. Here you rigged the election and what democracy can you talk about. Corruption has gone through the roof and you are there quiet, enjoying the stolen money. From the poor person you were two years ago you are now perharps the richest person in this land called Zambia and then you want to lecture us on the rule of law and good governance. What do you mean by modern politics- plundering, abusing human rights, arresting opposition leaders, maiming people, stealing, closing down independet press, refusing to follow the constitution,is that the modern politics you are talking about! Wait for your turn, it is fast coming just like it has come to your mentor Mugabe.

    • People should respect Mugabe he fought for the liberation of zimbabwe during Rhodesian Bush War—also known as the Second Chimurenga or the Zimbabwe War of Liberation before independence now you are seeing him bad…….

    • Ba A.K.A.M ala muletekanya. as Spaka like lilo has mentioned ask the millions of Zimbabweans how much they have suffered under President Mugabe and his cronies. He is not the only one who fought for the liberation of Zimbabwe and moreover that does not give him the right to steal the resources of the country to the detriment of others. I do not know how old you are but I hope you are old enough to remember the atrocities of his 5th Brigade in Matebeleland

  9. Since President Lungu took office in 2015, he has idolised Robert Mugabe and looked up to him as his political mentor. As far as Lungu is concerned, there was nothing wrong happening in Zimbabwe – nothing at all, just as he believes that there is nothing wrong happening in Zambia.

    Inasmuch as military takeovers are illegal and an affront to democracy, we should not ignore what has led to this in Zimbabwe. Mugabe literally created the conditions which have led to this. Mugabe suppressed all forms of dissent, and acted undemocratically and with impunity. Furthermore, Mugabe mismanaged the economy and literally rbrought the once economic powerhouse of southern African to a grinding halt. And this must be a warning to all African leaders, including our own Lungu, that you can’t take…

  10. Lungu is not speaking for the sake of “modern politics” ,he’s simply speaking out of fear just like he recently did about Kenyan judges.

  11. Stealing votes, refusing to handover power to the Speaker as provided by the constitution, allowing ministers to draw emoluments when not supposed, ignoring court’s ruling on the same, deliberately wanting to misinterpret constitutional provisions, allowing your youth leader to threaten to maim opposition leaders for simply holding a rally etc etc, are definitely not in line with MODERN POLITICS

  12. The military is pacified in its claims that it wants to weed out criminal elements that have hi-jacked the state. In just this britz Dr. Chombo is found with ten million dollars cash statched in his house yet people are spending hours to an end queing at banks for them to get a mere $100 per week.

  13. When Mugabe rigged the elections, SADC and and everyone said nothing. When Mugabe brutalised his people, SADC said nothing. Now today, SADC want to intervene. I thing its better they shup up and let the Zimbabweans deal with their issues

    • Just goes to show that these SADC leaders want to continue plundering and have no feeling for the rest of us lesser mortals. What is the point of even having this SADC thing. Me thinks it is just something these leaders created to continue plundering our resources. As to you Zimbabweans, please do what you deem fit with this tryant. You have our blessings.

  14. The power of a woman at play..Grace Mugabe is the cause of all this..she pushed for thee vice president to be fired so that she takes over misleading the husband who listened to her instead of the military..he ignored the military’s advice against firing the veep but he didnt listen..he listened to the wife and she has caused all this in Zimbabwe..Adam was brought down by Eve, Samson by Delilah, Mugabe by Grace and the list goes on

  15. @Senior Citizen. The dilemma that Africa faces is a choice over a number of political models and systems. For example the democracy that we parrot about is not practiced at all. In fact the constitution of Zimbabwe allows for the army to defend the same in section 2.2.1.

    While @Senior Citizen is talking of constitutionalism and military action by SADC i want this contributor to understand that FORMER PRESIDENT MUGABE and his wife had gotten bedroom issues mixed with part issues and government positions therefore they were blatantly disregarding both the party constitution and that of government. Grace Mugabe had hijacked direct functions of the Head of State. In her lack of wisdom she was daring the army in particular the commander to come and shoot her.That is number 1. Secondly how…

  16. The problem with Africans is not being able to man up and call a spade a spade. Watching Mr Johnson speaking in the house of commons made me realize why a white man is always superior to a black man. They have no kind words for a dictator. Why can’t we learn in Africa so that we do good to fellow humans (Africans). What is in Zimbabwe can’t be condoned but sometimes one has act for the good of the majority after all laws are made by man and can be changed by man. This is a good lesson for politicians.

