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UK does not pretend to regret Mugabe’s Downfall-UK Envoy to Zambia

Headlines UK does not pretend to regret Mugabe's Downfall-UK Envoy to Zambia

British High Commissioner to Zambia, Fergus Cochrane-Dyet
British High Commissioner to Zambia, Fergus Cochrane-Dyet

The British Government says it does not pretend to regret Mugabe’s downfall.

British High Commissioner to Zambia Fergus Cochrane-Dyet said in a statement that the developments in Zimbabwe is a moment of hope for Zimbabwe.

“Robert Mugabe squandered the immense potential of a remarkable country. While Britain recognises his role in Zimbabwe’s struggle for independence, he was responsible for oppression and economic failure,” Mr Cochrane-Dyet said.

He said the British Government does not pretend to regret Mugabe’s downfall adding that the UK hopes that Zimbabweans will now achieve the brighter future they deserve.

“The immediate priority is to ensure that Zimbabwe has a legitimate government; the only way to achieve that goal is through free and fair elections, held in accordance with the constitution,” he said.

“To this end – and as Zimbabwe’s oldest friend – Britain stands ready to work alongside the country’s people, the international community, and partners in the region such as the Republic of Zambia under the leadership of HE President Edgar Lungu.”

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  1. It’s in the public domain that Mugabe fell out of favour with the white people after the 2000 land reforms in Zimbabwe in which the white Zimbabwean farmers were kicked out of their farms

    • British people don’t like African leaders they can’t control. They like puppets who worship them. BBC propaganda is a tool of falsehood they use to vilify leaders they can’t control. They liked that ECL sent KK to Zimbabwe.

    • Am waiting for PF to praise and merry make with the British,,,, and to tell us that lungu agrees with the British government

    • 1.1 Nostra
      Wandepula kikikikikikikikikikikikiki!
      I still regard one Robert Mugabe as an African hero!
      Just listen to him lambasting them in their home-ground. Yes Bob messed up in some areas but he is the true son of Africa.

    • Robert Mugabe inflicted pain of both friend and foe, in the end, succeeding only to make foes out of former friends. He vacates the presidency a lonely man.

    • Wantanshi is right, all well meaning Zambians are celebrating migabe’s downfall, only those who worship their god on 18th of October are upset.

    • Mugabe is our hero, he repossessed land from whites. Not these PF00Ls handing our land back to tu ma CHONCHO-LEE.

      Sure-sure giving ZNBC, Luburma Market, Lusaka city market, RATSA, NRDC, Chimbokaila to tu ma CHONCHO-LEE & Lebanese.


  2. This is what I like about western society. They call a spade a spade. That’s why they make progress because you can not get cured if you don’t believe that you’re sick in the first place.

    • @Lombe (MA).
      I am not a brainwashed Negro. I know what I am talking about. All I am saying is that western countries will view a situation as it is and make comments correctly. In Africa, even if a head of state goes astray, his friends in neighboring countries will keep quite. So I think that’s one of the factors that make them find solutions to problems quickly. Note that I said ‘western countries’. I didn’t not say white people. It’s more of a cultural thing than racial. Colin powell (a black man) resigned as secretary of state after it was found that there were no Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq after all. He said that it was not right that a country was attacked based on wrong information. There are lots of examples except we don’t have many in Africa


    • @Former PF Supporter I agree with you entirely. It’s more like a cultural thing not to speak out especially when the one in the wrong happens to be older. I mean we see this behaviour even at family level. Mugabe murdered over 20,000 people in matebele land and no neighbouring country raised a voice and yet the west did. We’re our worst enemy.

    • Jim i also agree with you, it’s a cultural thing, mukulu akashulula, don’t say anything, keep quiet and accuse youngest of doing it.

    • @3.4 JIM, They “spoke” and VERY LOUDLY as NEWS! So, did they solve the problem?? The PROBLEM WAS SOLVED BY AFRICANS, among them OUR OWN KK who advised his Ndebele friend Nkomo to enter into a power sharing agreement between Nkomo’s ZAPU and Mugabe’s ZANU!! A GOOD SOLUTION TO AVOID A POTENTIAL CIVIL WAR IN A NEWLY INDEPENDENT COUNTRY, RACIST S.AFRICA WAS CERTAINLY WAITING ON THE FENCE TO PRODUCE ANOTHER RENAMO/FRELIMO or UNITA/MPLA CIVIL WAR SCENARIO!! Great solutions DO NOT COME FROM THE NOISY WEST, but from COOL,WISE BEHIND THE SCENES INTERVENTIONS!! The West made noisy about Mugabe, how much did it help? By the way, do you know that KK had a BIG PART in mediating an end to the Iran/Iraq war fueled by weapons from the West!!

