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Police arrest eight people for vandalizing road

General News Police arrest eight people for vandalizing road

Police in Ndola on the Copperbelt have arrested eight people for stealing road materials on newly constructed roads in Masala and Hillcrest area.

Ndola City Council Public Relations Manager Tilyenji Mwanza confirmed the development with ZANIS saying the local authority carried an inspection yesterday after the contractor Poly Technology complained to the council that some individuals have been stealing the stone base which the contractor leaves along the road.

Ms. Mwanza said that the stones base is meant to protect the road from erosion especially with the onset of the rains.

She said during the inspection exercise police arrested eight individuals who were caught red handed with wheels barrow and shovels removing the stone base and transporting them to private homes.

Mr. Bwalya expressed disappointment at the unpatriotic conduct of some members of the local community, saying the vandalism of roads would not only harm the physical beauty of the roads but would result in damaging roads which would affect the economy negatively.

He has since appealed to the law enforcement agencies not to take these cases of vandalism lightly as they are tantamount to sabotage and frustrating government’s efforts to develop the country.


    • Just after reading the headline i was convinced its UPND and Kambwili. Your friends are stealing money and you are stealing stones.

    • This is theft. There are laws to deal with this.

      For those here that think this type of theft is only committed by black people, think again. It happens everywhere. My advice to you is stop seeing colour in deeds. There are good people, as there are bad ones. You are the ones with the inferiority complex and need to deal with. Change your ways.

  1. One irony is that you find that the same vandals open their mouths the loudest condemning the PF of not delivering development forgetting that they are the very ones who are busy reversing the gains the government is trying to achieve

  2. Ubupupu bwamfikilwa ubwamumulopa! Stealing anything one comes across including icikolopo, imfikilwa and the like! This is not poverty, but one is just tormented by evil spirits. The fingers are magnetized to attracting and taking away anything seen!

  3. The law should take its course and swiftly. This calls for heavy fines and/or jail terms. Make an example of these saboteurs. No mercy on them.

  4. the suspects are nether PF nor PF but simply bad guys. when politics is your head , you normally accuse your enemy. Let the law work. Bemba, nyangas, Lozi , tonga and many others are good people.
    we must be so ashamed that we can think very low and accuse tribes. Crime is crime whether it is committed in southern, cooperbelt ,eastern or western.

  5. There has never been this level of desparation from the oppoisition since Zambia retuned to multi-party politics . Even during the reign of Kaunda there was no such desparation even though there were oppositing views. What the opposition should know is that when you create bad behaviour in a nation you, if you become a leader that same behaviour will haunt you.

  6. Utujilijili muleke. Where does Ms Mwanza suddenly becomes Mr Bwalya. You editors need to reed what your Matero journalists are putting on a social media. I understood little to nothing because I could not relate to Ms Mwanza and Mr Bwalya in this post.

  7. Once these 8 characters are proven guilty, and hoping it wont take ages, should be given maximum sentences. They are the type that burn markets and find joy when others are in sorrow. The type are the TRUE OPPOSITION that we have in Zambia because their works are felt by all well meaning people. CAGE THEM.

  8. Funny! Its Tongas who steal anything, even women! They first steal a woman thereafter say its marriage! Nga ni ng’ombe esho beba sana! They are very cunning thieves! And yet pretend to be humble! Good example HH! Aiba Ku privatisation, and wants to look humble!

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