Former home affairs minister in the UNIP led Government Cosmas Chibanda has died.

Mr Chibanda aged 81 died this morning at Ndola teaching hospital around 04:30 hours after an illness.

Family spokesperson Gabriel Namulambe confirmed Mr Chibanda’s death to ZANIS in an interview.

Mr Namulambe said consultation over Mr Chibanda’s burial arrangements was still underway and details of his funeral would soon be availed.

Mr Chibanda served in various Government portfolio’s in the first and second republic.

Mr Chibanda also served as Kabushi Member of Parliament in the UNIP administration and is survived by a wife and 9 children.

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  1. 9 children is the way to go. RIP our dear man.
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  2. The Lamba giants! Dawson Lupunga and Cosmas Chibanda! rest in peace Comrades!! Namulambe shud have emulated these big guys! @ Mushota, u cnt know him, u er new to politics, u are not even a mwanawasa era



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