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President Lungu urges Zimbabweans to follow constitutional provisions during the transition of power


President Edgar Lungu speaking to journalists shortly after his arrival from Lesotho at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport
President Edgar Lungu speaking to journalists shortly after his arrival from Lesotho at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport

President Edgar Lungu has urged Zimbabweans to follow constitutional provisions during the transition of power following the resignation of Robert Mugabe as President.

President Lungu said that he is hopeful that there will be a smooth transition of power and that Zimbabweans will uphold peace and unity during the transition period.

The Head of State said that there is need to pray for the situation to stabilise for the country to resume its normal operations.

President Lungu added that the resignation of Mr. Mugabe has come as a surprise, adding that the SADC member states who attended the troika meeting in Angola will wait to see whether the situation calls for President Jacob Zuma to proceed to that country or not.

The President was speaking to journalists upon arrival at the Kenneth Kaunda International Airport from Angola where he went to attend the troika meeting.


  1. U should tell that to HH to follow the constitution of the party when they go to general elective conference soon. We don’t want to see a Tonga emerge again as the leader of UPND. Sorry!

    • Lungu failed to hand over power to the speaker according to the constitution of Zambia. So visionless Lungu cannot tell the people of Zimbabwe about democracy.

      This is the same Lungu who is now threatening the judges. What a rhetoric!

      By the way, no 3rd term for Lungu b’coz the constitution is very clear.

      The Skeleton Key

    • Your Lungu has a few parallels with fallen Mugabe.
      Pangas at PF convention
      Theft of k24m in year
      $42m fire tenders
      Stole votes of opposition
      Refused to hand over power
      Forced ministers to over stay after dissolving pally.
      Now 3rd term noise.

      These are a recipe for zim changes over spilling into Lusaka!

    • We applaud Zimbabweans for exercising restraint and civil politics without killing each other during the Zanu-PF factional fights. Like ourselves in Zambia, they have demonstrated mature political activism with such unparalleled judgement. Africa has suffered a legacy of attrition and blood letting politics for way too long. Today Zimbabwe has proved an exception having realized the consequences of extra-constitutionalism in junta coronation for Government mandate. The loser of this Zanu-PF continuity is the liberal camps of opposition and rights activists. Zanu-PF hardliners against reforms and democracy have just systematically landed another opportunity to tighten their grip for another era. Nothing changes as ED is the same Crocodile that drove Gukurahundi massacre, violence of 2008…

    • This is a serious joke. What was Zuma going to do surely. No amount of foreign intervention works once the people have decided. So please stop wasting tax payers money by such aimless trips like the one Zuma was to undertake to Zimbabwe

    • Zimbabweans know they want and they know what to,,, keep your advice for PF cadres,, by the way lungu as one of magabe ‘s cadres you might not be welcome in Zimbabwe

    • My preference like all of you Ian to see that Sadc is led by President Lungu because of his popularity and unwavering support. He is loved everywhere and respected.



    • With war Veterans taking a grip on power smiling on their farmlands grabbed from settlers, the opposition will have to wait for a while to have a realistic chance of trouncing Zanu-PF on the ballot. The military and Veterans stands on a creed that Zimbabwe should be run by tested war veterans only in defence of the revolution. The opposition does not pass this test or doctrine. Let the old man now enjoy his immunity while political rivalry shapes Zimbabwe on his watch.

    • President Lungu must be impeached for the following reasons:
      1. He refused to step down and hand over power to the speaker of the National Assembly when the Petition was filed in court.
      2. He kept his Ministers/MP’s in offices when Parliament was dissolved.
      3. He threatened ConCourt Judges and incited violence if his third term bid is blocked by the courts. In fact, he also committed contempt of court for commenting on the case that is still active in court.

      The above are sufficient reasons for his impeachment. Its time Zambians became serious about defending the constitution.

      Mugabe is Gone!! His “students”, other dictators must follow him!!

    • There goes the biggest hypocrite of them all, shamelessly preaching what he does not practice-what’s wrong with this guy, has he got dementia or nidoboo (weed) he smokes?

    • Only id!ots should listen to Chalolwa Lungu s advice on following the constitution when he himself beached and allowed his police to promote constitutional breaches in Zambia since PF came to power. How preposterous!

