President Edgar Lungu expected in Angola for Zimbabwe crisis meeting

FILE: President Lungu share a light moment with Foreign Affairs minister Harry Kalaba at Salvation Army International Social Justice Commission in New York where he addressed Zambian's Living in United States of America

President Lungu share a light moment with Foreign Affairs minister Harry Kalaba at Salvation Army International Social Justice Commission in New York where he addressed Zambian’s Living in United States of America
President Edgar Lungu is on Tuesday expected in Angola to attend the extraordinary organ troika plus chair of SADC summit on the political situation in Zimbabwe.

Foreign Affairs Minister Harry Kalaba has told Journalists in Lusaka that the summit has been called following an emergency meeting of the SADC organ Troika plus council chairperson ministerial meeting on the political situation in Zimbabwe held in Botswana on 16th November 2017.

Mr. Kalaba says the council chairperson ministerial meeting reaffirmed SADCs commitment to the African union constitutive ACT and the SADC principles regarding the unconstitutional removal of democratically elected heads of states further condemning the current situation in Zimbabwe.

He further discloses that the meeting further reaffirmed the need for SADC member states to remain guided by their constitutions and called upon the Zimbabwean stakeholders to settle the political challenges through peaceful means.

Meanwhile Mr. Kalaba has advised Zambians to ignore social media statements purporting that President Lungu is being warned against commenting on the political situation in Zimbabwe as the country has not received anything official of that sort and the president has not issued any statements advising on the situation in Zimbabwe.

There is an audio circulating on social media alleging to be a warning to president Lungu from Zimbabwe.

Mr. Kalaba has advised that Zambians should take official statements being made by the minister or other authorities further stating that his ministry is closely monitoring the situation in Zimbabwe and will keep the nation informed on any development using official means and platforms.


    • Any excuse to travel out of the country at the expense of tax payers.

      How many countries has Jonathan been to celebrating those countries independence days? How many of those countries sent their leaders to celebrate our Independence Day ?

      This guy is the most wasteful and incompetent president Southern Africa has ever had.

      How I wish we could have the Tanzanian president as our leader.

    • Lungu seems to be in panic mode,,,, if only he listened to us ( me and my friend @ Nostradamus) just it was clear that lungu was to become president, he would now be In a different place,., I remember at the time @ Nostradamus even played PK chishala’s na musonda number,,,

    • The best this Lazy Bum Edgar can do is phone Bob and tell him to step down immediately…no need to start flying around wasting taxpayers funds!!

    • Jonathan Mugabe is a captain of a sinking Titanic as your senior Mwanawasa would have said. Don’t rush there. Stay away mate. Zimbabweans will deal with this sovereign issue. You are rushing in with your meno meno, foolish as you are thinking you will also be covered when you time of reckoning comes. You are a small leader of yesteryear with no pedigree. You are a coward and a small time clueless thief.

    • Jonathan, Mugabe is a captain of a sinking Titanic as your senior Mwanawasa would have said. Don’t rush there. Stay away mate.

    • Siblings, there is a regional crisis ongoing, SADC has called for a troika meeting on the same.

      In this case it’s diplomatically mandatory that the Republic of Zambia as a regional power socio-economically has representation.

      I’m not so sure about the protocol here, but one would expect that SADC will foot the bill for our Man to attend and represent us, otherwise Lungu in this case is very much in order to jump on that plane n head for Angola.

    • There is no crisis in Zambabwe. People just want mudabe out! This has not landed well on some dictators of SADC regions who want to hold on to power by all means.

    • @maloza

      “Why are pipo from chipata excited about aeroplanes?”

      Ubututu. They are Zambia’s most backward people. When 99% Zambian people were totally disgusted and fedup with KK rule, all Eastern rose up as one to vote him in! Consider also their modern names: iPhone Zulu, Crankshaft Lungu, Sumsung Phiri, iPad Daka. The list is endless.

    • @Wantanshi: are they any different from the one muchende clan that has never voted for anyone else except upnd since Kambela Mazoka formed it in 1998???

    • @Zambian Citizen
      Easterners are in a class all their own when it comes to wako ni wako. The clan you are alluding to were part of Zambian that helped get rid of our common enemy, KK and his diabolic govt. See the difference? The easterner’s one track mind doesn’t allow them to see beyond tribe.