    • One great Rapper famously known as snoop dogg once said, “we don’t break the rules, we just bend them” ZDF is in order to come to the rescue of the ordinary Zimbabweans, why should one Gucci Grace turn the all country into zimbo zombies? Do i feel any remorse for mugabe, it’s big NO, this a guy who interfered in Zambian politics in 2015 by tilting the election to one side, how do you describe someone coming for inauguration before votes are counted? Adam had eve, Samson had Delilah, David had that bathing woman, Solomon his concubines, herod his queen….. Mugabe has Gucci Grace. And all men say Amen for the Women.

  17. Well mr president modern politics and clinging onto power even after so many year is equally not in tune. Leaders in power must never strive to manipulate their power and resources to prolong their stay in power. When time comes to leave it is better to leave otherwise there is someone machinating other means for making sure you leave. Remember those who rise by the sword shall fall by the sword. Mugabe has got his wife and cronies to blame for this embarrassing end to his rule. Oh did I say it was long overdue!

  18. Ba Chagwa Muzatigwesa! Take it easy! No one forced you to comment on internal matters of Zimbabwe! Sometimes it is important to quiet. I find Zuma the grade three dropout to be far more shrewd and intelligent than our so called unza graduates. The best is to learn from Zimbabwe and put our house in order. The ZDF has lived up to its mandate otherwise Zimbabwe was going down the drain. Bob is incapacitated by senility and his judgement began to falter. Criminal elements were almost taking advantage of the situation which would have plunged Zim in misery. Moreover, ZDF has throughout continued to uphold allegiance to Bob. This is not a Coup ba Chagwa please! Bola panshi. We know you are crying because one of your support base is taken away. Tough luck!

  19. The bible says those who live by the sword will die by the sword! Mugabe violated the constitution every single day of his life…so what is SADC trying to do? ECL should just stay silent and start paying attention to the sufferings of Zambians. Bod did Zim a lot of damage and these so called cronnies of SADC did nothing because they too are just as bad…there is no honour among thieves! The job of any army is to protect its people ……even if the enemy is from within!

  20. Robert Mugabe would still win elections if they were to be held today. Even in his grave he would still beat the likes of Morgan Tsvangirai and others. The love the great people of Zimbabwe have for old Robert surprises me.

  21. Its true Mugabe overstayed in power and won elections in a questionable manner. Nonetheless I do not agree that President Lungu did the same in Zambia for the following reasons: 1. He signed a constitution that allowed for petition in case of others not being satsfied with election results which HH used to file in the petition. This was not the case previously. 2. HH uptodate with due respect has failed to publish his PVT of how he won the elections in 2016. PF had a PVT which MMD failed to dispute hence their victory in 2011. 3.During the petition HH lawyers according to him abandoned him on the last day of the petition and he requested the court to give him time to look for a new set of lawyers. Surprisingly after the petition failed the same lawyers continued to ..

    • Because I have not supported comments again president Lungu. The people who started comparing Zimbabwe to Zambia are the ones you should say are out touch. Every sincere person knows that for HH to win elections he needs to do more in other provinces. Sata kept losing elections with massive votes on the line of rail. It took peopel to start chasing him out town to go and campaign in rural where MMD was dealing with him in every election. UPND should learn from that. Every Zambian qualifies to rule Zambia but they should win elections announced by ECZ not the court. We know deep down our hearts that HH did not get votes to give him the presidency so every time theres a discussion you bring petition issues, for how long? till 2021?

    • dominion

      Lungu can not win any free and fair election without violence and brutality….even now his thugs lusambo and company are brutalysing a new part NDC saying CB belongs to lungu.