    • But was anyone brought to book for the atrocities? It was business as usual and Mugabe went on to steal an election and brutalised the opposition later. This is the tragedy of the African political experience.

  3. He was a thorn in your backside: “Zimbabweans are not English or European. We have not asked for a square inch of UK or Europe. Blair keep your England, I’ll keep my Zimbabwe”

    We in PF Will not pretend to regret the ousting of Kaponya (HH) from UPND

  4. As result of Mugabe’s regime, Britain received refugees from Zimbabwe in large numbers and as we all know, immigration is on brexit agenda. I think it’s only fair to expect Britain to celebrate with Zimbabwe and the rest of the world, this victory and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with Britain’s reaction. During Mugabe’s reign, black and white Zimbabweans suffered in all sorts of ways.

  5. That is the way it should be……you can not have faliure for decades with a country going backwards…..mugabe only survived because he shouted “colonists and imperalists”….then unleashed terror on his opponents like most dictators do ….

    • Once you hear an African leader crying imperialism just know that he doesn’t want to leave office and is busy manipulating state organs in a dictatorial manner to stay on. More than 50 years of independence and you’re still singing the imaginary and outdated imperialism song composed by Lenin? Come on we can do better. Wise leaders talk about mutually beneficial partnerships with the Western countries. Obviously if you go into a partnership blind folded like most Africans do you will be exploited. It’s called shrewd business. Learn from Botswana and Namibia who’s leaders are busy developing their countries rather than these boring party cadre politics we hear day in and out.

  6. Kwashala Museveni. I hope he learnt a lot from what happened to his Zimbabwean counterpart. The people who initiated Mugabe’s removal are within ZANU-PF.Morgan Tsvangirai was nowhere near.That’s why they say “the enemy within is far more dangerous than the one far away”

  7. How Africans can praise a dictator who impoverished fellow Africans simply because he was insulting the British is beyond me. He kept his Zimbabwe in poverty while he able to fly to Singapore for medical treatment. That is all good because he is Mugabe. Chicken manure!

    • Matako matako (Gluteus Maximus), ubwafya is that Mugabe wanted to restore dignity to his people by giving them land. He messed up by grabbing it forcefully. But the same British messed up big time by renegading on the terms of the Lancaster Agreement. 20 years after independence they were supposed to deal with land distribution inequalities.

      When things went to the wire, the British and the Americans imposed economic sanctions on Zimbabwe which led to the collapse of the economy. Mugabe was not the type that gave up when things went bad, he had a point to prove and he made a case for himself. Yes he had his shortcomings but the British had a big hand in Zimbabwe’s downfall.

      Ask Mugabe, he would ask you, “Have you ever seen any Zimbabwean or indeed an African who owns a farm in…

  8. Reading this article, it’s like doing a math problem It’s gives you satisfaction and not regretting paying taxes.

    • There is absolutely nothing wrong with them benefiting from Africa. The best relationships are always those that benefit all the parties involved. Those that benefit only one party are parasitic, and don’t last.

    • If mugabe’s insults and arrogance against the western countries didn’t improve Zimbabwe’s economy, then it was nonsense.

  9. If Mugabe was just an “ordinary ” African dictator but left the whites alone to enjoy their domination in Zimbabwe, the British were not going disturb him. Yes he was a dictator just like Kabila, but the latter has given free reign to the white man to rape the DRC natural resources undisturbed and as such there’s not even a single word to censure him.

  10. Your African hero was a very cruel man who let his people rape mothers and daughters in front of each other and inserted gun barrels in women’s private parts.

    Goodbye Bob.

  11. African backwardness will continue forever and ever as long as we have insensitive people who enjoy praising and worshipping evil leaders like Bob and his now sad subordinates . What do some of you say to God when you gather at your national prayer days ? You honestly think Mugabe was such a hero ??? Do you really want progress in Africa ?