    • But the easterners have switched between MMD, FDD, HERITAGE and now PF. The tongas since upnd was created have never looked elsewhere, even Mwanawasa lost terribly in southern!!! As Ackson Sejani put it, “only a tonga can head upnd”; Mwana Muchende kwamana!!! The easterners have moved on from UNIP and are actively democratic while the tongas are heavily biased on “their own” party. Tongas are happily born upnd by default. Even the Lozis have been MMD, PF, upnd: exhibiting their flexibility and democratic tendencies. NOT THE TONGAS.

    • It’s with a heavy heart that i post this comment on LT, am just writing why LT wants to be part and parcel of people fueling hate speech, why would a media allow such nonsense by @Zambian citizen to be published, is there way that this media block any comments about tribe.

      On a political note i still don’t understand why African presidents take offense if people don’t recognize anymore. Mugabe is in a “EVERY WHICH WAY BUT LOSE” situation.

    • @Ndobo,boyi I don’t understand why SADC & Lungu want to impeach Mugabe. Why are they going to Angola instead of Harare?
      But abantu tabatasha.
      Imagine how Mugabe shouted at our friend PF president Miles Sampa, to leave Edgar alone..

    • @Nostra: How can SADC impeach Mugabe??? Which law would they use??? You people abroad lose all sense of reasoning and intelligence by staying there!!! Your post is total garbage, even a marketeer at Buseko Market would articulate such issues better than you.

    • @Citizen, heeee Buseko marketeers are sharp, I agree. Even minibus drivers are more skilled than us.
      Mugabe was clear, there is no LAW to follow. And that you are calling coup, it’s NOT. So don’t see anything SADC have to do. There is more peace in Zimbabwe than Zambia.

  1. The situation in Zimbabwe seems to be resolving itself very well so far. By Tuesday, the situation will have stabilised and that’s why the SADC organ troika have set Tuesday. Its no coincidence.
    Harry Kalaba is doing good at his job. Possible successor 2021?

    2017 vote Mr Kudos best blogger.

  2. Of Course Lazy Lungu will be there ….he wouldn’t miss an opportunity to jump on an aircraft; the lazy bum spent whole of last week sightseeing in Egypt. The lazy bum has nothing to do in State House!!

  3. Africa can learn from Kenyan judges on how to administer a petition.
    Africa can now learn how to stage a bloodless and diplomatic coup detat.
    No need for Armageddon which is peddled by Akainde and his scruffy wife

  4. Just collecting air miles and allowances.. .the situation in Zimbabwe has evolved naturally……this SADC is only there to protect dictators and fraudsters in office….in all their history they have never solved any crisis except look on and protect dictators abusing their citizens.. …where was SADC when millions of Zimbabweans were fleeing Mugabe’s tyranny ????

    • Comes with the job, fringe citizen. You expect SADC to send tanks at every complaint that comes up?? When we got tired of KK did we run away from our country?? No, we stayed and fought for our freedoms. Why did the Zimbos abandon their country??? Busy supporting the ka puppet for imperialists Tsvangirai??? Wasn’t it Britain who promised to fund and help with the land distribution???

    • Citizen…

      Millions of zimbos have been left destitute and many hundreds of thousands have died from poverty in the rich Zimbabwe and you want yo blame imaginary imperialists? Grow up and take responsibility for your failures in Africa that makes Africa the poorest continent.. ….SADC said absolutely nothing when zimbos were fleeing tyranny enmass…….in next door DRC you have SADC looking on and pretending to meet while kabila refuses to step down even after his mandated 20 year rule..

    • But that’s my point: Did the Europeans flee their countries when faced with tyranny?? They stayed, endured and fought!! Why did the Zimbos flee??? We Zambians rejected KK by ourselves. SADC never came to help, did they??? The British agreed to fund the redistribution of land but kept evading the issue and Mugabe used it to get back at them. They were more interested in the minerals and getting rid of him and replacing him with the “user friendly” Tsvangirai.

    • The Europeans fought tyranny because many countries were righteous and called a spade a spade…..dictatores who did not respect the rule of law were called out……africans and useless bodies like SADC only watch while citizens are being oppressed and brutalized.. …

    • @Spaka, @Zambian Citizen is right. The Zimbabwean/Mugabe situation is NOT as simple as you want to make it. And I am not sure if there is a SADC Charter that authorizes the Organ to do medal in the internal affairs of member States, or intervene militarily other than using Diplomatic channels. And you say “…SADC Says nothing….” Then you NEVER followed what President Mwanawasa did or said when he was SADC Chairman or whatever you call them.