  22. cont. represent him. 4. With all sincerity we all know that a presidential term under the current constitution is minimum 3 years hence rendering ECL to be in his first presidential term thereby making him eligible to stand in 2021. Instead of attacking him those interested in ruling Zambia should convince the electorate for votes.
    5. As much as I support the removal of Mugabe I would like the Army to quickly handover power to a civilian in the interim. 6. If any Zambian sincerely loves HH and UPND encourage them to call for a convention because theres no difference in holding an elective position when the period you were elected has expired to what Kabila is doing in DRC. As much as I sympathize with Zimbabweans its not fair to pent ECL black on this basis.

    • Just like mugabe, lungu can not win any free and fair election…..state sponsored terror on the opposition is what keeps lungu , MU7 and Mugabe in power…

    • @DOMINION, your claim that Lungu is in his first term may be correct but is not relevant. Article 106 subsection 3 simply says any one who has twice held the Office of President is not eligible to contest for the Office of President. That is all. And that is how it was framed since the 1991 Constitution. The part about the length of a Terms is irrelevant and was added on by PF purely to manipulate the Constitution for Lungu using the PF majority. The spirit of the provision which talks about twice holding office was to ensure that no one goes beyond ten years in office and starts abusing institutions.
      The term limitation is hard won and is the final protection for citizens from the corruption of power. Lungu should never be allowed to manipulate it because if PF betrays the Zambian…

  23. Please take note that Robert Mugabe himself did not practice that democracy that you are preaching. You could have advised him decades ago to follow the rules of the game in as far as the rules of the game are concerned. We have others that you can advise now before it is too late – in Angola, Zaire and Zambia’s HH.

  24. This president must stop shooting his mouth about a situation the Zimbabweans only should address and resolve. They have worn the shoe over so many years and know where that shoe pinches! This beyond Lungu prescribing what Zimbabweans should be doing about Mugabe. There is a groundswell of discontent with governance in that country accumulated over many years whose frustration is manifesting this way. This president ought to shut up, exercise diplomacy and see which way the “cat jumps out of the bag” as he is getting himself into a situation that will embarrass him! He will end up with egg in his face if he continues on the trajectory he has chosen. The situation there is more too complex for his quick fix solutions!

  25. It seems Britain is fully involved in the current Zimbabwe crisis, in today’s Times newspaper, for instance, it is reported that Robert Mugabe is expected to resign within a week. Boris Johnson, the British Foreign Secretary said Zimbabwe will hold elections next year and that the international community will work to “ensure this provides a genuine opportunity for all Zimbabweans to decide their future. He has further accused Mugabe of rigging elections, torturing opponents and “the worst hyperinflation in recorded history.
    At Zimbabwe’s independence, Britain was hopeful about Zimbabwe’s prospects, and a normal relation was maintained. But over the years of Mugabe’s rule, the country slipped into greater autocracy and economic decline, relations deteriorated. President Mugabe…

    • @MacGyver, have you seen the latest pic of Richard Dean Andersen aka MacGyver? You could as well name yourself Kambwili.

      Just for laughs 🙂

      you commentary is absolutely correct. Johnson was careful with his choice of words but he is loosening up. Didn’t even want to comment post “coup”.

    • You say “Britain is fully involved.” Who wouldn’t be? I bet even God in heaven and the angels are all fully involved. There had to be a stop to that Zimbabwean saga and seeming stand-off. Beautiful Grace Mugabe has a heart as ugly as a pig. She was grabbing power in broad daylight.

    • Yes, he took over power illegally by stealing the votes and rigging the election. Can Edgar Lungu practice what he preaches?

  26. cont’d ..President Mugabe railed against Britain and its political leaders as they opposed his disastrous land reforms, his persecution of white farmers and his calamitous management of Zimbabwe’s economy.
    Britain then began to withdraw development aid and sanctions were imposed on the president and his inner circle.

  27. We hope and trust there won’t an influx of refugees.The burden of refugees being experienced in the nation is too much to bear.It might look a simple thing but it has long time effects and repercussions.There is a need for a better solution to tensions in Zimbabwe.War and mayhem is the last thing that should be contemplated.

    • We already have economic refugees from Zimbabwe, when last did you visit intercity bus station? Haven’t you seen those zim women selling biscuits and sweets, what about those zim women muma komboni bama K5 and K10.they situation is already grave and needs to be rectified comrade.