      Chakolwa Lungu refused to hand over power to speaker when results were petitioned. He encouraged systematic rigging by his ministers when he allowed them to stay on in power against the constitution. Chakolwa has presided over many PF killings and brutality against Zambians trying to exercise their freedoms. He even allowed his PF thugs to attack mourners at the grave yard with impunity.

      Please Chakolwa Lungu shove the hypocritical advice where the sun does ……………………………

      Zambians will free themselves from Lungu s PF very soon just like the Zim…

    • I am strong supporter of Millitary action against African dictators in Africa. In many African countries where some democracy has been seen to return involved military intervention. In Nigeria, Ghana, Zambia, Egypt, Ivory coast, Gambia, and now Zimbabwe, military action has yielded results.

      In some countries like Zambia the democracy achieved has been reversed by PF under Mugabe’s advice thats why we need a military intervention in Zambia because the Zambian courts have failed to enforce the rule of law and act against Lungu ‘s constitutional breaches.

      I am appealing to our brave soldiers to come to our rescue and send a strong message that such constitutional breaches can not be tolerated in Zambia.

    • What a hypocrite!!! It could be counted to his credit if lungu kept his mouth tightly shut. He opens his trap garbage flows out!!

    • “The Head of State said that there is need to pray for the situation to stabilise for the country to resume its normal operations.”
      Stupidity at its best…what is there to pray about? Africans need to wake up

    • @Mr Intelligent or is it??: How can you impeach a president when you are minority and regional??? In 2011, that set up then could impeach a president because opposition outnumbered ruling. But then upnd introduced tribal politics and ensured everyone voted for their tribsemates or mbuyas. Result?? 6.5 vs. 3.5-the bantu botatwe are smaller in numbers than the Bemba/Eastern power bloc!!! So such retrogressive words like impeachment can never happen. What you are talking about are “amalyashi yamu kachasu”, sela tubombeko!!!

    • @Zambian Citizen, waste of time responding to you. Wasn’t ZANU-PF the majority in parliament and yet impeachment was gonna be successful? Who is talking about tribes here you low class thing!! Do you even know the meaning of impeachment?

      Two thirds majority can easily be reached in parliament against Lungu if its a secrete ballot. I know for a fact that there are PF MP’s who oppose Lungu’s third term bid and cant wait to vote against him secretly. By the way, your analysis on 2016 election results is based on rigged votes.

      Anyway, like I said, its a waste of time responding to you cause clearly you dont understand the meaning of the word.

    • I asked you Mr intelligent or is it???: “Two thirds majority can easily be reached in parliament against Lungu if its a secrete ballot.”-kwekwekwekwekwekwekwe…where do you get your tuma political wet dreams from????
      upnd only has 54 mps against a total house of 168 or so, how in your right mind can you achieve impeachment???? You social media clowns and the likes of Maimane and DA don’t understand that political showmanship to please the international community is a waste of time, that is why Musholozi has survived 8 votes of no confidence because the opposition is a circus: they don’t understand the dynamics of African politics!!! As I have said, continue having political wet dreams. Ati secret ballot…kwkekwekwekwekwekwekwe….

    • Guys I was taken aback last week by one former Zim government worker now in exile in UK’s statement that it is widely held belief in Zimbabwe that The late Levy Mwanawasa was killed by Robert Mugabe’s men during the AU summit. I am not surprised by this because, this could explain the late Sata idolised Mugabe so much to the point that even Mugabe felt uncomfortable some times.

      For those interested this is food for thought folks. I hope more facts will come out now that Mugabe is out of power.

      With Mugabe anything was possible

    • Lungu should not only be the last to talk about following the constitutional provisions, but he should also be ashamed for saying what he himself has failed to do in a space of two years. It is just that the Zambians of today have become so docile that some of them see nothing wrong with what has been happening which in fact are issues of impeachment where people are serious with following constitutional provisions.

  2. Lungu failed to hand over power to the speaker according to the constitution of Zambia. So visionless Lungu cannot tell the people of Zimbabwe about democracy.

