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Mwanakatwe advises the Zambian diaspora community to invest back home

Economy Mwanakatwe advises the Zambian diaspora community to invest back home

MINISTER of Commerce, Trade and Industry, Hon Margaret Mwanakatwe at the UNIDO Least Developed Countries (LDCs) Ministerial Conference
MINISTER of Commerce, Trade and Industry, Hon Margaret Mwanakatwe at the UNIDO Least Developed Countries (LDCs) Ministerial Conference

MINISTER of Commerce, Trade and Industry, Hon Margaret Mwanakatwe, has visited the Zambian community living in Vienna, Austria last  evening.

The minister who is leading the Zambian delegation to the UNIDO Least Developed Countries (LDCs) Ministerial Conference as well as the upcoming UNIDO General Conference, advised the diaspora community to invest back home.

“There is alot to do back home which the diaposra community can take great interest to invest.” She said.

The Zambian delegation is also scheduled to attend the 3rd Industrial Developed Decade for Africa, IDDA 3 meeting on the 30th of November in Vienna which will be a follow up to the previous one which was held in New York on the margins of the UN general Assembly in September this year where the Republican President, Mr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu was the key note speaker.

Meanwhile, Mr Mubanga, the Chairman for the Zambian community living in Austria has advised that the Zambian Government have more technical based universities training in artisanal and advanced modern technology for the key sectors of the Zambian economy.

And in response to Mr Mubanga, Hon Mwanakatwe stated that in the industrial policy, the Ministry has worked closely with line Ministries so that issues such as the development of relevant skills that are relevant to industrial development are developed.

“The curriculum should focus on making students entrepreneurs not just get employed.” She said.

And the diaspora community in Vienna have stated that they are in full support of the government of His Excellency President Edgar Lungu back home in Zambia stating that it was important to give space to the government to bring development.

They stated that in Europe, when one party lost power, they accepted defeat and supported the winner for the good of the people and so that development was fostered.

MINISTER of Commerce, Trade and Industry, Hon Margaret Mwanakatwe at the UNIDO Least Developed Countries (LDCs) Ministerial Conference
MINISTER of Commerce, Trade and Industry, Hon Margaret Mwanakatwe at the UNIDO Least Developed Countries (LDCs) Ministerial Conference

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    • Hahahahah! You are failing to take care and support zambians at home ,,, my foot!!! ati full support of zambians in the diaspora,,,,,, leave us zambians in diaspora alone,, we have lived as country-less ‘ refugees’ for a long time without your support

    • I have built a chicken run and also about to acquire 2 vans.

      My life is set glad my fiancé agreed we might as well invest Home.



    • @Mushota, you are only talking about you and fiancé! Have you have forgotten about child or is it still child-to-be! That’s why invest for our children! Or so that we may leave our children a legacy! Or so that we may pay more taxes so Kaiser can enjoy! Or even so that Etch Etch may privatise and sell to himself! Chicken run needs an abattoir. Mushota- that should be your next focus! A word of advice though:

    • Invest where you can see your money. If you live in Austria, build your house in Austria. Mwanakatwe has never been an immigrant so she is not qualified to give this kind of advise. Pay back your loans!!


    • @Mushota- my ‘nemesis’ I am sorry to hear that! It must have been a traumatic experience! I withdraw my previous comment wholeheartedly! I can only encourage you by saying what The Bible teaches us:
      ‘In due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart.’
      Galatians 6:9 NKJV

    • Really laughable…you honestly need these thieves to tell us to invest, we have been investing way before you got in govt…if you were serious about working with people in diaspora you wouldn’t be spending $1million dollars on $200K Fire Engines or $300K for Ambulances that cost £80K here in the UK.
      Maggie just enjoy your drink you silly woman!!

    • This seems to be the song everyone sings who gets off the plane and meets Zambians in the diaspora.

      The speed of doing business in Zambia is extremely low. Government cannot issue a receipt for taxes, receipts on land transactions have an expiry date, title deeds means nothing to a partisan foot soldier, disposal of cases takes for ever, motorists are victimized by law enforcement officers, most people in government offices cannot address your issues and don’t know who can, most lawyers are just thieves; want to be paid for doing absolutely nothing, banks charge you for maintaining and drawing on your account, “Come tomorrow” is the default business language (no sense of time/urgency), most people (including the people you employ are going to shamelessly steal from you with your…

  1. This woman RB MMD was disqualified from her parliamentary seat and should not be the Minister. This shows the mockery of law that investors will find in Zambia. And now calling for more money to chew from outside awe sure

  2. I think the conditions are not favourable now for one to invest in Zambia until UPND is finished. Its a big risk as these guys are capable of starting a civil war any time as they continue asking for their petition, human rights and break down in rule of law as mr HH sings every day. We need civilised political parties in Zambia. Even HH himself, keeps money outside the country while brewing confusion making tribes rise against each other and busy asking for sanctions from international communities.

    • Wise thinking… HH can ignite that country and leave it, to enjoy his money as we all know that he has his money off shore.

      He seems to be coming out as I have to be president or I burn all of you kind of guy

  3. You invest because you can, not because you are told to. It’s all about personal ability and financial capability.

  4. You are failing to organise yourselves – million of tax payers money and dodgy business deals going on… We invest there, it means taxes we pay get into those silly activities we do not want to indirectly participate in.

    Zambia is becoming a laughing stoke.

  5. Statements like these asking Zambians in the diaspora to invest back home,reflect the governments ignorance at home much Zambians abroad individually do for their families back home. If there were proper systems in place you would find that a large percentage of forex is from Zambians abroad.

  6. Too much wastage in Zambia, most people have a consumption mindset. They run you bankrupt when you step out for a moment.
    Also the public officers want to be bribed at every step, else the paper work gets stuck.

  7. Madame Minister by default, indeed as the diaspora we too would love to borrow money from ceec and not pay back love for our spouse to made CEO for a job he is ill qualified to hold having failed to hold a job in a mobile telephone company due to incompetence. We would love to benefit from kick backs for fibre optic and many other under hand methods while a company makes losses. In the end we manage a sprawling ‘farm stead’ where we use drones to check on our cattle. Maybe we might even throw in the wife as she is connected to an ex-head of state beyond measure. Yes under those conditions we can come and invest!

  8. She is also serving illegally after her election was nullified. She’ll be made to pay for receiving money as the result of fake and dull lawyer who’s misleading them

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