  28. We already have economic refugees from Zimbabwe, when last did you visit intercity bus station? Haven’t you seen those zim women selling biscuits and sweets, what about those zim women muma komboni bama K5 and K10.they situation is already grave and needs to be rectified comrade.


  30. What Chagwa should focus on is how we manage the influx of refugees from DRC and Zim. The interruption of the flow of supplies from SA to our chain stores will soon lead to empty shelves. Our farmers are on strike following PF government mismanagement of the last grain marketing season. Food shortages should be anticipated. These are isssues we should preoccupy ourselves with than meddling in internal affairs of Zim!

  31. Look who is talking! A naked Lungu speaking from his own illegal position on Zimbabwe when he broke the constitution, and still is breaking it daily. He is least qualified to speak about Zimbabwe. If anything, he should have just kept quiet and allow the law in Zambia to take its course on him. Where is the real Zambia Army to take out this thug Lungu?

  32. Third term, Third Term. There is no one reqesting for theird term in Zambia. The only thing that we have is fear of some people losing again should their opponent be selected to lead their party that is all. Fo goodness sake stop talking about third term it is not in the consititution of Zambia, and NO one is looking for the third term it is all politicking the wrong way. If people are afraid of losing against Lungu again the onus is on them to start working on programmes that can convince the electorate to vote for them. The problem we have is that the people who have very litle understanding of the constitution coupled with their political biasiness and hate are advancing a false agenda. You will not succed. Dont compare apples and lemons.

    • Lungu wants to stay in power regardless of what the constitution says……everybody else is saying lungu has held elected office twice only you pf theiving rats are looking for a their term.. .

    • Kikiki, Edward should first remove the log from his eye, before advising ZDF, He is right now with general sissi who came to power through military intervention, so ionic, KIKIKIKI. if he is against military takeovers he should have turned down the Egypt invitation.

  33. We need to round up all the Zambia plunderers!!! That is the way to go, cage them and make sure they bring back our rooted hard earned cash. This is not the best option but it is also an option when leaders abuse their constitutional duties. Viva Zimbabwe get all the corrupt leaders because Mugabe did not bring that country to its knees alone….it is only fair..


    • u50blogger k ki kii kikkkk. u5 will never rule zambia. even power grabbed by soldiers can not be hands over u5. he will die a bitter sould after stealing privatisation money and sendin it to paradise kkkkk kkik kikkiu5

  35. ECL should have told that to Grace when she usurped power from the ailing Mugabe. That indeed was illegal take over of power, not this one. This now is the restoration of power to the rightful owners – the people.

    The point to ponder here is: What lessons can Africa leaders draw from the events in Zimbabwe?

  36. Sorry his mentor is no more. Corruption, manipulating the police, judiciary and the constitution is Lungu’s understanding of democracy. The world is watching you. Change your ways or you’ll end up like Mugabe.

  37. Seeing over 100 comments I decided to read all of them.
    Mr Lungu is mature and wise in his observation.Grabbing power using force can NEVER be justified.
    Most of us commenting are obviously tied of peace.
    Peace is a very FRAGILE thing.
    One wrong step and there will be untold BLOODSHED.
    We must NEVER play with guns on the street.
    We Africans never learn.All it will take is the imperialists to support and arm opposing sides and all HELL will break loose.
    A lot of the comments from UPND cadres are irresponsible and immature.
    Don’t forget that Mugabe maybe gone but ZANU-PF will be around for years and may rule for another 10yrs.

    • You must not have been following the most recent developments in that country. Those who did, are happy with the latest. It was the inevitable. Otherwise, with Grace Mugabe at the helm, there would have been untold bloodshed in that country. Thankfully, the army acted, and acted timely.

  38. What has happened next door is obviously a matter from which Zambia can draw positive lessons but all these comparisons between the two countries and their respective leaders are misplaced.

    Zimbabwe has had no government change since Mugabe began to rule more than 30 years ago while Zambia has had a peaceful transition from a one party state under Dr. Kaunda to a multi-party democracy with more than 4 elected presidents.

    Ours is a matured democracy with the expected dynamics of a multi-party democracy but very different from the antagonistic lines of conflict that have impaired political stability next door.