      And YES the Imperialist Britain is partially to blame for the chaos in Zim. Tonny Blair’s govt pulled out of the Zim Independence agreement in which Britain promised and was obligated to fund Land Reforms in Zim. Britain dragged it’s feet and Instead imposed Sanctions on Zim when Mugabe couldn’t wait no more. This is an issue (Land…

    • Continue:

      … This is an issue (Land Reforms) which was the main reason Mugabe and his Comrades went into the bush to fight Ian Smith regime (a proxy of Britain) to begin with. That is why Mugabe remains popular among many Zimbabweans to this day. The biggest mistake Mugabe made was overstaying and trying to impose his wife as his successor. So is this the kind of internal/local political Dynamics you want SADC to insert itself in?

      Aren’t you even wondering why Mugabe has not been arrested and put in jail so far?Instead he is only being encouraged to resign. So don’t be so SIMPLISTIC in your way of looking at issues. I have noticed this trend even with HH…. very shallow analyses!

    • @Spaka, stop lying! Name a time in which European countries intervened (militarily) in another European Country based on internal problems of that Country?

      WWII, even WWI, was more about Adolf Hitler’s EMPIRIAL AMBITIONS than his genocidal practices towards Jews and other minorities in Germany. In fact, Europeans ignored the genocide in Germany for years. It was not until Hitler, in league with the Emperor of Japan and others like Italy, started their territorial expansion and global domination ideas that the “World” sort of woke up. For your info., the U.S didn’t even enter WWII untill it was ‘personally’ attacked at Perle Habour in Hawaii. So it wasn’t really because of the BRUTALITY of European dictators towards their own Citizens that spurred interventions in Europe. That…

    • Continue:

      …That is a BIG FAT LIE!

      For your Info., Organizations such as NETO, which intervened in the Bulkans in recent memory, never even existed in Europe at the time. Even the UN came into being after WWII. So YES, the world got involved in Europe NOT because of the genocidal tendencies of European Dictators towards their people, it is DEEPER than that.

      By the way, I am NOT suggesting that Countries or Regional Bodies, even the UN, should behave like we are in the 1930s or 40s, No! But your sense of history and historical facts is warped, wrong and lacks depth. Have a nice day!

    • Yambayamba

      You are right I am not a historian but I can tell you Africans like you and citizen blaming imperialists for your rotten economies is disgusting to say the least, when are you going to stand on your own feet ?? After 100 years of independence ?? And you are right again , in the whole SADC only mwanawase and Ian khama tried to take on Mugabe.. ..the rest kept quete and have done so ever since…..the hopeless leaders we have know that when they fail sound policies and start a crack down on democracy all they have to do is cry ” imperialists and colonialists ” and people like you in SADC fall for it….SADC is hopeless.. ..more a silly club, and since you know history mention one crisis resolved by SADC ???

    • Even in DRC next door kabila has refused to step down after his 10 year mandate….and what do SADC ??? Nothing….just have useless meetings without telling kabila his term in office is up and could be feeling the conflict…….to SADC and other silly Africans, a leader wanting to stay on beyond his mandated years in office or one who oppresses democracy it seen as an internal matter……especially when that leader just mentions imperialists or colonialists, you see SADC in support of that leader instead of the suffering people of the country..

    • @Spaka, I have already told you; tell us the CHARTER (if it exists) on which SADC should rely to intervene (especially militarily) in internal matters of member States. Just wishing these Regional Organizations should do something about an issue simply makes no sense. You can insist that SADC should do certain things, but without providing a basis for your argument will only make you start ‘chasing your own tail’….i.e., start going in circles. These Organizations all have Charters which governs how member States relate to one another.

      By the way, don’t you think SADC (Southern Africa Development Community) was mainly formed to spur development and trade in the region and NOT as a Regional Security Organization such as NATO? Just think about that!

      Yes, security and Democratic…

    • Continue:

      ….issues in the region may have been incorporate over the years, as they are essential to the success of the grouping’s core function (that of promoting TRADE and DEVELOPMENT), but you have to put issues into the correct context and perspective. Not just spouting off because it feels good but without facts.

      And if you think Imperial powers of Europe left Africa to Africans without setting up Global Systems to control her, then you live in [email protected] LAND. Just look at who still sets Trade Rules, Commodity Prices and controls the supply of Major Currencies (like the Dollar) for the entire world. And you tell if Africa is free from Imperial tentacles. Wake the h3ll up!

