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President Lungu sends KK to Zimbabwe to persuade Mugabe to step down

Headlines President Lungu sends KK to Zimbabwe to persuade Mugabe to step down

FILE: Hifikepunye Pohamba (l), Robert Mugabe (c) and Dr Kenneth Kaunda at Edgar Lungu’s innauguration

Reuters reports that President Edgar Lungu has sent former president Kenneth Kaunda to Harare to try to convince President Robert Mugabe to step down in a “dignified exit” after the military seized power last week.

The ruling party removed Mugabe as Zanu-PF president and first secretary on Sunday and lawmakers from the ruling party were due to meet at the party headquarters on Monday to discuss impeaching the 93-year-old leader.

“Dr Kaunda used the presidential jet and has already arrived in Harare,” a senior government source told Reuters. Kaunda is also 93 years old.

Botswana President Ian Khama has also called on Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe to end his attempts to remain in office.

The military intervention, which political sources say could pave the way to a national unity government after 37 years of Mugabe rule, also presented “an opportunity to put Zimbabwe on a path to peace and prosperity”, Khama told Reuters.

“I don’t think anyone should be President for that amount of time. We are Presidents, we are not monarchs. It’s just common sense,” Khama said

And Members of Zimbabwe’s ruling Zanu-PF party are preparing to meet to discuss the possible impeachment of President Robert Mugabe, after a deadline for his resignation came and went on Monday.

The deadline was set by Mr Mugabe’s own party, Zanu-PF.

The embattled leader surprised Zimbabweans on Sunday, declaring on TV that he planned to remain as president.

Zanu-PF says it backs impeachment, and proceedings could begin as soon as Tuesday when parliament meets.

Mr Mugabe’s grip on power has weakened considerably since the country’s army intervened on Wednesday in a row over who should succeed him.

The crisis began two weeks ago when the 93-year-old leader sacked his deputy Emmerson Mnangagwa, angering army commanders who saw it as an attempt to position his wife Grace as next president.


    • Don’t give no credit to Lungu but to Almighty KK.
      We said this last week before Mugabe made peace with his generals.
      But now all is good in Zimbabwe, Mugabe made a good speech together with the Generals.

    • dont understand why Mugabe needs to step down

      He like EL were democratically elected through the people’s vote

      ONLY a vote after a term is the right way to remove an incumbent process

      Anyone thinking otherwise is a moron

      I hold a PhD so I feel what I am saying hold me credence than those without them



    • They should leave KK alone to rest. This Jonathan is an attention seeker.

      Zimbabweans have clearly said this is their problem and they are sorting it out.

      Jonathan has zero relevance in Zimbabwe, in fact, in Zambia too.

    • @Nostradamus
      Lungu has no respect kanshi!!!! How can he send ba KK??…. . In African or zambian culture which I know you don’t send elders, you Request them to do something NOT send them to do something…. Ala lungu

    • One way for KK to make fast cash in Zambia, in travel allowances, kamwendo munjila. KK knows Bob is one hell of an arrogant son of a bitch who will only be irritated by the presence of the senile ex-dictator. If lungu wanted to be relevant he could have gone himself and openly, like Ian, tell off the dictator to voetsek already. He has nothing to lose. After all Mugabe won’t delete from lungu’s head the dirty tricks he has taught him.

    • @1.2 Mushota
      Uncle Bob needs to step down on account of old age. It is perceived that his wife could be running the country on his behalf. It is that moment where you feel like you could go on but elements of old age trickles in and you in a kinda fix. Imagine KK leading us to this moment. Morally uncle Bob needs to pave way for others, preferably the younger generation. He needs a think break and witness how others can do while he alive. Uncle Bob has outlived our six presidents tenurely. But as you’ve put it, it should be within there constitution to handle such matters not the streets. He can’t walk unassisted nowadays. He must stepdown.

    • Kiki where is the freedom fighter who even got an award. He should have been the first one to go and confer with his fellow freedom fighters. Kiki ati freedom fighter my foot.

    • My hope and pray is that ian khama will also attend this meeting so that he can pump sense them mugabe students.

