Minister of Health summons Nursing Council over nullification of exam for student nurses

Health Minister Dr Chilufya
Health Minister Dr Chilufya

Health Minister Dr. Chitalu Chilufya (c) confers with Western Provincial Medical Officer Dr. Francis Liyawalii (r) after the commissioning of a two story flat for the nurses at Lewanika General Hospital in Mongu last week
Minister of Health Chitalu Chilufya has summoned the General Nursing Council (GNC) Management for a meeting tomorrow over the nullification of the 2017 final theory examination for student nurses.

The nullification has been necessitated by traces of examination leakages brought to the attention of the council.

Dr. Chilufya states that reports of examination leakages are disturbing saying Zambia cannot compromise the quality of training for health personnel.

He says GNC being a body mandated to provide quality training, needs to give an investigative report on what transpired.

Dr. Chilufya has warned perpetrators of the leaked exam.

Over One Thousand Seven hundred and Ninety-Seven student nurses have been affected by the nullification of the examinations.


  1. You are asking what is happening in Zambia under PF. My young sister wrote her final nursing exams in 1997, at the time all she was talking about were massive leakages linked to lecturers that were banging these girls. Just because it was not reported then it does not mean it was not happening.
    I commend doctor chilufya taking charge of this situation. Top performing minister who is never in his office but always on the ground getting first hand experience. This is what sata demanded of his ministers.
    Those are lovely flats for our nurses in mongu although we know they will continue voting for dung Beatle (cow dung) who is offering them nothing but chimbuyaship. Future president chitalu chilufya, keep working sir!!

  2. Poverty and high cost of living is the real reason why all these things are happening. Someone wants to make an extra buck so that they can provide for their family, so they will sell whatever they can

    • That is no reason to compromise on quality. Before you know it it will be your relative being attended by ill qualified nurse

  3. I had a chat with one of the students who wrote that exam and asked her whether it was true that leakages were there. She said that the leakages were massive and that everyone had. Apparently they were just being shared on watsapp. So it’s not really traces of exam leakages but massive.

  4. Desperation for power or scramble for power. Nothing will make sense. Everything will be sabotage. Until we see reasonable leaders in opposition who have direction and interest of serving the Zambian people. Not these selfish leaders.

  5. This is sad development as an old experienced health practitioner am disappointed and embarrassed.the major route cause of this vice is the unregulated mashurooming of private medical schools

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