    • I have told why SADC is useless.. ..they refer to democratic freedoms being oppressed and dictators wanting wanting to overstay as an internal matter ….however I am 100 % sure even the SADC africans who drafted their charter were not that du.ll to overlook issues like dictators wanting to stay on and oppress their people resulting in mass migrations as happened in Zimbabwe and which Ian khama and PLM brought up…. if I look at the charter I am sure some where it says SADC can call a spade a spade instead of just watch and calling useless meetings calling internal chaos an internal matter……it is not about military intervention , but call a dictator a dictator instead of trying to blame imperialists and colonialists….

    • Yambayamba

      It is Africans like you supporting a dictator like mugabe then blaming the west for your destroying economies that makes Africa poor…….if you are du.ll and corrupt why should you blame the west for mismangment ? Does the west force you up go back begging to the IMF like lungu is doing now after blowing 17 billion ??? If the west controls Africa we only have ourselves to blame…..wake, grow up and stop blaming imaginary imperialists and colonialists.. …we live in a western controlled global economy we have to also embrace western style democracy….or go back to wearing skins.

    • …ba Spaka the empty tin: rebel without a cause, that’s you spaka!!! You are so brainwashed and colonised you believe anything the white dominated media feeds your brain. Yamba has challenged you to show us which Charter allows SADC to intervene militarly and you rush to label people dictators while ignoring the role the imperialists played. Even DRC, it looks as simple as calling Kabila a dictator but ask yourself, who sponsored Mobutu from the 60s to the 90s?? Who sponsored Joseph Kabila to take over from his father and now want to replace him?? Who assassinated Laurent Kabila???

    • Corrupt citizen….

      I have told yamba that no one is calling or saying there is a clause for military intervention but to look on and keep calling usless meetings only to discuss how to deal with mass migration as is happening in DRC while kabila refuses to step down is what I mean by calling SADC a useless organisation that seems to protect dictators like kabila and Mugabe before him…..dictatores cause wars and civil striff that affect the whole region…..all kabila has to do , as Mugabe before him did, is shout imperialists and colonialists and you see the unless SADC calling mass migration fleeing tyranny an internal issue

      And again I asked yamba ,since he knows history to mention one crisis solved by SADC during or after their many troikas which are called for when ever we…

    • Corrupt citizen…

      In any case I am happy to support and embrace western media and western ideals…that is I am on the winning team where you come begging to with your tails between your legs for financial bail outs and aid….yes the winning team bambo ….which is the west….you see you can shout your Mugabe rehtoric all day but In the end it is you and your people who suffer …..the wining team that I support just look on while you mismange your selves then sell your resources for you…..they day you all follow rules of the wining team is the day you will stop begging…

    • Yamba…

      Kabila next door refused to step down after his mandated 10 year rule, can you tell us what SADC have said or done ??

    • …and why am I not worried?? It took your “winning team” centuries to get to where they are. It took the systematic looting of Africa’s minerals and resources, the exploitation of labour by slavery, the manipulation of laws to suit their trade to get to where they are. YOU EXPECT US TO DO IT IN 50 YEARS?? While there are hiccups in Zambia, we are evolving. Our political system is growing as separation of powers is taking root; We implemented a new constitution in 2016 and we are moving forward. The new constitution has brought us the Constitutional Court, The Public Protector, No deputy Ministers and other offices that will enhance our democracy. While our economy remains to be diversified, it is a challenge we all have to work towards-IT IS BETTER THAN HIDING IN A COMFORT ZONE THAT…

  5. zambians should raise up and slap a charge of ECONOMIC SABOTAGE on lungu. let him change his name to NDEKE OR AIRPORT LUNGU

    • Why don’t you come down and raise them up instead of doing it from your comfortable hideout in the white man’s land where you are a second class citizen???

    • Citizen.. .

      We are raising the citizenry through social media from the land of the free….dont worry , all wannabe tyrants in southern Africa are being exposed…

    • …land of the free???…kwekwekwekwe…you think the white man fought for you??? You think he cares about you??? Dude, he’s after your resources…kwekwekwekwe….

    • Citizen….

      I proudly announce I use the white man to my advantage…fully…….and if we did not have the corrupt theives we have in state house , Zambia would be getting a better deal from the west…

    • Use the white man to your advantage?? Man, you need psychological evaluation!! You think the white man fought for your freedoms?? The white man doesn’t care about you and never will. You are his lap dog, he allows you to use his tools so he can get what he wants from your kind: minerals and resources, period!!! He needs little lap dogs like you to attack your governments so he can do his thing. He has programmed you to disparage you government that it is corrupt, yet he willfully destroys countries like Iraq for oil resources and frames “dictators” like Saddam that they have WMDs which don’t exist. And people like you religiously believe and support the white man….what a shame, brother!!!!