    • @Thorn in the Flesh don’t worry about Mushota she got her PhD in 3 months from Uni of Glasgow just like Gucci-Grace! Come to think of it they look alike!

    • But why cant he have cajones and just say what he expects of Mugabe like Ian Khama has done instead of sending the old man … KK hasn’t been enjoying good health lately and I think it is not right for Lungu to be using him for something he can do himself. Lungu’s position hasn’t been clear

  1. Why now when the job is already done. Mugabe is not surviving with or without KK visit, let our president rest here and not worst time and energy.

    • KK and Mugabe are not good friends. KK deported Mugabe and kept Nkomo during the liberation struggles. I doubt if Mugabe can listen to KK

    • I am with you @ Mambala on this one. KK is no friend of Mugabe. KK preferred Nkomo to Mugabe as a lesser of the two Devils. I am not even sure if Mugabe will meet him. Mugabe has refused to co-operate even with his long time confident,his chaplain, Father Fidelis Mukonori, a Catholic priest in Zimbabwe, insisting he will stay on until the elections next year.

  2. Fantastic approach for Edgar Lungu. I think Mugabe’s conferring with Kenneth Kaunda will do him good. If KK should negotiate with interim Government to be kind with Grace Mugabe and be less vengeful.

  3. Why is the Zambian Government getting involved in a Coup? Mugabe was elected and has a mandate until his term finishes. The soldiers committed treason and the Zambian Government is helping them?

  4. Dr Kaunda alone is not enough. President Lungu should have constituted a council of elders to include Former Presidents Mwinyi or Mkapa, Nuyoma, Mbeki and Dos Santos to meet Mugabe.
    The Kaunda strategy of 1990 could be an ideal example. They could persuade Mugabe to resign at the next Congress, in two weeks, dissolve parliament, and call for an early election to be held in 90 days…..


    • @6 Zambia.. to this list I would add JOACHIM CHISSANO too, liberation comrades to RGM who took the helm of FRELIMO after the death of Samora Marchel, good collaborators with RGM.

    • Never say never. Before the Commonwealth envoy, we had the likes of Obasanjo warming the seat and bam, HH saw freedom.

  5. You think Mugabe who is not listening to his generals will listen to poor KK on a walking stick ?? Lungu should come out publicly and state his position ??? Only Ian khama again has come out against Mugabe, the last time it was him again with PLM .

    The other SADC tinpot leaders live by the unwritten code…..

    “.. If I decide to become a dictator…dont condemn me, you might want to become one your self…”

    • Spaka you are an example of a true under5. Sadc has nothing to do the political crisis in sovereign states. Maybe AU to some extent can move in but in what capacity. You need to learn a lot of things but first you need to finish your under5 vaccines.

      KK alone is the best ally who can neutralise bob. It’s was kk who moved in to bring independence to zim. Am only disappointed with the cowardice of the zimbos. Instead of fighting for the betterment of their own country they are busy running away from it and flooding other nations. They’re the only Africans from southern who are the majority in foreign lands. What a shame.

      HH has also qualified to be called a dictator for clinging to the helm of upnd for than 11 years now. Oooh sorry I forgot he said its his party and mutinta…

    • You small williy HH Oval head

      If SADC have nothing to do political crisis in sovereign states why are they always having troikas of gatherings when there is a political crisis in a country ?? To earn allowances??

      Wake up, it is citizens tax monies they use

    • Spaka supporting hh will never put food on your table. Do you even know the meaning of that Russian term troika. Sadc member states are more than that. They called up that meeting to specifically look at the interest of sadc which is trade and development. Stop responding to comments you don’t understand. You are an under5. Even your reasoning capacity lacks substance. If hh is paying you to be blogging for him he is just wasting his money because he is sponsoring a cretin to expose his hollow head.

    • Dmall willy oval head

      Stop lying…..why would SADC call for a troika to in a time of crisis ?? They have one now in Angola to discuss Zimbabwe, are they discussing trade ?? They had another one recently to look at the problems in DRC and the resulting migrations , where they discussing trade ??

      To you and your fellow pf rats troika as called for by SADC each time there is a crisis must mean earning travel allowances and protecting dictatores……you are thicker than I thought. …..