    The Skeleton Key

    • The events in Zimbabwe have exposed serious weaknesses of the UN, AU and SADC. These institutions are not capable of resolving challenges that citizens face. Mugabe, Grace and children got away with all manner of wrong doing in Zim while UN, AU and SADC watched. It took Zimbabweans to find their own solution. Military interventions can be good. Well done Zimbabweans. We wish you well. Lessons for Uganda and Rwanda!

    • Its ironic that Lazy is preaching to the Zims about constitution when he is always breaching …imagine he okayed his ministers to rob us for 4 months in allowances and salaries when they overstayed!!

  3. President Lungu can easily govern both states in the interim Northern and Southern Rhodesia.

    Halpha Homega (HH), listen to UPND resign gracefully. your wife Mutinta is your downfall

    • You see if the country has alarming levels of dullness on the global index like the ones being presented by Mr Kudos, then expect very little development. I am PF but comments should always be about building and not personal all the time. This guy needs a doctor and not vice versa. There must be a ka semblance of maturity please. What does this guy earn with his personal attacks of HH?

    • You skeleton, whether you like it or not and your hatrade for another human being in the name of HH will surely consume you. No wonder even you follow PF cadres are beginning to doubt your sanity.

  4. Look who is talking after accumulating more miles jona makes a strong statement about upholding of the constitution in neighboring zim yet he struggles to do such in own bedroom.
    Ama whiskey pandeke yachila.

    • His mentor is gone now he will have to bow his head in shame and go to the next president of Zim…that’s why its better to not take sides in international matters very close to home!!


  5. haha urge zimbos to be peaceful?really…be serious mr president,zimbos removed mugabe without shedding blood not even wieding pangas as your pf has come to be known for,in all honesty no country nor outsider deserves recognition for removing bob but the zimbabweans,period.

  6. Good day Mr. President maybe you can point out which constitutional provision the Zimbabweans have broken? The VP is incharge elections will be held next year at the end of the term of Robert Mugabe who in his resignation pointed out which provision he had followed. For a minute do some research sir, a country without an official currency, unemployment through the roof, many economic refugees, surely are those provided for in any constitution? As SADC leaders sometimes listen to the cry of the people it must not take the army to move a person who really is of no use to a nation. No many in the bank but millions of dollars in a persons home? Ah let out friends enjoy this moment of victory

    • The biggest difference with Zambia’s transition from KK to democracy and what just happened in Zim is that in Zed it was the PEOPLE who forced the dictator’s hand. For the Zimbos, the army, the veterans are the characters pulling the strings. Yes the have one common enemy but now the people have the problem of what the army/vets will want. ECL is only right to forsee that problem.

    • @ 10.1 “ECL is only right to forsee that problem.” What rubbish!

      This dull drunk has no capacity to “forsee” anything except more travel and more money in his bank accounts.

      Did you not hear when he very clearly said himself “I HAVE NO VISION” !!!

    • :-), Iwe @Citizenyoko,
      So “ECL is only right to forsee that problem” for ZIM but was blind to follow his own country constitution.
      The question is, is ECL the moral authority to ask Zim to follow the constitution when he was not able to? Some contributors have listed a number of ways that ECL behaved undemocratically, and you are running away on reflecting on those. You and Me can comment on Zim following constitution, but definitely not ECL.

    • The biggest difference is we didnt choose Grey “Aloso” Zulu after KK…it was a people led change I dont see anyone beating Emmerson its only a matter of time before he tightens the screws!!

    • @Dolika & Kanyenye: petition, petition, petition….that’s all you can say. That’s all even badaala ba sammy can hold on to. But my disgruntled friends, that is an issue that is gone and it will never come back: EDGAR CHAGWA LUNGU IS THE SIXTH PRESIDENT OF ZAMBIA AND KAINDE IS THE LONGEST SERVING OPPOSITION LEADER!!! The task at hand is for you dunderheads to restrategise and convince the 6.5 why they shouldn’t vote for PF again in 202; but seeing that you cannot come up with any other plan apart from petishoni and petishoni, I FORSEE A LOT OF DUNUNING AND SONTING IN 2021…kwekwekwekwekwekwe…ok nomba bane, seleni imbombeko!!!!!

    • 🙂
      You are an example of paid cadre and your brain is F.U.CK.ED up and broken. Who is talking about HH here? Who is talking about ECL Presidency here?
      Why do you think everyone questioning ECL moral authority on following the constitution is UPND? You are just an ….

