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Go hold Mugabe’s hand now, Mulongoti mocks Lungu


Go and show solidarity with Robert Mugabe now, Mike Mulongoti has challenged Edgar Lungu.

Speaking to journalists on Monday, Mulongoti explained that Lungu has been the closest friend of Mugabe and he can’t abandon him now.

‘The president of Zambia Mr Edgar Chagwa Lungu is a very close friend of Robert Mugabe. So we would like to encourage him to go and show solidarity with him now because he needs it so much‘Remember he is the one who came for the inauguration so we want him to go and show solidarity with him wherever he is,’ Mulongoti said much to the amusement of reporters.

The 93 year old Mugabe who is  facing pressure from his own party, the general membership,and the entire world to resign as President has called for a cabinet meeting today.

The Chief Secretary to the president and cabinet confirmed the scheduled meeting, which will be held on the same day that the ruling ZANU-PF Party members plan to impeach the 93-year-old.

This will be the first time the ministers meet for their routine weekly meeting with the president since the military took power on Wednesday.

Cabinet meetings are usually held at Munhumutapa Building in the centre of town, but an armoured vehicle and armed soldiers are camped outside the offices.

ZANU-PF says the planned impeachment will be based on charges President Mugabe “allowed his wife to usurp constitutional power.”

Party member Paul Mangawana said the process could take as little as two days to complete, and President Mugabe could be removed by Wednesday.

The announcement came after a Monday deadline for his resignation passed.

Grace Mugabe was seen to be eyeing the presidency after the 93-year-old’s term, and has been accused of being behind the firing of vice president Emmerson Mnangagwa.


  1. HH should also go hold Raila Odinga’s hand now he’s lost his last presidential bid and his last petition.Like for like for Zambia in these two pariahs.

    • Mulongoti is right. If the situation were reversed and Zambia’s budding dictator was in the same predicament his mentor and consultant is in, Mugabe would be in Zambia in a flash. But typical of all cowards lungu is praying and hoping Mugabe will survive and carry on his tutorship and mentoring program until lungu graduates into a fully fledged tyrant.

      Mwaice Mulongoti, have some form of respect to elders. The fact that ECL supported Mugabe and that this time he is calling for his resignation hinges hugely on the current happenings in that country. Understanding why ZANU-PF wants Mugabe out is not rocket science, neither is it ECL’s fault. We still love one Robert Mugabe just like we love KK for their contribution to the liberation struggle. You Mulongoti had better shut your trump up. You haven’t even held a ministerial position in your life time. Not even been elected as an MP. Impeccable satire from this lunatic. Look who is talking.

  2. What is wrong with president Edgar Lungu being a close friend of Robert Mugabe ba Mulongoti?your mind is very rotten!!
    President Edgar Lungu has nothing to do with internal politics in Zimbabwe.have you learnt any internationsl Relations Mulongoti?Zimbabwe is an independent country with its own constitution so ECL has no powers to do anything in Zim. he can only advise Mr Mugabe like he did by sending Dr.Kenneth Kaunda there.HH must not associate himself with such dull lamba man like Mike Mulongoti as they damage his there anything to mock ECL about here?oh my gosh,our opposition has gone to the dogs!!

    • Exactly, Njimbu. A senior person like Mulongoti making personal attacks and concentrating on character assassination, why couldn’t he come up with real advice and solutions??? Is it surprising now why ECL doesn’t entertain these characters at State House who have nothing to offer nation???

  3. Mulongoti is just childish and petty. Does anyone laugh at him for being close friends with Chief Mukuni and HH? One is free to be friends with anyone they feel comfortable with?

  4. Looks like ECL has no opposition to hold him and his government toaccount on substantial matters.

    Mulongoti is sounding like kindergarten scenario. Havetbese chapsrun out of ideas.

    This is shameful… how old Mulongoti? Unbelievable.

  5. It is very disappointing that Mulongoti seems to be celebrating the fate of Zimbabwe. Any misfortune that might affect the people of Zimbabwe will surely affect us being the close neighbors. It is very foolish of Mulongoti who should understand international relations to speak like that. He may not like Lungu, but I believe this matter in Zimbabwe is beyond Lungu and needs a quick intervention for the benefit of the region. After all, they will remain our neighbors and we need one another. Mocking Lungu on this issue will not gain you any political mileage.

  6. Mulongoti show maturity on your comments: this is why you are better off to be reckoned as WICKED man, childishness is not good for Zimbabwe issues. Pass wise comments,
    Shameless minion.

  7. Kindly read between the lines of what Mulongoti is saying. It was extremely unwise for ECL to develop a deep relationship with with an internationally renown tyrant, Mugabe. It is only birds of the same feathers that flock together and two can not walk together unless they are in agreement.

    • …you and Mulongoti have one thing in common-you are both like the fish in a lucky star cans: NO HEADS (literally translated from bemba “Tamwakwata Imitwe!!!”)

    • All we are saying is there are issues that ba Mulongoti can concentrate on and be effective.

      Could you kindly advise how Ba Mulongoti’s narrative can advance this nation or indeed help the country?

      If what you are going to contribute will not change anything other than hot air from your mouth… keep silent and think of what you can say that could be effective and make you relevant as n opposition.

      All opposition is useless at the moment and if ECL and his camp are doing wrong things, rest assured they are getting away with murder.

      Just listen to the calibre of opposition today.

    • Zimbabwe is our neighbor and Mugabe is (was?)president and it’s just common sense that the leaders of these countries live in harmony. Oh I remember when Mwanawasa attacked old Bob at the AU summit in Cairo, old Bob response was “Some of you imperialist lackeys will return to your countries as corpses “.