    • @Oval: spaka is a real U5 who has no idea how governance works. His is the understanding of his time wasters on social media groups where the discuss political utopia and social-economic wet dreams. A real empty tin this spaka.

    • Iwe ba citizen…

      To you pf rats governance means cracking down on opposition and looting by way of overpriced projects like the 42/42….i told you i follow the governance found in the winning team…..the west , where the likes of you corrupt PF rats come begging for aid….and bail outs…..who understands governance more ??? Broke a.ss theives or the winning team ??

    • You see what I mean??? Look at tbat daft response….U5 stuff!!! About the winning team, I responded to that in the previous story.

    • Citizen.. ..

      You want to say others don’t know governance yet you support a looting government.. …you call people living in diaspora as colonised yet you get up set when we tell you we would rather follow the west than lungus corruption…….what a sore cry baby you are….

  6. Belonging to the same age-set is a critical factor in social interaction in our culture. The choice of KK therefore meets that expectation. KK was the last Head of State to had seen Saddam Hussein alive. Had he been listened to and taken the dignified exit route, he may probably be alive today. We had a troubled relationship with Zimbabwe freedom fighters when they were based in Zambia. In fighting and assignations were recurring. (remember Herbert Chitepo and Tongogara). KK put his foot down on this and the resultant assertions that he sympathized with Nkomo. KK brings with him that wisdom that Saddam declined and hope it won’t be the case this time around. In 1991, when things warmed up in Zambia, KK utilized that exit route.

  7. KK brokered Zimbabwes independence agreement.. He can broker Mugabes exit. Great move ba presdo! The history between these two countries is deep and rich, the role KK played in that countrys independence will forever be remembered.

  8. As a Brit who remembers the pre-Mugabe days I would like to clarify a fundamental point. The BBC News mentions Zimbabwe gaining indepencence from the British in 1980. This is incorrect. Those of us who were around at the time will remember the previous government was a white minority government that was in fact outlawed by the UK (through sanctions) and by the international community. BBC please get your facts right about what was a long and drawn out political conflict that favoured Mugabe’s rise to power!!

    • @11 MARK.. Yes there was Unilateral Declaration of Independence (UDI) BUT that was NOT formal independence from British Rule per se. The Union Jack was still the flag, flying in Rhodesia so GENUINE INDEPENDENCE meant formally handing over government through an election of a popular vote. Mugabe himself and his freedom fighters refer to “freedom from Britain and end of white minority rule” I believe to mean both, end of UDI and end of colonialism.

    • To the contrary, you may recall that following the ceasefire in 1980, it was Great Britain which formally handed power over to the Zimbabwean nationalists. You may also recall that there was a Lancaster Treaty to which Britain was a party. Ian Smith and successively, Bishop Abel Muzorewa’s, were both illegitimate, if not transitional leaders.

    • @bwafyaa & @Imute, thanks very much for your truth telling. It is gratifying to see people who are using this medium (social media) to educate and CORRECT LIES about history.

      I take it @Harold simply remembers Rhodesia history differently. Maybe through the colored lens of “former Rhodesian White Minorities” (and I am not suggesting he is White. I simply don’t know!) But former White Rhodesians have always pushed a certain historical angle concerning Zimbabwe which is INACCURATE and FULL OF HOLES. Or one that is filled with HALF TRUTHS!

    • @ Yambayamba:

      Half truth is no truth. It must be our endeavor always to tell the story correctly as it stands in history. It’s good for posterity, good also for people like Harold.

  9. & while you are at it, rightly persuading Bob to step down, announce You will not seek an illegal 3rd term Mr Pombe!

  10. That is great wisdom from EL. No one can really understand the age bracket except those who have reached that age .
    Kaunda and Mugabe have the same Patten of thinking so the only one to help Mugabe make a good decision is KK , his advice to his friend will be valued than any other .
    Well done president Lungu.

  11. Great move Mr President; i’m sure Mr Mugabe will listen to KK and probably heed his advise; KK is a very wise person; a man of few words but with lots of wisdom. God bless Zimbabwe, God bless Zambia!