    • Guys lets not forget that the military men: Mwamba Luchembe and captain solo, played a part in shaping Zambia what it is toady. Had it not been for PF using ZANU PF to rig the elections Zambia would be fra better by now.

      Thanks to the military in Zim Mugabe is gone and this should worry Lungu unless he begs Mnangagwa to continue rigging for him.

    • Which vice president? Under Zimbabwean Constitution the VP is appointed by the President and the last one was fired by Mugabe. What happens when the president resigns? Who takes over?

    • @ZC
      Lungu is trying to squeeze in on the limelight. He may sound sane in whatever he is saying but Zimbabweans are best judge. He stood aside and watched them suffering while he imbibed with Robert, the Zims would want him to continue looking away.

      The Generals are smarter than Lungu’s entire cabinet.

  7. It’s very easy to say it than actually doing it. Failed to follow the law and he think he can advice Mugabe. That’s b**sh*t!

  8. Lungu, this is where you kind of say nothing. Just keep quiet! You are advising Zimbabweans to follow the constitution? Come of it and look whose talking about the constitution!!!

  9. Even after 37yrs of Mugabe’s misrule,theft and abuse its sad to say that Harare makes our own Lusaka shameful in comparison .We need a transition of mindsets in Zambia starting with Lungu.

    • …hmmm, is it Lungu who litters the streets of Lusaka by himself??? Before we rush to blame Lungu, what are we as individuals doing to change our mindsets??? As JFK put it, ask not what your country can do for ypu but what you can do for your country!! It all starts with you….

    • 🙂
      Ok, don’t blame Lungu, blame the imperialist right?
      …. ask not what (your country) IMPERIALIST can do for you but what you can do for your country!! It all starts with you….
      Change your mindset!!!!!

  10. Well done in Zimbabwe: Every thing has time in some ones life but the best of all is to know and understand God’s plan in your life for you to be safe. Ecclesiastes 3: Read the whole Chapter and learn some thing out of it:

  11. I have told you again and again that Lungu is a drunk joker and a Christian hypocrite and has no morals; Now here you have it; who is he to lecture Zimbabweans on respecting the Constitution; Shame on Lungu; You fail to respect Zed constitution; just shut up; You and your cadre Max who insulted the Zimbabwean General have no right to talk on Zimbabwe;

  12. Mr president, you were voted by raising hands during transition period. Can Zimbabweans trust your word if you did not show example yourself?

  13. I’m sure that the Zimbabweans are wise enough to ignore this man, Zuma and other Presidents like him. President Ian Khama is the man to listen to in Africa!

    • I was expecting Lungu to forge close relationship with Ian Khama as he is more sensible than Zuma and Mugabe and what does he do , the exact opposite. So this tells you volumes about his character.

  14. Mr. President, the Zimbabweans themselves lamented the other day that they want no intervention from Big brother South Africa and SADC who have always pretended to listen to them and yet big brothe(South Africa)r/SADC were busy betraying them by supporting this Dictator. Our own Lungu should not even attempt to advise our brothers and sisters in Zimbabwe as they have already insinuated that they should be left alone to solve their own problems.

    • Zimbabweans can dance and drink and bark anything that comes to their heads but reality will hit when the dust settles. Is it the Zimbabweans who forced Mugabe to resign or is it a conglomerate of the Defence Forces/War Veterans/ZANU-PF who achieved this resignation?? If you take your head out of the clouds and answer this question rationally you will realise that this is not a victory for the people but a change of management in the ZANU/Veterans/Army leadership. Although I wish the best for them and pray Zim will get back to a constitutional democracy, the method they have used is questionable. Unlike us Zambians in 1991 when we ourselves (street riots and politicians) forced KK to change the constitution and we voted him out and he conceded, Zim has the same power players from the…

    • …Liberation Struggle in place and Mnangagwa knows all the tricks of oppression; Is he ready to give up that power??? So ECL and indeed the PF have no intention of meddling in the internal affairs of Zimbabwe but be mindful, it is the old protagonists still in charge; HOW WILL THE BROTHERS AND SISTERS SOLVE THEIR OWN PROBLEMS WHEN THEY DON’T HAVE THE POWER??????