  12. Here is a the west, the so called advanced countries saying Mugabe was wrong. Here they are, giving an award to Zambia’s opposition leader for fighting for freedoms. Freedoms, you say?? This opposition leader has gone beyond his party’s mandate and changed its constitution to remain in power. This opposition leader has never held intra-party elections to choose leaders but hand picks them himself. Is this the democracy Fergus and his people preach about??? Is this so different from what Mugabe did???

    • Did pf hold elections to decide who to lead the party after sata’s death, who did your man stand against at your show of hands convention?

  13. 19.1. Kwena ba Donki natu mipesha ino week, you are just pushed in the corner, on the receiving end, and it always without exception starts with the under5 diarrhoea mouth. Ba Paradise Papers you sound like a wimping puppy, for a moment I nearly forgot that once a Donki always a Donki!!

  14. The point has been raised that the up.nDonki constitution requires regular elections. Now of course under5 is well aware that he has lost five times and must give way to his colleagues as in any normal democratic party. But for some reason under5 thinks losing four times is good enough so he denies the obvious fact that he has lost five times in order not to be challenged but to be given a “fifth” chance.

  15. It’s up.nDonkis and under5 who want to teach others about democracy. So the onus is on you Donkis and your under5 to show us how it’s done.

    Oh sorry I nearly forgot that it’s child health week, please remind under5 that his centre is Mukobeko clinic.

  16. Isaac because 3/4s of Mandevu residents are from Zim, hence leaving Zim empty and Lusaka clouded. Thank God now they can go back home.

  17. Zimbabwe is a failed experiment. The country has never taken off. Mnangagwa cannot return farmland to the Whites, thank you Zimbabwe for the Mkushi farmers.

  18. Guys, stop going round and biting about the bush. You have a mole and a dictator in your backyard called HH who has held on to that position for 11 years and losing election after election. HH = Mugabe2 and must go NOW! Why do you people pretend in the first place? HH is a liability and must be told so. The chap is so disillusioned that he can ever rule Zambia, just how only him knows in that oval head.
    In 2021 he would have ruled the Tongas in UPND for years without results. Do you wounder why President Sata called him THE UNDER 5?

  19. Guys, stop going round and biting about the bush. You have a mole and a dictator in your backyard called HH who has held on to that position for 11 years and losing election after election. HH = Mugabe2 and must go NOW! Why do you people pretend in the first place? HH is a liability and must be told so. The chap is so disillusioned that he can ever rule Zambia, just how only him knows in that oval head.
    In 2021 he would have ruled the Tongas in UPND for 16 years without results. Do you wounder why President Sata called him THE UNDER 5?

  20. The British are happy Bob is gone because he used to tell them to their faces what he thought of them. By the way are there any Chinese, Indians owning land in Zimbabwe like the case here.

  21. The HRE/Rothschild Baron/British etc governments are only interested in extracting as much wealth for themselves as possible.

    Zimbabwe has the highest literacy rate on the African continent, because of the ZANU-PF government. Land has been redistributed. Also, Zimbabwe has some of the world’s largest diamond deposits, the Chiadzwa and Marange diamond fields. Anglo-American De Beers wants to control those diamond fields, and create a DebZim or ZimDeb like NamDeb in Namibia and Debswana in Botswana, to control the global diamond price, which the Zimbabweans could crush, if they chose to.

    Economic sanctions in 2002 destroyed the Zimbabwe Dollar in 2002. Without those economic sanctions, there would not have been hyperinflation in Zimbabwe. The tobacco industry has recovered anyway…

  22. Also what is amazing and invigorating is reading all these comments and knowing that most people get it, despite 16 years of a $6 billion plus propaganda campaign. 🙂

  23. ” “The immediate priority is to ensure that Zimbabwe has a legitimate government; the only way to achieve that goal is through free and fair elections, held in accordance with the constitution,” he said.”

    Like all the other elections before. In fact the 2013 election was so free and fair, that SADC and the AU gave the green light. Instead, and very anti-democratically, the US government through John Kerry elected not to go with the outcome declared by the ZEC, SADC or the AU, but an obscure NGO called the Zimbabwe Election Support Network (ZESN) a Freedom House grant recipient, and declared the elections were unfair, and economic sanctions would be continued. The American government likes democratic election outcomes – but only certain election outcomes.

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