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Teaching Service to investigate alleged sexual misconduct by teachers

General News Teaching Service to investigate alleged sexual misconduct by teachers

First Lady, Esther Lungu, speaks at Ndola Teaching Hospital where she donated various items including mattress, wheelchairs and hospital equipment, among others

The Teaching Service Commission of Zambia has instituted investigations into the case of alleged sexual misconduct by teachers in Mkushi District. Commission Chairperson Stanley M’hango says immediate action will be taken against teachers found wanting.

Mr. M’hango says it is sad that the commission has received such a report despite warnings and sensitisation being undertaken. He has also warned teachers to desist from acts that will lead to their dismissal.

Mr. M’hango says the commission will not hesitate to act when criminal offenses are committed especially against the girl child. Reports have emerged from Mkushi where teachers are alleged to have held a sex party with pupils.

And First Lady Esther Lungu has called for serious punishment to be meted out on the teachers who were caught having a sex party with pupils in Mkushi district.
Mrs. Lungu says there is need to ensure that perpetrators of taboos such are punished.

She has noted that if perpetrators go unpunished, crimes of such nature would flourish and girls’ rights will continue to be violated.

Mrs. Lungu says it is regrettable that while government and other stakeholders are busy fighting to end such vices, others are reversing the strides.

Mrs. Lungu has told Journalist in Lusaka that it is unfortunate that teachers who are supposed to provide guidance to pupils are involved in sex parties with the same pupils a situation she has described as inhuman.


  1. While the teachers are very much to blame don’t exonerate these girls who participated in these acts. Both need to be carpetted

    • Guys,
      In the 1970’s when I taught in Luapula, sleeping with a student was a fringe benefit of the job.
      Many of my Canadian colleagues took students back to Canada as their wives.
      Then, the female students were much older, in their 20’s.
      Many were already mothers.
      I think it’s that legacy that plagues the profession today!

    • The teachers must have thought they had died and gone to heaven harvesting those small girls.

      Now the time realise the path of immorality leads directly to hell.h
      The code of ethics is clear:
      Thy shall not engage in sex, or sexual activities with students. Yes we know these small girls are firm and very tight, but they are still young. For these teachers to be inserting their fat warped mandigos into such tight spots is sackable.

    • @Rowan, you can’t compare a 18 year old of 70s to today’s babies.
      Imagine KK fought for independence and became president at 40. KK left office at 66 (looked old), but Lungu at that same age.
      But can today’s 40 years old do, just play soccer.
      Jesus was just 30 years old.
      Today’s 25 year olds teachers have no beads.
      You 30 year olds, do you have pubic hair yet?

  2. Not only teachers but it is happening at one of the girls schools in north western province where a D.C. and teachers are sleeping with the pupils. In 2016 two girls got pregnant one by the D.C. while the other by a friend to the same D.C. activities were happening in the DC house who stays within the school premises in the school house. This year 2017 the DC is seeing a different school girl.

  3. There was no sexual activities. One disappointed female teacher blew up the situation. Sensational reporting by the Daily Nation. Reporters must verify facts.

  4. Many are just turning a blind eye to the reality of life. Today no one can deny that sex is very much part of life among girls especially at high schools. Teachers are supposed to give guidance Yes, but mostly academically. Conduct a survey and see how many girls complete high school education as virgins. If it’s not a teacher then someone else will. Parents should man up to their responsibility of raising their children with values.
    To make matters worse, this was just a sexy party and am sure the girls involved were at least 16 years. I think there are better issues to utilize both time and resources on.

  5. Now I believe that Tongas are swines for sure, ati 60% teachers recruited are bembas and easterners. You want the government to recruit 98% tongas. Zambia is for Zambians not for tonga alone. That’s the reason you are fighting for a tonga HH to rule Zambia with your delirious way of thinking!

  6. Some of your comments here leave much to be desired.
    Who told you that Tongas are swines?
    I take this mediocrity seriousely and i think people should realise that it does not pay to always want to look at dividing others in this fashion.
    Am so dissapointed with some comments here esp the one on Tongas.
    Attack the writer and not the whole tribe and sober up for once.

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