  12. Didn’t we ask ECL to take this step right when the Zim saga started unfolding?

    Instead he spewing hot lava against the The Voice of the People of Zimbabwe – The Army – from the Pyramids of Egypt.

    About time our president needs to surround himself with correct advisers.

  13. Lungu , Zuma and other tin pot leaders are giving Mugabe mixed signals.. ..first they were insisting rule of law and follow the constitution by the army which bars takevers except for elections…..mugabe still thinks he has support of these hopeless SADC after all he supported some who were cracking down on opposition in their countries…..they all , including lungu and zuma need to state the wish of Zimbabweans which is Mugabe step down.. .

  14. Whom are we going to send to Uganda when M7 refuses to step down? Does Mugabe got brains to reason now? I hope he will not mistake KK for Blair former British Prime Minister. He will be like leave me alone with my Zimbabwe. The chap is now cabbage or should I say brainless.

  15. Botswana President Ian Khama has also called on Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe to end his attempts to remain in office.

    The military intervention, which political sources say could pave the way to a national unity government after 37 years of Mugabe rule, also presented “an opportunity to put Zimbabwe on a path to peace and prosperity”, Khama told Reuters. This how men should speak by calling a spade by its name.

    • Thank you ndetila….

      It seems the others including lungu are sticking to their unwritten code in southern African politics……..

      “.. If I decide to become a dictator…dont condemn me, you might want to become one your self…”

  16. You PF cadres are praising Lungu have no brains. This is the same Lungu who called the military action as an illegality. His views were challenged in Botswana and Angola and now he wants to be seen as doing something wise. His thug cadre Max Choongo is insulting the General in Zim and insults Zimbambwe that they don’t have fuel when fuel in Zim for air and land is cheaper than Zambia

    • Sapusi Mwiposa

      Well said…

      HH oval head

      You said SADC don’t intervain in political crisis in other sovigne states , I asked you why then do they have tu ma troikas and tu ma gatherings which lungu does not miss when there is a pilitical crisis in member states ??

  17. Zimbabwe has been trying to remove a president,Kenya’s been trying to elect a president ,Nigeria been clueless about their president and Zambia has been warning their president about overstaying.

    • Naaahh….he is too old. If it was 5 years ago I would agree. Right now Mugabe is mostly likely dozing on his chair….it is only out of respect that the generals are holding back and they a busy calculating how not to lose power from the old guard…….that rally they allowed for was to show Mugabe and his side that it’s game over for him, but even that has spooked the generals who smell power could slip away from them to the people if they are not careful……

    • I believe you. It is possible, Robert Mugabe possibly snoozed his way through that massive rally; at worst, saw but dismissed it as children at play!

  18. Leave Mugabe alone. He deserves to die on the throne. Where was the people criticizing Mugabe today when he was busy fighting the colonialists? where were these *****s when great Bob spend 10years behind bars? let him finish his term, after all he has the mandate from the people.
    After Mugabe it will be that CROCODILE guy to rule Zimbabwe for atleast another 30 more years before that useless Morgan Tsvangrai can rule.

  19. My Presido make sure your mentor exists in a dignified manner so that he can continue mentoring you.kikikikikikikikikiki

  20. This ought to be a lesson to us all that a dictator is able to outgrow his own ego. We saw in the case of Muammar Qaddafi in Libya. And now we are seeing it in Zimbabwe with Robert Mugabe. Qaddafi need not have been killed the way he was killed. He could have evaded death. He chose not to. How sad, Mugabe seems headed the same way.

  21. how did Mugabe come into power? If he was elected through election, let him go the same way. The election is next year. Let the poeple decide.

  22. Mugabe should step down. However, the method Zimbabweans have used is wrong and undemocratic. The Zanu-PF has expelled other senior party members close to Mugabe. The timing is wrong and may prove to be a recipe for anarchy partial paralysis and acrimony in Zimbabwe. Zimbabweans should never even think about impeaching Mugabe because it is undemocratic and unconstitutional. He has committed no crime by being too old. After all, Zimbabweans allowed him to overstay. TheEmerson Mngagwwas were quiet when Mugabe assumed the role of a small god in Zimbabwe. The best is to take care of the so-called “criminals around Mugabe’ by using constitutional means. The man is too tired and too old to even know what could be going on in Zimbabwe. Why not allow him to get to the ZanuPf convention and…

    • @Mutola Libona

      “The man is too tired and too old to even know what could be going on in Zimbabwe”

      There you nailed it. Why then should Zimbos allow a “dead man walking” get to ZANU-PF convention? What for? You just said he is useless.