  8. The opposition in Zambia has no substance to engage the Zambians over. You see them hold rallies where they display pictures comparing how thin their opponents in government looked before getting into office. They engage in vulgarities and trivial matters.Why let an opportunity to tell the people what you will do better if given a chance to govern go begging. The childshness of the opposition suprised me.

  9. Ba Mulongoti you are a shame to our political image. im a Zimbabwean but your comments are childish, if you have nothing to say shut up, you gain respect than open your mouth like sepulchre.

  10. I cant believe the bloggers are missing the point.The issue is about being carefull about the people you associate with,some will merely bring you shame when people identify you as someone who is close to them.It is like those who impregnate prostitutes,they would not want to be seen to be close to them.In short there is a reason why people shun mediocre characters,thieves etc when you associate with them questions will be raised.As for the person who is condemning the oppposition and the issues raised byh Mulongoti,dont forget that the ruling party has a duty to provide leadership,if you have mediocre people your debates will be about wheelbarrows,slaps at parliament,Jean the Baptist,”Doctor” Lusambo,Kambwili,etc.The issues the opposition concentrate on are determined by the calibre of…

    • So everyone who thinks Ba Mulongoti is correct that we should read between the lines and birds of the same farthers and all that nonsense… are you thinking about trade and how we can get affected economically?

      That’s why even KK fought to liberate the region cause trade and harmony including your professed enemies is paramount for the economy. Chaps thinking using their hairs in here.

    • Mailon, Zambia and Zimbabwe will always be close irrespective of who leads either country. Zambia and Zimbabwe are like brothers or sisters and you don’t abandon your sibling when they have issues. Besides Zambia can help Zimbabwe and vice versa by engaging each other than shunning each other.

  11. This is very childish Mr Mulongoti. Let’s talk about important issues that will bring prosperity to our country. For example you know very well that HH lost the last elections but because you want to be relevant to him you can’t say so. Job seeker. Once upon a time I thought you were an upcoming politician but you seem to have compromised your principlesbecause of desperation. What a pity.

  12. Please,dont you have enough problems in your own country to get solved?Why rushing to Zimbabwe,they are able to sort out semselfes and dont need your advise!!!!!

  13. Lungu is Zambia’s president and you Mulongoti you are not even president of a public toilet in Kabushi. For those who don’t know this maggot, the fella has never won a single election in his life apart from appointments. I challenged this maggot on Radio Phoenix “Let the people talk show ” why he was back in MMD and quickly appointed by his tribesman Levy as chairman of elections when he had previously denounced the party. Also on why he hounded out true members of the party. He failed to answer both questions.

  14. Okay just one comment, mulongoti knew that under5 was within earshot ……. yes imagine ba mulongoti fighting to heard by under5, ati opposition leader my foot!!!!!

  15. Mulongoti please grow up. The younger ones are looking to you for wisdom. You have been all over in the political field and up to now you seem not to know what can win you sympathy. Who ever was your mentor did not teach you well. Personality,character assassination is your order of the day. SHAME ON YOU. Denounce your belonging to a “political party” and see how many legal court summons you shall receive. Even those who seek your say on many important matters do not know where to shop. You are the type that want to claim responsibility rather than do the actual work. No wonder you act like HH’s shadow.

    • For his kind that’s the only thing they know about politics. …charecter assassination, insults and fabrication of stories. …no substance.

  16. Ba f1kala leave Mulongoti alone. He’s just indirectly telling ECL to stop mistaking dictators such as Museveni and Mugabe for mentors because a similar fate as Mugabe’s could be awaiting the bustard. I used to dislike Mike Mulongoti sometime back when he was information minister. But I realized that Mulongoti is an intelligent person when the PF came to power. Actually I realized that the MMD had brains after the PF came to power.

    • Ba Former PF, ECL never needed RGM for a Mentor. MCS was the Mentor for ECL. RGM is a Friend to ECL and supported him during and after elections to give him encouragement as a neighbor. Don’t even think RGM interfered into anything in Zambia. Even before ECL became President, he was already ready, fit and well informed. Much more than his adversaries.

  17. What a waste ba Mulongoti is this what you can contribute to the betterment of this country? No wonder you are now a chola boy for HH.

  18. Mulongoti is thinking like a monkey when it sees a banana.Govt to Govt supports each other for easy bilateral trade even if they don’t agree how each one runs his/her respective country.He is one of those who has been misleading the masses in Zambia and that’s why Mulongoti’s party is just on paper and has not hit ground.

  19. Robert Mugabe was a dictator so is Edgar Chagwa Lungu and now is the time to remind Edgar Lungu that everything has its time, time to rule need to be well accounted for or else time will come when the ruled will toss you like an outcast as Robert Mugabe has become.

  20. Opposition mu zambia kuwayawaya,Imagine the childshness.You are better off to keep quiet.So internal affair
    in your neighbours house should seperate friendship.

  21. This cockroach Mulongoti, just who is he to mock Edgar Lungu? He has a one – man party; No manifesto; no rally; He is president of the party; his wife is vice president; his daughter is secretary general ; his garden boy is youth chairman. Ata se bane tumo utubantu kuwayawaya fye!

  22. Mulongoti is a political imbecile (CHIPUBA). Zambian Republican Presidents bear a national obligation to uphold good relationship with Presidents of all neighboring states. This has been a culture that has been nurtured by KK, Chiluba, Mulongoti’s tribesman (Mwanawasa), RB, Sata and now President Lungu.
    If Mulongoti understands politics (national or international) he, just like all nationals of Botswana, Mozambique, South Africa and Zambia, should have kept our fingers crossed and observe the route that the people of Zimbabwe will forge to attain social, economic and political destination. Besides, Mulongoti is so dull that he missed a vital role that Lungu played by sending KK to persuade Mugabe to step down from power.

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