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UN panel urges Zambia to amend Public Order Act


Given Lubinda Minister of Justice Chats with President Edgar Lungu
Given Lubinda Minister of Justice

The United Nations Universal Periodic Review has urged Zambian Government to reform the current Public Order Act to include measures that fully uphold the rights to freedom of expression and peaceful assembly,

The UN Universal Periodic Review has further urged the Zambian government to make the Public Order Act it more conducive to political participation by all Zambians.

According to the draft report of the Working Group on the Universal Periodic Review on Zambia, the country is also being urged to ensure that enforcement of the Public Order Act is consistent with Zambia’s human rights obligations, including through training of its security forces.

South Africa, one of the members of the Review Committee also called upon the Zambian government to endeavour to abolish the death penalty.

Brazil urged Zambia to continue its efforts to implement programmes and activities aimed at adjusting Zambia’s Correctional Service to the UN Standard Minimum Rules for the Treatment of Prisoners, including by adequate funding and training of officers.

Germany on the other hand noted that since Zambia has one of the highest birth rates in the world, it recommends to Zambia to develop and implement a comprehensive strategy on population and education policies, in line and respect with economic, social and cultural rights.

The UK and Northern Ireland called on Zambia to take all necessary measures to accelerate the adoption and implementation of the Marriage Bill (2015) to help end child marriage in Zambia

Uganda also urged Zambia to expedite the process to ratify important international instruments relevant for the advancement of human rights in Zambia including the Optional Protocol to CRPD, the Optional Protocol to CEDAW, the two optional protocols to CRC.

Korea Republic urged Zambia to present a standing invitation to UN Special Rapporteurs, including the Special Rapporteur on freedom of expression and the Special Rapporteur on torture to visit the country.

Germany said in combating violence against women and girls, Zambia should swiftly and fully implement the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women.

This also includes the full implementation of the “Anti-GBV Act” of 2011 and the allocation of adequate budget resources for an “anti-GBV fund”.
The recommendations will be examined by the Zambian government and responses will be provided in due time, but no later than the thirty-seventh session of the Human Rights Council in March 2018:

Along with Zambia, Argentina, Benin, Czechia, Gabon, Ghana, Guatemala, Japan, Pakistan, Peru, Republic of Korea, Switzerland and Ukraine were reviewed under the UPR’s third cycle at the 28th Working Group, during the period 6-17 November.

The universal periodic review was established by the General Assembly of the UN in 2006, as a process through which the human rights record of every UN member state is peer-reviewed.

The review of Zambia was held at the 12th meeting on 13 November 2017.

The Zambian delegation was headed by the Minister of Justice, Given Lubinda.

At its 17th meeting held on 16 November 2017, the Working Group adopted the report on Zambia.


    • When you start pushing your own weight and contributing enough to the will not be bothered. You can not be shouting from outside the house in the garden and expect to be listened to!!

    • @mange,,,,,
      MPs have deployed consigned themselves to sourcing money for computers, ambulances, pick up trucks for hauling corn for solar powered hammer mills, and sinking boreholes.

      In other civilizations that’s what the executive does. So the question becomes, what do ministers and councils do?

      They are slapping and baptizing ck or belittling HH. Some are sleeping on the job while others are parading themselves and waving at the presidential jet.

    • @Bemba man China is second richest country in the world! Russia is tenth (I think). Zambia is the fifth poorest country in the world (I know) with one of the biggest cabinets, highest paid leader in the world, highest tax rate, dirtiest capital city! Too many kaponya (cadre). Sickening!

    • They don’t need to be told that because they already know it. Why don’t you rather dare them to direct their demands to countries like Russia, North Korea, Saudi Arabia and China instead? These are the big fishes in terms of human rights violation, not Zambia.

    • That’s because you need them more than they need you when you grow up and wash you own soiled pants you will understand!!

    • You seem to have other issues apart from being unable to contribute objectively without hitting below the belt: ask yourself who needs who more than the other: the exploiter or the exploited?

  1. “…The UK and Northern Ireland called on Zambia to take all necessary measures to accelerate the adoption and implementation of the Marriage Bill (2015) to help end child marriage in Zambia…”

    But we were told recently lungu gate crushed one such UN meeting just after watching naked girls with muswati, now we dont hear anything…was he just on a allowance earning journey ?? Or what ?