  23. After over 54 years in the service of Zimbabwe (ask Mnangagwa) just how much pension is Mugabe worth? just asking? And then Zimbabweans are in a fix: an old man or another dangerous “crocodile” who is in cahoots with the same army that propt up the old man. Zimbabweans are just ill fated! If not Mnangagwa then its the army. Where will it end Zimbabwe when will your suffering end? Cry the beloved country!

  24. The illegal takeover of power in Zimbabwe is not in tune with modern politics-President Lungu

    This is what Lungu said last week. So the illegal take over is legal now. What has changed ? What is KK going to do? This guy has no international credibility because he is an election rigger. Mugabe is going , not for any other reason but because time has come. You can argue that the wife is the causer but she was just a trigger.

  25. Hats off Mr President my only concern is why the people of Zimbabwe cannot wait for an election and end Zanu PF rule once and for all.This forced termination will Usher in more of the same with old ideas bring in up to date leaders trust me these Generals know that their time is up
    Presidency must not be by fire by force but by the free will of the people.

  26. I salute the Military leaders in Zimbabwe for having displayed high levels of intelligence in the manner they have administered President Robert Mugabe status with respect. Comrade Mugabe is a 93-years old Freedom Fighter with ailing health. He battled the British over the land issue when they refused to honour a pledge as agreed at Lancaster House in 1980. The British recruited USA to heap blame on Mugabe just as the USA leaned on UK to concoct lies against Saddam Hussain in Iraq. Congrats to President Lungu for requesting our KK to talk to Mugabe. It pays to have a pool of elder Statesmen in Zambia. Peace in Zimbabwe augurs well for the people of Zambia. The Zambezi River is our shared resource.

  27. We believe the Zimbabwe Military and political leadership will take best care of President Mugabe in his last days of his life – as a former President of Zimbabwe. This will be a plus for the Southern African Region.

  28. Mugabe said he will step down in December on his own,why forcing him? If he refuses now is because we have clever for nothing people like Khama.soldiers have already failed the people of Zimbabwe because they are also criminals under Mnangagwa who is a criminal too.

  29. Comment:Mugabe is a true African liberator. umusungu no mpupu. why did the sacked VP run to USA ? are they the sponsors of o this saga? if Mugabe answers no to these qs then he will not stepdown.

  30. ROBERT Mugabe has reportedly agreed to resign as the president of Zimbabwe after striking a deal with generals that will give him and wife Grace full immunity. Mugabe has been negotiating with the generals to be allowed to keep his private properties in return for a peaceful transition of power. With widespread demands for his resignation, Mugabe’s 37-year tenure as the Zimbabwean president will shortly come to an end. Nothing to do with KK or Lungu.

  31. Wrong and misleading title ba LT
    Bo ndate KK visits his ‘brother’ Gabriel.
    Please, do not attach your illusions to the visit. Let it, like nature, take its course.

  32. There has been an illegal seizure of power from Mugabe by Grace. The military is just legalising the situation.
    Don’t grant immunity to Grace, this may just embolden U5z and mutinta that there is nothing wrong with trying the same in their u.pn.Donkis if they won power with mutinta as next running mate. Fortunately in Zambia power for U5z will theory in Ibex nursery school.

