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RDA is claiming K1 million from Buk Truck Parts Limited

General News RDA is claiming K1 million from Buk Truck Parts Limited

THE Road Development Agency (RDA) is claiming an outstanding sum of K1,050,000 from Buk Truck Parts Limited for using the Agency’s Senkobo Quarry in Kazungula Southern Province.

In a Statement of claim filed in the Lusaka High Court, RDA indicated that the defendant had written to the plaintiff requesting permission to commence quarry works of 80,000 tonnes of granite stone at the Senkobo Quarry to enable them supply part of the 310,000 tonnes granite stones required by Zambia Railways Limited (ZRL).

On February 4, 2014, Buk Truck Parts Limited was granted permission to start quarrying along the line of rail for a period of 10 months renewable for a further term on mutual agreements by the two parties .

A fixed royalty of K105,000 per month payable three months in advance was agreed upon and that the contract sum came to K1,050,000 followed by signing of a lease agreement.

RDA then allowed the defendant to start mobilising equipement on January 6 the same year on the strength of a letter from ZRL which requested that the ballast stone was needed urgently to carry out the project of national interest.

That on April 1,2014 the defendant commenced quarrying at Senkobo Quarry on the understanding that they would pay monthly royalties to RDA and quarried for an extended period of 24 months with a delay in operations due to delay in vacating of the previous lease.

Out of the 21 months’ worth of royalties, the defendant has only paid nine months equivalent of royalties amounting to K945,000 leaving a balance of K1,260,000 as at December, 2015.

The plaintiff made several demands to the defendants who has made various undertaking to pay the amount off but has only managed to clear an additional sum of K165,000.00 to date.

In an effort to accommodate the plaintiff’s and as a gesture of goodwill, the parties agreed on a payment plan which the defendant has failed to honor on account that it is facing financial challenges.

“The defendant has neglected, refused and failed to settle its indebtedness to the plaintiff and has occasioned the plaintiff’s loss,” read the court document,”

RDA now wants the high court to order for the outstanding payment of K1,050,000, plus interest on the demanded amount and costs.

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  1. Ben Upendo Katubiya (BUK) owned by Zairean and Tanzanian couple is nothing but a crooked company. everythin in this company is deals deal deals. Congolese cant run a company now i believe. right now we havent been paid sin April when we got half salaries. this man and wife only pay few of thier henchmen. This quarry ZDA is talking about they were selling stones in livingstone through his henchman SIDNEY MUSONDA very very useless and dull man. bad bad man indeed. No education or grade 12 cerificate but that is the main main man. I’m sorry but this company is just a scam. The owners are crimminals and savages. no mercy for thier workers. Even this case they will bribe the ZDA very soon. they owe alot of money. banks, napsa zra, council, the workers who they retrench, LCC, the minister of…

    • You have no conscience & u hateful looking at your write-up. I’m sure u have no God & make my word, ‘you will perish in hell’ if u don’t repent.
      At least the so called Zairean has been running his company for 27 year with clean record & u? Are u the one whose husband was sleeping with a co-worker & fathered a child? U built a mansion after stealing from them? Or are u the a Married lady that fathered a child with yo boss?
      Supposed BUK told u that RDA owe them K46,000 & not reverse & the case was brought by an educated but incompetent lawyer? At least Sydney can think wisely yet not educated. He is loyal not bitter like u.
      I wish u knew the pipo u are persecuting well. U ate from them & looked after u well…Are u normal? Which worker has not been paid? I’m paid
      Which business does…

  2. OK so the story is that BUK owes RDA money. If this was an agreement i honestly don’t see why the debate or the insults, regardless of who owns BUK or where RDA is run from it was an agreement and money should be paid, it really is as simple as that. I hope one day Zambian’s will learn to look at issue’s objectively.

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