President Lungu has spoken to Zimbabwean Authorities and the Military command -Kalaba

FILE: President Lungu share a light moment with Foreign Affairs minister Harry Kalaba at Salvation Army International Social Justice Commission in New York where he addressed Zambian's Living in United States of America

President Lungu share a light moment with Foreign Affairs minister Harry Kalaba at Salvation Army International Social Justice Commission in New York where he addressed Zambian’s Living in United States of America
Foreign Affairs Minister Harry Kalaba says President Edgar Lungu has spoken to the Zimbabwean Authorities and the Military command in that country in order to get first hand information about the situation on the ground.

He said President Lungu, as early as 05:00 hours yesterday, spoke to both parties and was hopeful that an amicable solution to the growing political tension would be found.

Mr Kalaba said President Lungu had taken the impasse in Zimbambwe with serious concern, not only because it is a neighboring country, but also because Zambia is the current chair for defense and security on the SADC organ ,TROIKA

The Minister was speaking when he transited in Addis Ababa on his way to Botwana for an urgent TROIKA meeting for Foreign Affairs Ministers.
The meeting has been called to discuss the political situation in Zimbabwe.

“We are going to this meeting not only as members of the organ but also as close neighbors to Zimbabwe, we have often referred to our countries as Siamese twins, so we cannot be happy if our neighbor is going through a rough patch” , Mr Kalaba said.

Mr Kalaba also said Zambia was hopeful that an amicable solution and resolution will be found in Zimbabwe so that normalcy can return to that country.

He said Zambia wanted to be part of a process that would uphold beliefs of SADC that dictate having democratic governments.

Mr Kalaba said no region delights in seeing destabilization of any kind.

And Mr Kalaba said the signing of three memoranda of understanding with the Egyptian government was a clear testimony that President Lungu’s international trips were bearing fruits.

He said what President Lungu is insisting on was economic diplomacy for National Development.

Mr Kalaba said Zambia was taking the framework of industrialization seriously that is why it will partner with Egypt to find means of adding value to raw products in Zambia.

He said time had come for Zambia to stop exporting raw materials so that it could reap the benefits to exporting finished products.

Mr Kalaba said Zambia was placing itself strategically to be able to attain the African Union-Au- dream of being self sufficient.


    • Jonathan thinks he is important. He thinks he is respected. For these reasons, I believe he is mentally challenged aka plain bonkers. Zimbabwe affairs are being handled by Zimbabweans. Just handle your affairs at home.

      These crook are now justifying the expensive foreign trips. These cooks truly believe Zambians are stupid. These cooks have brought shame to our country, and should be purged.

    • One down. M7 its time for Uganda to bring about change. Lets see where Lungu will then get tricks to become a questionable President

  1. Wrong Lungu in a dictatorship you don’t speak to the authorities ,rather you should’ve consulted the owners aka “the citizens” as the real shareholders of Zimbabwe.

  2. believe me pipo in Zim know what they want, en who they dont want! envoys are not contributing anything apart from wasting taxpayers money on trips to zim! this is a lesson to all leaders at any level not to take public office as though it belonged to the family!!!

  3. Lungu’s worry is his mentor Mugabe time is up and he is next. ECL should take more jameson for courage to speak to fellow dictator Mugabe for his exit strategy.

  4. What the dismissed VP and the military did in Zim is unnecessary and disrespectful. You don’t put a gun to someone head and say let’s discuss. You don’t do that. That’s wrong.

    Mugabe had Information that his VP is plotting a coup. That’s why he dismissed him. What if Mugabe picked up the guns first? These people are wrong.

    • Mugabe has overstayed bwana and is one person who has been rigging elections in his favour did you want him to continue President until death chipuba wee uletontonkanya

  5. It would have been quicker for you to fly to Johannesburg on SAA and then fly into Bots but we know most of you are confused with what Addis offers in terms of the blessees who by the way hate you to the core. Now turning to the impasse we know that Adolf has also spoken to Morgan to see how he and Great Bag of Maize can help with offering some economic advise to Bob and also how to drive side by side with the Army Generals motorcade and how to put self before nation….

  6. ba Lombe naimwe, i hope u are not Grace Mugabe ur self! the truth is that Zim pipo are happy, even if the Generals are doing it for their benefit or not!!! Maj. Gen Constatine Chiwenga is a very good friend to Mugabe, but he did not receive the news of axing his friend Mnangagwa well, prompting him to make a statement which could have cost his job on Monday. but b4 he could be given a dismissal letter he was one step ahead of Grace who has been running the affairs of gvt.

  7. the Gen. and is friend are hiding in the name of the suffering Zim pipo but da truth is they dont want power to go to a woman(Grace). they cannot claim that this is when they have noticed political misfortunes in zim! they have helped the frnd to stay in power 4 37 yrs thanks to there royalty! a woman has cut there frndship.

  8. Im sure Lungu has a lot to attend to rather than emptying state coffers on an expedition he actually hasnt been invited to. That money he wants to finance his army to Zim id be grateful if he helps the many refugees from the DRCin his country. Despite he still has unfinished business in his own country so stop being tha good samaritan when you arent doing any good to the people in your own country

  9. When Sata proposed Lungu, he had evaluated everybody including Hazaluza Hagain and found them wanting! God bless you Lungu; Let them continue to underestimate you at their own peril! Hazaluza Hagain!

  10. @HaEnka, wrong for the 3 Mason to receive a “crown” to help him sell! He shall never sell Zambia! You and your people (Namwlans) see wrong as right and right as wrong! Always because of amadonkis.

  11. What is happening in Zimbabwe is all Mugabe’s making.
    His Negligence and running aground the Zimbabwean Economy, particularly Agriculture and Manufacturing Industries, are the main factors behind the current situation in Zimbabwe.
    Besides, Mugabe didn’t win the last elections, but has imposed himself on the Zimbabwean people.
    People who resist or block Peaceful Change (through the Ballot), make Violent Change inevitable.
    Like Syria, Zimbabwe has become a Savage Democracy. Savage Democracies are more dangerous than Regimes.
    Governments Serve all the people; Regimes serve a few chosen people around the political leadership; Savage Democracies focus on serving one person, the head of state, his family and proteges.
    Mugabe was surrounded by people who took advantage of their…

  12. I always see hate in these comments. Yet the commenters themselves are no better. Substitute hate with love and contribute wisely. Hate is harmful to life.

  13. “Mr Kalaba said Zambia was taking the framework of industrialization seriously that is why it will partner with Egypt to find means of adding value to raw products in Zambia.”

    First strengthen the rule of law and investing in education.

    There’s no study backing up the article.

    • Our ecl should not take Zimbabwe issue as though it’s a domestic arrangement/problem….Sadc is there although it (sadc) is not trusted anymore by most citizens in the region

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