    • That is why it is good to uphold integrity when one is in power. Robert has found that clinging to power is the only way to safe guard himself from being prosecuted for the atrocities he has committed during his reign. This has forced the Zimbabwe army to use undemocratic means of removing him out of government. I can imagine having a 93 year old person to continue running government. The responsibility is too involving for such an old man. Where can he get the energy to cope with the mammoth task? Where is can he draw the ambition to motivate him to work. His time is gone. When are the young ones ever going take up responsility. Robert understands this pretty well, but he can’t just give up because of what he has done while in government. Even if he wants to protect what he has, how far…

  33. yet KK personal assistant denies the report, just lungu and chanda trying to give relevance to the zambian incumbent who craves recognition.. we are minions on the political scene with our defunct economy.
    lt will milk zimbabwe news so that focus is of our underperforming economy
    terribly, take off the rose coloured glasses mugabe was destroying zim long before he started to think with his d’ck. give them both immunity but am sure the hague will be interested in them.
    again terrible u bring upnd ito it u are as bad as njimbu with his 6.5 3.5 please xmas is coming a lttlle present

  34. Truly peace should reign over Zimbabwe,MUGABE should resign but on a goodwill, as it is now , Zimbabwe has no political resolutions. Generals and freedom fighters (age 75 + ) want MUGABE to resign EVEN without following the constitution mandate.They demands government of NATIONAL UNITY but Africa is on record,government of National unity has FAILED (e.g. South Africa,Uganda,Kenya and Zimbabwe ) and mainly, constitutions have been ABROGATED in their respective countries.OUT comes? Political ANARCHY, : SADC must help Zimbabwe to protect democratic dispensations.Hope KK will render amicable SOLUTIONS

  35. @47 masalamuso, it is not me who is bringing u.pnDonkis into this. Its U5 and his running mouth, the boy doesn’t seem to know when to open his mouth, and whenEVER he does he is either full of contradictions or wants to pick what suits him as if we are fools.
    By the way, what does U5 say to the decision of the Supreme Court in Kenya, huh? ..kikikikikikiki

  36. KK is simply KK, NOT, I REPEAT, NOT ALMIGHTY KK. There’s but only one Almighty God, the God of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob…The God of Israel!! There is non like Him!! People, please take care what you write lest you worship the creature instead of the Creator!!

  37. ……[email protected] masalamuso, it is not me who is bringing u.pnDonkis into this. Its U5 and his running mouth, the boy doesn’t seem to know when to open his mouth, and whenEVER he does he is either full of contradictions or wants to pick what suits him as if we are fools.
    By the way, what does U5 say to the decision of the Supreme Court in Kenya, huh? ..kikikikikikiki

  38. ……[email protected] masalamuso, it is not me who is bringing u.pn.Donkis into this. Its U5 and his runn.ing mouth, the boy doesn’t seem to know when to open his mouth, and whenEVER he does he is either full of contradictions or wants to pick what suits him as if we are fo.ols.
    By the way, what does U5 say to the decision of the Supreme Court in Kenya, huh? ..kikikikikikiki

  39. Is it terrible or terrible these days , which ever way you lookt at LT headlines it is fake news the old men should both wave the white handkerchief……..

  40. The truth is that Bob is in trance so much that when he hears the protests he is convinced they’re in support of him to continue as president.

  41. To those laughing at the delegating our KK to assist with the impasse, just remember that story where all old people were killed in a certain village. One man hid his father and it was only when a snake entered in the young king’s under wear and the old man managed to lure the snake from the honorable parts of the king did the young men appreciate the importance of having old people around.

  42. Whilst its okay for Uncle Bob to go and it was time for him to go.
    But I have seen people celebrate the removal of a “tyrant” and they end up with a murderer.

    Libya-Quadaffi=Confusion created by the west
    Iraq-Sadam Hussein-Confuusion created by the west

  43. Whether it’s or not that KK was in Zim, I am not concerned but worried at how negative Zambians are about themselves. If indeed KK played some part in Mugabe’s resignation it’s a thing a patriotic Zambian should be proud of. But alas, it’s not so just because Edgar is mentioned in process. Is right only when it involves your preferred presidential aspirant? Then the slogan Zambia First is wasted.

  44. Kanyanta, something is actually wrong with you for not understanding what Mushota is trying to say. Gone are the colonial brainwashed days when people were discredited based on English, education, skin colour and limited time in office. What Mushota was trying to say is common sense – a leader should only be discredited based on the simple reason of his inability to perform. The question you need to ask yourself is, with six presidents since independence, what can Zambia show for it? What has democracy, young inexperienced leaders, achieved that which dictated Zimbabwe did not? Start using the sleeping common sense.

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