  15. Please ba Lungu, leave the Zimbabweans alone they will solve their own issues. Remove the plank in your eye, before you even say a word on Zimbabwe

  16. “President Edgar Lungu has urged Zimbabweans to follow constitutional provisions during the transition of power following the resignation of Robert Mugabe as President.”

    Zimbabwe is a sovereign country we just have to watch and see the outcome.

    Taxpayers they have a right to know what was discussed at SADC meeting in Angola because they paid for the trip.

  17. up.nDonkis, get this into your thick heads now because I will not repeat it. A President is a sacrosanct institution, not a teddy bear for underfives to play with in a kindergarten. You do not expect a President to be removed from office on the mere launch of a petition by a loser, even if the petitioner received 5 votes out of 3 million. Even if the Constitution is not clear, the Judges will look at common sense, the intentions of the drafters, the national interest (security of the nation etc), past practice, international practice, commonwealth practice etc. In the Zambian Constitution there are three scenarios. It is clear to all (except for Donkis) that the intention was for the Speaker to take over in subsequent re-runs and for very obvious reasons (except to underfives and Donkis)…

  18. Contd…
    In the Zambian Constitution there are three scenarios for such petitions. It is clear to all (except for Donkis) that the intention was for the Speaker to take over in subsequent re-runs and for very obvious reasons (except to underfives and Donkis). When you refer to the Kenya case for example, don’t select and parrot only that which suits under5. Did you for example see President Kenyatta hand over power to the Speaker when Odinga petitioned? Did Odinga make this an issue in his petition? Constitutional lawyer Professor Patrick Mvunga (don’t look at his tribe, just think straight) pointed out the absurdity of the demand by under5, both the Concourt Judges and the lawyers for under5 understood this very very clearly, have you ever asked your very own Jack Mwiimbu? Ask him…

  19. Contd..
    Constitutional lawyer Professor Patrick Mvunga (don’t look at his tribe, just think straight) pointed out the absurdity of the demand by under5, both the Concourt Judges and the lawyers for under5 understood this very clearly, have you ever asked your very own Jack Mwiimbu? Ask him today and listen to him very carefully. Why do you think Jack Mwiimbu and his team abandoned under5’s petition at the 11th hour? Has he ever abandoned a client before? Think honestly.

  20. What ECL has said is what any normal thinking person would expect from a head of State. How different is this from what Theresa May or Donald Trump has said?? The emphasis on constitutionalism is what a president would focus on. Why the fuss??? As part of SADC, ECL is mandated to comment on the happenings of fellow neighbours and SADC states. On spot, Mr. President.

  21. State House

    21 November 2017

    The Honourable Jacob Mudenda

    Notice of resignation as President of the Republic of Zimbabwe

    In terms of the provisions of section 96 (1) of the constitution of Zimbabwe, amendment number 20, 2013.

    Following my verbal communication with the Speaker of the National Assembly, Advocate Jacob Mudenda at 13:53 hours, 21st November, 2017 intimating my intention to resign as President of the Republic of Zimbabwe, I Robert Gabriel Mugabe in terms of section 96 (1) of the constitution of Zimbabwe hereby formally tender my resignation as the President of the Republic of Zimbabwe with immediate effect.

    My decision to resign is voluntary on my part and arises from my concern for the welfare of the people of Zimbabwe and my desire to…

  22., until you go to a convention to re-elect under5 if you so wish, you have no basis or right to discuss matters of democracy. Refer to following for guidance:

    Article 60 (2): A political party shall –
    (a) promote the values and principles specified in this Constitution
    (b) have a national character
    (c) promote and uphold national unity
    (e)respect the right of its members to participate in the affairs of the political party.

    In the 11 years since under5 was appointed to succeed Mazoka, he has never held internal elections to legitimise himself as a leader of u.p.nDonkis in opposition. In other words he is occupying that office illegally and illegimately.

  23. ZDF has removed him from power constitutionally. Remember chiwenga almost made a blunder, when he called all heads of defense and almost made mugabe read his resignation, but swiftly removed the resignation papers from the table and gave him to read a speech which was not making sense,imagine a president reading his resignation surrounded by military men, that would have confirmed people’s suspicions of the coup, but they kept their coup cool to the level of removing him through parliament, and honorable speaker Joshua Mudenda was at hand to finally put the arrow in the quiver.

