Responding to the news that Robert Mugabe has resigned as President of Zimbabwe, Salil Shetty, Secretary General of Amnesty International said after more than three decades of violent repression, the way forward for the country is to renounce the abuses of the past.

Mr Shetty noted that the country must enter into a new era where the rule of law is respected and those who are responsible for injustices are held to account.

During 37 years of President Mugabe’s leadership, tens of thousands of people were tortured, forcibly disappeared or killed. President Mugabe condoned human rights violations, defended criminal actions of his officials and allowed a culture of impunity for grotesque crimes to thrive.

He said although Zimbabwe invested heavily in social services in the early years of independence, much of this progress was wiped out by later events such as the Operation Murambatsvina forced evictions campaign of 2005, which destroyed the homes or livelihoods of 700,000 people.

“The people of Zimbabwe deserve better. The next generation of leaders must commit itself to upholding the constitution, living up to Zimbabwe’s international human rights obligations and treating its people with dignity and justice,” Mr Shetty said.


  • 1924: Born
  • 1964: Imprisoned by Rhodesian government
  • 1980: Wins post-independence elections
  • 1996: Marries Grace Marufu
  • 2000: Loses referendum, pro-Mugabe militias invade white-owned farms and attack opposition supporters
  • 2008: Comes second in first round of elections to Morgan Tsvangirai who pulls out of run-off amid nationwide attacks on his supporters
  • 2009: Amid economic collapse, swears in Mr Tsvangirai as prime minister, who serves in uneasy government of national unity for four years
  • 2017: Sacks long-time ally Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa, paving the way for his wife Grace to succeed him. Army intervenes and forces him to step down

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    • President Lungu must be impeached for the following reasons:
      1. He refused to step down and hand over power to the speaker of the National Assembly when the Petition was filed in court.
      2. He kept his Ministers/MP’s in offices when Parliament was dissolved.
      3. He threatened ConCourt Judges and incited violence if his third term bid is blocked by the courts. In fact, he also committed contempt of court for commenting on the case that is still active in court.

      The above are sufficient reasons for his impeachment. Its time Zambians became serious about defending the constitution.

      Mugabe is Gone!! His “students”, other dictators must follow him!!


  1. Salil Shelty must STOP EVIL schemes about ZIMBABWE. EVIL is EVIL .kenneth ROTH writes that a NEW generation of authoritarian populists (WESTERN WORLD) seek to overturn concepts of HUMAN RIGHTS PROTECTIONS,; meaning? It’s HUMAN RIGHTS if the the THIRD WORLDS countries FAILED to succumb POLITICAL IDEOLOGY (of course economic and social issues) WE have SEEN how Boris JOHNSON (British Secretary of State)followed the incidents of ZIMBABWE and CORRUPT COMMENTS in full of the WORLD, EVEN her majesty the QUEEN with toothless mouth HAD sweet moments just to have MUGABE ousted WHILE THEY know that MUGABE turned out of a MONISTER because HIS Human rights were NOT honored by the SAME HUMAN RIGHTS WATCHDOGS.General reports showed (2016) South Africa is posing a danger for human rights on political…


  2. Just praying that Mnangagwa will shed off the cruelty and see Zimbabwe in different picture. Because if he’s not changed things could turn out worse. Remember he’s been Mugabe’s protégé since he was only sixteen or there abouts. People change and let’s hope this includes Emerson.


    • Just like magufuli has turned around things in Tanzania, yet he was part and parcel of the political establishment for many years and couldn’t show his true colors until he got the top job. We can only judge someone’s abilities until they are given the opportunity to run the country.


  3. Respect for rights is what will bring back the Zim diaspora mostly in South Africa, UK Zambia and Botswana. All the waiters in Johannesburg are from Zim presently.



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