    • Spot on, man!!! These opposition supporters want to highlight just the negatives of this country while deliberately ignoring the economic, social and political developments we have made since independence. For me, even the passing of the Amended Constitution 2016 was a massive step that deserves all the credit. But these donkeys want to make it look like we have regressed under PF-pathetic, unpatriotic, bitter and shameless losers!!!!! Well said, ECL.

  39. What are you telling us. As citizens in Zimbabwe we are suffering. We are celebrating about the army taking over power. Mind your business in Zambia and leave us alone.

    • We have never left you alone, dear, since the day Ian Smith raped that country. You may be too young to know. We care for you.

  40. Agony is advising ZDF, when you are busy imbibing and sipping hot tea in a desert with general siissi, who came to power through the same means, you trying to despise.

  41. Edgar Jonathan Changwa Lungu would rather have us rewrite the rules of morality and fair play. That is his world, where black is white and white is black.

  42. Says the guy who stole elections in broad daylight, and now wants more illegal time to be added to it. What is happening in Zimbabwe must be a blueprint for all other African countries full of corrupt dictators like this Lungu

    • Says the donkey who supports the twit who petitioned an election with no evidence…why don’t you leave your comfort zone in Australia and come and present your case to prove the elections were stolen??

  43. The illegal takeover of power in Zimbabwe is not in tune with modern politics-President Lungu

    At least Mugabe had become president thru the front door, but you are an illegal president who went thru the back door and even has the audacity to voice out about Zimbabwe. Shame on you!

    • Tell me, does living in Europe make your brain degenerate??? How can you call ECL illegal??? Right now parliament shows PF and ECL have 82+12 seats while upnd has 54 seats, PF scooped 6.5 provinces out of 10 and you call that illegal??? How do you win an election with minority mps and a tribal support base??? upnd has no seat in Lusaka or C/Belt, how??? I think the shame is on you!!!

  44. The only way to go for illegal , arrogant and selfish leaders !! On your bike Mugabe !! Who’s next ? Absolutely the right way and nothing illegal about this intervention.

  45. Now look at the u.pndonkeys…… …………same as under5… and both no different from “the naked emperor”. Can you imagine Mugabe is better than under5 as far as his democratic credentials are concerned, I mean the old man regularly and constitutionally submits himself to ZANU party conventions. Shamefully u.p.ndonkeys cannot say the same about under5. And if under5 cannot subject himself to internal elections, what more if he became president? Surely it is abundantly clear that if under5 cannot go to a convention, then the writing is on the wall: he cannot entrusted with national democracy. Besides he is party president for a certain region isn’t? Masquerading as a national leader when he actually is leader of a certain tribe.
    U.pndonkeys, stop arguing, watch Stephen Sackur…

    • Iwe Zambians are sick and tired of your looting and stealing…zambia is now in the top 10 malnourished countries in Africa.. …lungu is now panicking

  46. I don’t now why these leaders forget Africa’s history:
    Kwame Nhuruma was great but became a dictator and was later kicked out by the military in Ghana
    Bokassa was kicked out in Central African Republic
    Emperor Haile Salassie was forced to give up power by the (Military) dague regime, Ethiopia
    N’gwema killed his uncle to take over power in Equatorial Guinea, (now the longest saving president)
    Nigeria, happened several times.
    Why can’t they simply learn that holding on to power creates unnecessary tension in countries. Look at how Mugabe has come to his final ending, really embarrassing!!!.

  47. With this utterance our president just made himself irrelevant within the international sphere.

    As it stands what the military in Zim have done is in keeping with the will of the people.

  48. Surely UP.NDonkeys, you mean you don’t care about Zambia? Just on the basis of no internal democracy in your so called “party” is enough evidence that you are grooming a dictator, a Bokassa, a Mugabe. Not so? Well then it can only confirm that your singular objective is a president from your tribe.

  49. Iwe Ka Jonathan just repent from your thefts, brutality, incompetence, and start to do right, you still have time to make amends.
    Also stop the unnecessary trips, else you will be gone for ever one day.

  50. Wrong place to make a comment from my Excellent. Just look within Egyto. How did blue Sisi. become one!!!!!! affront to democracy??????????????????? silence would have been grandiose.

