Procurement of the newly bought one million dollars fire tenders-Hamukale

Southern Province Minister Dr Edify Hamukale
Southern Province Minister Dr Edify Hamukale

Southern Province Minister Dr Edify Hamukale
Southern Province Minister Dr Edify Hamukale
Southern province minister, Edify Hamukale has justified the procurement of the newly bought one million dollars fire tenders.

Speaking to the media shortly after inspecting the hotel, Dr. Hamukale says those criticizing government for having bought the firefighting machines have been ashamed.

Dr. Hamukale notes that the ‘rampant’ fire incidents being recorded in the country will be minimized because the firefighting machines were very effective, saying every citizen has the right to use them.

Dr. Hamukale who was flanked by Livingstone District Commissioner, Harriet Kawina has since urged the Livingstone City Council to guard the fire tenders jealously as they were a property of the Zambian people.

A Fire has swept through part of Livingstone’s three (3) stars Fairmount Hotel, causing substantial damage to property but no casualty was reported.

New Fairmount hotel is one of the most popular hotels in the tourist capital, common for its casinos and recreational facilities.

The fire broke out Friday around 18 30 hours, and was only brought under control minutes later with help from the newly bought ‘controversial’ fire tenders which cost a million dollar each.

Journalists, who entered the building, verified that the hotel’s night club was badly gutted while the rest of the Hotel was not affected after rapid response from firefighters.

The value of the damage was not immediately confirmed, but hotel management say the blaze is believed to have come from one of the Air cones.

Police have since opened an inquiry to ascertain the cause of the inferno

Meanwhile, there was drama as onlookers cheered after the fire tender’s lighting system was turned on, shouting in excitement that the “One million US dollar was working”.


  1. When will these characters realise that it is not the act of buying the fire tenders which is the the peoblem but rather the price!

    • Hahaha “Be Honest” you are very right. It is true we need fire engines… But not at this cost.

      The other thing I’ve noticed is the increase in fires right after we’ve received the fire trucks.. I wonder why? Maybe its to justify the price??? Who knows?

    • But be PF finangwa. What’s is that flag for behind Edith Hamukale, he has already one on table? That flag is supposed to be at some primary school.

    • These a.s.s lickers like this guy are a shame to the world and to normal PF members. I am sure everyone can see through the quality or caliber of ministers we have to run our government. Was this Edify Hamukale drunk or what was honing his mind?
      Even a 5-year boy knows that the argument sounding the fire trucks is not about that the government bought those trucks. The outcry is about the justification of buying a truck at 1mil USD instead of usual 280K USD.
      Can someone in PF please explain to this minister, otherwise he is just embarrassing you. He is even bosting that the Zambian people have been ashamed, really?

    • @Ndobo, what the hell is Zambian Landscape newspaper?
      I read:
      – Lusakatimes
      – The Mast
      – Barotseland Post
      – Zamfoot.

    • Why cannot Zambia has elections at the same time as Zimbabwe has for its President. Let Lungu and Mugabe go at the same time and a government of opposition parties without PF thugs is formed to start with investigation of theft and bringing back all stolen money to treasury and thieves to Jails

    • I think they’re referring to the entire purchase as a tender.. but you are right.. this is the wrong way of speaking about it.

      I think its just easier to use bigger words so the less educated think.. “ahhh, big words, they must be doing good.”

  2. A muppet for a minister.
    Dodging serious questions that the masses have been asking.
    As long as answers are not given and a proper justification for the purchase of those fire tenders they will keep breaking down and strange occurrences cause the masses are crying for answers.
    You will continue burning markets and other establishments just to show that the wheelbarrows are effective but you are being exposed, God is hearing our crys.

  3. The fire that was started by Under Five party cadres was stopped by the fire truck the fire (red party) often causes. Perpetual losers!

  4. We have said, expect more fires and this time they made sure to select a cow dung minister to justifity the costs….

    Expect a small fires at least every few months……then there willl be the biggee with the million dollar fire truck to the rescue..

  5. People have stated and we’ve said and still saying the Firetrucks are not a problem but the price at which those trucks were bought even a small kid can not agree with you ba PF.

  6. Procurement of the machines is justified. The price is not; This is precisely the problem. No Government in the world faced with constraints of resources for which numerous competing needs are apparent can justify such an enormous outlay for a rapidly depleting asset as a fire tender. No sir! No impeccable logic for such justification. Any such justification is an endorsement of corruption.

  7. …but almost three months after, even the billionaires in upnd failed to get a quote from these equipment manufacturers and shame the PF, shuwa??? Why have all you people complaining failed to provide solid evidence to expose the govt.?? Is it the petition syndrome of accusing with no evidence??? BA SUNTWE NO PLAN???

  8. Zambian Citizen – Are you the only Jew who does not know that is public information? Where do you think people are getting the price of USD 280,000.00 from? Even if they were shown the quotations can they be ashamed? We have the quotations from the same company they manufacture these machines but we are keeping them now until they are out of power so that we deal with them.

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