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Lifwekelo has no constitutional right to access Parliament-Mulongoti

General News Lifwekelo has no constitutional right to access Parliament-Mulongoti

Mike Mulongoti addressing the media at the conference
Mike Mulongoti addressing the media at the conference
People’s Party President Mike Mulongoti says Patriotic Front (PF) member Edwin Lifwekelo has no constitutional right to access Parliament to push an agenda intended to bar party presidents who have contested in a given party for more than ten years from standing in 2021.

Lifwekelo has been quoted in a named daily tabloid saying if his submission is approved by Parliament to bar anyone who has been running for President in a given party for more than 10 years then UPND President Hakainde Hichilema, FDD President Edith Nawakwi and Heritage Party President Brigadier-General Godfrey Miyanda will be barred from running in 2021.

In an interview yesterday, Mulongoti said Lifwekelo who is former United Party for National Development (UPND) Deputy Spokesperson is not a Member of Parliament to propose such an agenda because constitutionally every Zambian has a right to elect and be elected.

Mulongoti has since urged Lifwekelo to stop wasting his time and concentrate on discussing important issues affecting the citizens.

“Edwin Lifwekelo has no constitutional right to access Parliament to push an agenda intended to bar party presidents who have contested in a given party for more than ten years from standing in 2021” Mulongoti said


    • What will be effect on the economy if this measure is taken? Will Zambia start adding value to its copper? Will the kwacha gain strength? Will every kid be enrolled into school? Will….. etc, if i was lifwekelo i would push for parliament to enact a law were people assemblies can meet every year to appraise their mps, and if not satisfied, such mps should be recalled, then we will see development and not this monkey crap he is suggesting.

    • It’s a stupid proposal Wisdom.
      It’s up to each party to decide, thorough respective constitutions to decide how long someone rules them. Parliament would be infringing on parties rights .
      Be wise Wisdom.

  1. This is a Good idea and it should include MP who have saved more than 10 years let new and young leaders take over leadership in this all parties. we are tired recycling some people. time for young people to lead the way in politics and not type of succession in zimbabwe from old to crocodile.

    • It makes sense for MP’s. Too many tools in parliament all in the name of ‘Twalya Again’. On the presidential aspirants i find it very vague. Imagine if it applied then Sata would never had his chance to leave the looters for us.

  2. Hmmmmml……..hasn’t this been done because of the likely ruling that the concourt will make regarding their President’s eligibility to stand in 2021? So they thought of stopping other candidates too, from contesting in 2021.My thoughts…anyway

    • Tulefilila munsenga mentality, if we can’t have it, they will also not have it.

      He is just wasting his precious time, let him just enjoy the scraps falling from the high table quietly.

  3. A citizen can petition his / her MP to present a proposal to parliament. After all the MPs represent us and our expectations. I don’t whether the channel used by Lifweks is right or wrong.

    • Its very wrong. He decided not to follow the correct channel…..eell it’s not surprising for a riff-ruff like Reuben.

  4. it is untenable in law.ECL has being an MP before and should that count having served more than necessary. cheap thinking at play or show blind loyaty to ECL. another boot licker. there is no law that bars a person who has lost election several times from contesting. The law of limiting president terms is bar the person who has served the nation as a President not someone who has never served before.

  5. The problem we have in Zambia are charlatans who have nothing to do and Zambians let them talk as if they know it all. mediocre at play…. We need to up our game and do better for our nation than let base talk from one TV station to another. Surely , we must regret to have such people like Bowman Lusambo as leaders…. let us put our best and compete globally. listen to tayali

  6. We have a lot of jokers and attention seekers in Zambia. People want to proof relevance at all cost to the ruling party in order to be seen to be working. Shame on them. Shame on Edwin Lifwekelo. Jobless is a dangerous state and is what is killing Zambia democracy. People do not understand opposition parties. Key role of opposition is offer checks and balances. That is number one role. All else is secondary and should be dealt with by the opposition party itself. That is why each one is allowed to form your own party and run with it. Whether people follow you is nobody business because supporters are intelligent people.

  7. if democracy really exist, I have not met or heard of any leader who is democratic since 1967. How can you claim to be democratic when:
    1. you are the only mp wanting to contest in your area for 3 to 4 terms.
    2. you run two terms and still want a third term like chiluba.
    3. you loose five elections and still believe you are the best in your party and others are useless
    4. you only form a political party because you have been kicked out from another
    5. Only see bad in yo political opponents
    6. you choose leaders based on tribe

  8. ECL has been president for 3yrs for that matter,,, not even a full term and you are already talking about his eligibility.. A term id Five yrs and not 1 year six months.. period!!

  9. We always try to find ways to create laws to fix other people, why can we spend time creating laws that can fix the economy? For example giving powers to Auditor General Office to prosecute thieves.

  10. Right on Lifwekelo. Why should one fail to win presidential elections more than 4 times? Means something is wrong some where! Better to limit such people, either they are jokers or Zambian voters take them to be jokers! We don’t need jokers in state house!

  11. Foolish thinking Juju. ECL started taking about his 3rd term himself in Solwezi 4 weeks ago. We didnt start it.

  12. Mister Lifwekelo, I empathise with you because you are not physiologically right, but please talk and not bark. Nonsesnse.

  13. Each time Lifwekelo advances a cause of a ruling party, he sounds out of touch with reality and also nonsensical. Even William Banda seems to have some integrity.

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