    Am planning to do a movie about this highly sophisticated cool coup, a brilliant battle of political/military wits.

  24. Next on the list is the kingdom of zamunda which is north of Zimbabwe. Their King of tribes known as Jonathan the great is plotting to stay on for ever. He claims he is more intelligent than all the natives in zamunda.

  25. “…President Lungu added that the resignation of Mr. Mugabe has come as a surprise, adding that the SADC member states who attended the troika meeting in Angola…”

    This SADC gathering of frudstares and dictators were hoping to protect their mentor Mugabe in power…..

  26. In a contribution in SA parliament Lungu is classified in the same band as usurpers/rapists of their constitutions and dictators like El Bashir and Mugabe, and therefore not welcome to seek refuge in South Africa. He is actually singled out by name! He should keep his mouth shut on the matter, he is not impressing anyone. Democratic Africa knows his brand! Time for reckoning will sure come.

  27. Iwe zambian citizen do not be too pessimistic about zims future. Mnagwagwa might be a cut of the old bark you may not know what he might stand for. After all he was fired for plotting against the old man. Being in charge is different from being supervised remember Gorbachev who brought about change in the Soviet Union. He was part of the Kremlin.

  28. Pray for what exactly? Peace has to be initiated by those with the instruments of power and not by those that have the power obtained by overlooking the constitution, abuse the powers and suppress voices. Then later come to advise others to follow the constitution and add a prayer on top. The Zimbabwean issue should serve as grounds for reflection for you Lungu and your Kaizer together with that dude that got us barrows for fire Engines. One can only push people so far. The Army made reference to going after those corrupt people around Mugabe and in the process Mugabe became collateral damage. Though the plan was to stop his wife ‘Gucci’ from taking over. The case of Zambia would be dead interesting. Who are the corrupt people misleading the president? So far, according to Lungu, evidence…

  29. The thinking and reasoning of u.pnDonkis is fantastic, Alice in Wonderland. In reality and practice with humans nothing of the sort happens. You just have to be a Donki to even imagine how a Donki will think in a particular situation.

  30. Just waiting to hear stand up comedy from the monarch for the Donkis himself.

    By the way, I repeat what was the outcome of the Chatham House invitation? Did under5 perform? The indication from Stephen Sackur is not complimentary to under5, to put it lightly. Stephen thinks that the “democracy talk” by under5 is self centred, not my words although I think the same……kikikikikikikiki ..awe mwe ichuundu ici!…

  31. @37, Presidentd think and say things that are not in line with under5s or Donkis. That IS the surprise.

    So to you Donjis, you may wish ti know that Presidenf Lungu and his fellow SADC Presidents were fully informed by Zimbabweans themselves including Mugabe. The fact that they don’t share their information with under5 is normal and expected, how do you share state confidential information with under5 or Donkis?

  32. By the way, when is under5 next blocking the Presidential motorcade?… kikikikikikiki ……. kayopa Mukobeko na Chimbokaila!!! Kikikikikikikiki

  33. @44 Democrat, not at all, Mugabe had a conference with the Troika. Surely you don’t ecpect Heads of State to share such sensitive information with under5s do you?

    • What conference ?? Mugabe was fighting for his political you think he had time to conference with yes men like lungu ??

      Hehehe muchemble you are getting delusional.. ..

  34. @43 please be advised that Stephen does not represent Zambians who care so much about good governance and respect for rule of law. I wish you could refrain from using abusive and devise language which just exposes your retrograde ideologies. Is this article about HH or is it about Zimbabwe ? Pay attention to the heading or you may lose marks . Anger management is on the offering , next will be conflict resolution training .
    Don’t get too excited about British journalism , they are ruthless and part of their job is to put people on the spot and they move on to the next issue, thereafter. It’s his job and he doesn’t care about your emotions or conclusions.

  35. Why should his resignation come as a surprise Mr lunch. You would have killed to keeph in power, and have never cared to do anything for the people there. Your power systems insane has been threatened and unwanted disturbingly quell it and safeguard your power base. Shame

  36. Never mind What the illiterate Terrible rants about. Some of us we stopped looking at his postings a long time ago . He is mentally deranged just like his boss lungu.

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