  2. To Despots across Africa its time to learn from the Grand Godfather of Despots Mugabe! REPEAL THAT PUBLIC ORDER ACT NOW!!
    To Delusional P.F Cadres who blindly cheer Jona Pombe on, we have seen from Zimbabwe how the same Cadres will turn on Pombe, when they no longer need & rely on him, & they will use this same Ugly archaic order act to lynch him.
    Who knew all Zanu-P.F. party structures in all Zimbabwe’s provinces would meet, & demand “Their Dear Leader resigns today or else”??
    People should realise theres no loyalty in African Politics if poverty, but fear & the belly, & Mugabe was told hes loved in by grassroots. Look Now!
    TODAY 18/11/17, IS Jonas’ MENTOR Bob’s LAST DAY IN POWER!
    Like we saw Rupiah abandoned as soon as he was kicked out, Pombe will be isolated when his…

    • Cont,
      cheerleaders no longer need, or fear him.
      We’ve seen how Cadres & Cheerleaders will Kill on a Despots behalf without flinching, later change sides & spew hatred & the truth ie Chimbwili now saying Jona is a Big Mbava!!
      Remember Kabimba, & Miles, all leeches that are always economic with the truth when it suits, but change like a Chameleon to protect their own backs & interests!

  3. I have been calling on the UN to intervene in the fraudulent manufactured vexatious suits funneled as methods of money laundering on my UN benefits. it’s now 4 years Nd I am being extorted of all I work d for at the UN. Please I need you Mr. LUbinda to liaise with whoever you are meeting in this UN broadcast , and consider paying me what I lost. I am angered to read about you talking about the public Order Act when you have more compelling issues with the UN to see to it that I am appropriately compens eaten for. Please you bring back all what was pillaged from me and cage the culprits.

    I have asked President ECL to assign his Zrmy to clamp down on the 10. Zambian Lawyers who are culprits in this saga and I am sure, with your UN counterparts,myou may be much more effective to end the…

  4. @ Spaka like sensible, with my recognition that you have matured into a sensible person comes responsibility. Mr Lungu is President Lungu. Here in America many people do not like Mr Trump, his election is suspect in relation to Russian influence and his popularity or lack of it at home. But Trump is still called The President.

  5. @ Spaka like sensible, with my recognition that you have matured into a sensible person comes responsibility. Mr Lungu is President Lungu. Here in America many people do not like Mr Trump, his election is suspect in relation to Russian influence and his popularity or lack of it at home. But Trump is still called The President.

  6. Not everything white people advise u to do is good for u.
    As Africans we need to look more inside ourselves to provide solutions.
    Just look at South Africa.Almost all evil has bn legalized in the name of “freedom”.
    The moment you remove the PO Act you will have all kinds of evil unleashed on our conscience as a people.

    • Lame excuses ba @Beyond Reproach. What really is being African and what really is white people advise from a multiracial organization like the UN? What is African about the lifestyle of your leadership in Africa? What is African about your education system? The only time you want to claim African-ism is when you want to do badness, like marrying a young girl and anything suppressing someone else’s freedom and rights.

  7. But in USA they have INDEPENDENT judiciary, independent investigative organs, independent prosecutors and FAITH in rule of law. And their President is answerable to the Constitution which it’s interpreted by Justices appointed by different predecessors. Do you know any USA President who has appointed ALL Justices of Supreme Court? Never mind their legal standing, knowledge and experience. Never mind that our CC Justices have NEVER created legal principle or writen law book.

  8. Just a normal interaction with colleagues, nothing to get excited about, after all it is Zambia which shared the POA with her colleagues at the UN. In any case the POA is undergoing review and comments/suggestions have been invited. As usual, donkey style, no input from donkeys instead they will wait until they visit Maimane to raise their concerns, or they will simply shout themselves hoarse without writing and submitting their comments. Tefya citike nakuli Constitution, up.nDonkeys said they will wait until they are in poeer to change it. When they are in power they will change it to suit their tribal requirements.

  9. UPND is a danger to the Zambian society! Do you think they mind to wanting to see slaughter in Zambia? Amend it at your own peril! God bless Zambia! You think those accolades he received was not a statement? Be wise Zambia!

  10. The problem with the Public Order Act is the failure to decentralise the Zambia Police. Wherever this act works there’s complete decentralisation.

  11. This is a duty of MPs to make sure they make reasonable amendments and if possible involve the general public with wider consultative fora. The public Act must be in such a way that it protects the interest of the general public not an opposition/ruling party because political parties changes from time to time. The same international bodies will be the first to judge on us if the public Act is so weak that it promotes lawlessness. Some of these condemnations is as result of those people who go round telling international communities that there is a breakdown of “rule of law and human rights in Zambia”. This is a phrase that never misses in their speeches. We must be careful.

  12. There is nothing wrong with the POA. It is the criminal implementation of the Act by a party militia masquarading as a national Police under a tribal command by the Kola Foudation.

  13. Zambia must maintain the Public Order Act. The Law is only bad to a lawbreaker. I don’t fear the Public Order Act in Zambia! I lived through it and still felt freer than in other countries! God bless Zambia!

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