    • Ba citizen….

      Don’t talk about issues beyond your depth like in Iraq…..that war is not only about oil.. oil is secondary…..

      coming back to Africa.. .it is dumbos like you who support despots hell bent on destroying democracy all in the name of ” independence from imperalists” while you go back running to the same imperalists like wet dogs begging for bailouts and aid……myfriend that Mugabe nationalistic rehtoric you spout is from the 70s, Zambia is 57 year old and is time to stand on your own feet and stop seeing imperialists and colonialists in shadows…..

    • So where is your Jonathan going? It seems these leaders are against the will of the people of Zimbabwe. They are going to bring more problems than solutions. Their view is of protecting their fellow dictator from losing the job when his employers (the people) have fired him.

  6. SADC and the AU don’t have any significant role to play in the ongoing crisis apart from holding their usual talks to show that they are concerned.

    The real players at work have already made their moves. It is not pure coincidence that Zimbabwe’s military chief, Gen. Chiwenga was in Beijing a week before all this started… now all eyes are just waiting to see what happens next after Robert Mugabe has left.

    • @nine chale
      Good to see you are starting to use your own brain cells,,, not ‘flying’ around in a wingless one million dollar PF fire truck,,, welcome back to the real world,, now tell your lungu to go back home and do his home work,,,,

  7. Lungu is getting addicted to challenger jet travel ,dignitary airport reception and fine wines at foreign executive mansions.

  8. Waste of tax payers money .You have a lot of problems in Zambia to sort out . Even the bibles talks about sorting your own problems out before sorting other people’s problems .Go to some of the hospitals and see how they are running without water and drugs .

    • We need someone who is actually WORKING in that office. It is real waste of tax pay money. ECL could delegate a low level cadre to do this but….it turns out he could be that low level cadre.

    • They are indeed embarrassing by clinging to power. Other leaders still opposition have held on to the leadership which they never were elected to. Do you expect hh to come and stay in state house for one term when he has held on to that tribal position for more than 10 years. He has been there more than kabila.

    • True, Oval. hh, Nawakwi, Chipimo, Savior Chishimba, the Kaundas….MMD and PF have had conventions and changed leaders frequently.

    • And lungu only sacks and threatens violence on anyone with presidential ambitions like what happened to kambwili……..say what you ?

  9. Nine chale, reports in western papers say that china and britain had been advised and the ousting was to take place in decenber, but bob sacked the vice president so that brought it all forward,
    China, Zimbabwe’s largest backer has sat back and said nothing

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  11. Does this clueless incompetent pretender really do any work inside Zambia? He seems to be going off on a foreign trips almost everyday. What wasted years Zambia! What can ECL advise anyone on when his selection and legitimacy are themselves suspect?

    • @ Banda Lungu Forkwell
      Be careful how you address the President because before you know it you will be asking for apologies from State Security wings which might be too late. You cant hide behind the screen remember that.

    • Malinso

      Kambwili is calling lungu a corrupt theif daily so is saviour chishimba…..i don’t see them begging for apologies ???

  12. A bloody annulment aftermath in Kenya vs a bloodless & peaceful revolution in Zimbabwe.
    Seems like Kenya vs Zim competition for “1st in African” governance race. Make a wise choice Zambians.

  13. Article 60 (2): A political party shall –
    (a) promote the values and principles specified in this Constitution
    (b) have a national character
    (c) promote and uphold national unity
    (e)respect the right of its members to participate in the affairs of the political party
    Etc etc
    Now tell me which of these requirements has Up.nDonkis or under5 practised? When I tell you that these Donkis and their under5 cannot teach (or cheat) anyone about democracy, I hope you now understand. In fact they are in breach and should be punished or banned from all political activity.

  14. Article 60 (2): A political party shall –
    (a) promote the values and principles specified in this Constitution
    (b) have a national character
    (c) promote and uphold national unity
    (e)respect the right of its members to participate in the affairs of the political party
    Etc etc
    Now tell me which of these requirements has Up.nDonkis or under5 practised? When I tell you that these Donkis and their under5 cannot teach (or cheat) anyone about democracy, I hope you now understand. In fact they are in breach and should be punished or banned from all political activity. We sorted out tax law breaker didn’t we?