  51. Your Excellency, with unquestionable loyalty to the Presidency, I beg to differ. That Mr Mugabe is no longer functioning as President of Zimbabwe it is Grace who is ruling both her husband and the country. The question to ask is: what is worse between Grace Mugabe usurping the powers of the President and the Military doing the same? Given the stakes in this impasse, I think its better the Military taking power and give it back to the persons who were in line to take over, and then prepare for democratic elections next yesr

  52. As for under5 and his u.p.ndonkey, me Terrible says you cannot comment on Zimbabwe crisis, unless you can demonstrate your democratic credentials within u.pn.d (convention etc), its better to keep your beaks shut up.

  53. Comment:As Zimbabweans we are happy with proceedings. Our ancestor needs rest but if Zambians want to import him they are welcome. We may pay you as much as you need for that relief. Bt on a serious note , please warm your Edgar Mlungu that a war with angry Zimbos will crush him and his miserable inexperienced little so called army of his. You are not so far from us that you will realise you have not even an inch of capacity to so called invade our great nation. We are not in your league when it comes to guns. Be warned and stay safe. Dont try to frustrate our celebrations. We cannot be beggers for centuries we want out independence and we want it now.

  54. It’s in the best interest of the suffering people of Zimbabwe. Zambia wait for your fate,remember it once happened in Zambia when the Army took over ZNBC in Kaunda regime.if Mr Lungu is thinking that nothing can happen to him, just wait and see. Who thought it would happen to Mugabe?

  55. If I have to choose between the long suffering people of Zimbabwe and Mugabe/Grace group,I will promptly choose the former.Mugabe has for too long abused the people of Zimbabwe.There is no issue of democracy here.It is a choice between slavery for the majority and impunity for a criminal group.

  56. Mr. Lungu next time you cage any donki please don’t listen to outside forces. The donki and his coleagues are on record to say they want that to happen in Zambia.

  57. There is so much peace in Zimbabwe currently. What I don’t understand is why the Zambian army will invade Zimbabwe and start a war because there is no war in Zim. Where will the Zambian army strike? Who will they target? what will be the objectives of the Zambian army? What do they intend to achieve by invading Zimbabwe? How will they enter Zimbabwe and in what capacity? Do they know where Mugabe is and under whose custody? Will Zambia not endanger Mugabe when they try to invade Zimbabwe? Will Zambian army bring peace or war to Zimbabwe? Whose interests will president Lungu be serving and why?

  58. Comment: General Chiwenga talks of revolutionary ideals – not national interests. He is cut from the same cloth as Mugabe. They should have let an election decide who to lead us. We were fired up and ready to kick but. They should the election closer so we get to decide the leadership question.

    What the army does sets a bad precedent – 2moro it might Biti, Ncube, Tsvangirayi being put to the knife for having a position that differs to that of the army. How do you reconcile illegal detention for every person in the Zanu PF opposition camp. That sucks. We have laws why not follow them.

  59. If you Zambians want to interfere with our internal issues our army will give you a hiding you will never forget, remember the rebels in DRC, Somalia and Mozambique, when was the last time your army fired a gun in anger. This is not a boy scout army you can push around, and I guarantee you that we as Zimbabweans will also band together to fight you, stay out of our politics and keep you mouth’s shut, where were you all along as people suffered!

    • Comrade who said anything about a Zambian army invasion?

      I’m lost?

      For the past 30 years Zambia has been a refuge for our brothers and sisters from Zimbabwe.. at every stage of your nation’s evolution Zambia has stood in support, so I dunno where this kind of drivel about Zambia invading Zimbabwe actually comes from??????

  60. It’s charming to see how you people show interest in Zimbabwean affairs, now because a system that has been abusing Zimbabweans since their Independence is crumbling. 1983-87 Mugabe regime killed +/- 20000 Zimbabweans where were the regional leaders? When in 2000 elections were biased, opposition leaders brutally beaten by this very same junta where was SADC? 2008 Mugabe lost elections, sat on the results and published his own version of the results is it not the same SADC that sent their Mediator to keep him in power, was that democracy? Was that what we Zimbabweans wanted? All you can suck it and shut up. Let us deal with our problems our own way.
    Stop acting like you care because you think Mugabe is an African Idol? Is he not the same Mugabe who was knighted by the same British whom…

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