  15. @Ndobo; good that you’ve told Nine Chale to come to the real world; he is a smart young man; but like many PF cadres they often get blinded by Lungu; many young PF cadres are still young to remember that it took long for Zambia’s relationship to be repaired with Mugabe because of our support for Nkomo who was a good man; now Lungu is blinded to keep supporting his fallen mentor who has taught him to still more when other leaders in the region know that Mugabe is finished; Lungu should take his hands off Zimbabwe because otherwise his downfall will be bad; we will initiate a process to impeach him also; he should not send Zambian soldiers who’ll only end up coming in death bags;

  16. I am glad that PF cadres like #Nubian and #Kudos have now seen some light; even the MMD #Senior Citizen who insults the West knows that SADC did not come to help us when we rejected KK; only the corrupt Lungu wants to save his mentor who taught him to steal big want to save him; but he will fail; Mugabe has fallen and Lungu will fall one day;

  17. As President Lungu travels to Angola on Tuesday to attend the extraordinary organ troika and SADC summit on the political situation in Zimbabwe, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs should request the Mbeki Foundation to provide data on past problems that prevailed in Zimbabwe. President Mbeki tried to resolve the Zimbabwean issues based on that country’s Constitution and bearing in mind that Britain back-tracked on the land issues. The troika in Angola needs to review as to which constitutional matters that Mugabe upheld or abandoned in the interest of Zimbabwe. The climate has changed to the level where ZANU-PF is addressing the fate of its ailing and aging President.

  18. Why should president Lungu go to Angola to waste our tax payers money to support Mugabe instead of speaking for Zimbabweans. Can his advisers tell him that Zimbabweans have decided not even his trip to Angola can change anything. Mr Freedom Sikazwe, tell president Lungu to stay home and address the too many issues affecting Zambians. He cannot be pretending everyday that he is a champion over eradicating other countries problem when he canmot address poverty in his country. He cannot be flying everyday, then what time does he attend to pilling jobs on that big office he accepted. It does not make sense to go to Angola to work on maintaining a tired president from Zimbabwe who has caused missery on his people yet you are a president at home failing to pay pensioners and improving health…

  19. Let Zimbabweans resolve their own problems. Why does SADC want to interfere? No one has been hurt so far.SADC can only come in when violence breaks out. So far there’s total peace in that country.SADC leaders should advise Mugabe to step down but knowing Mugabe he will answer them penalties

    • Even when violence breaks out SADC only meets to pretend and call issues internal matters ……SADC is used by dictators and wannabe dictators to stay on. Like kabila next door.. .he has refused to step down yet we have heard not a single leader from SADC condemning him…..

  20. There’s no crisis in Zimbabwe at the moment. The crisis was there when Robert Mugabe was president and these heads of state never wanted to go for a crisis meeting. SADC is a useless organization.

  21. It’s so discouraging to read comments coming from fellow Africans who seem to understand very little of their history.

    All those who think SADC can support an unconstitutional change of govt in any country are backward.
    In Zim, not even the opposition or military support an unconstitutional change of govt.
    In Zambia I notice that the UPND supports unconstitutional change of govts.
    Besides,if Mugabe goes ,the military will still be in charge like they have always been.

    • And what are SADC leaders saying to kabila who has refused to step down after his 10 mandate ???? Nothing…SADC leaders seem to have a silent code saying

      “….don’t condemn me if I decide to become a dictator because you might want to become one your self….””

    • Mugabe is clatching at straws….his game up…..and after 93 years I think what intelligence was there is gone.

      Mugabe and his people were hoping for mass protests in his favour.. .

  22. This SADC is pointless organization. Let the Zimbabweans sort out their own internal issues. Where has SADC been whilst millions of Zimbabweans suffer?

    • Exactly my point….then we have people here saying SADC can not intervene.. .

      As I have said SADC leaders live by the moto

      …”” don’t condemn me when I decide to become a dictator, you might want to become one yourself.. …””

  23. A lungu ! the accidental presido 2 days pa zed ,2 days pa ndeke ,3 days visiting and galavanting in other countries.
    Kindly let bo ma-inonge attend this one yateke panshi

  24. There is a proverb from Eastern Province , loosely translated in English – ” The tragedy visiting your neighbour today , tomorrow it is at your door step”

    President Lungu watch out !!!!

  25. Edgar nakashika kwena ku state house kuli bwino.This guy came in rugs now he is rich and enjoying our money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. He has no wisdom to help steer the discussion to any sensible direction! No wisdom, just wants be seen to be doing something and only interested in allowances, period!

  27. While the father is busy in Angola it seems zccm kaolo is bad mouthing the son of the president father!!!

    Have you heard the word?

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