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U.S President Donald Trump commends Zambia as a model of democracy

Headlines U.S President Donald Trump commends Zambia as a model of democracy

Zambia’s Ambassador to the U.S Dr. Ngosa Simbyakula
Zambia’s Ambassador to the U.S Dr. Ngosa Simbyakula

 U.S President Donald Trump has praised Zambia for being a model of democracy in the region and on the African continent. President Trump says Zambia and the United States share common values and interests of fostering peace and stability with a sound record of commitment to democracy and democratic transitions.
President Trump has also applauded Zambia’s diplomatic engagements and commitment in the region by distinguishing itself in providing peacekeepers to the United Nations mission in the Central African Republic. He noted that Zambia has continued to welcome refugees from its neighbouring countries and other African nations.
“These actions help stabilize the region. The United States values our partnership with Zambia and will continue to work with you to increase mutually beneficial trade and investment. We will continue with efforts to spur economic growth and promoting good governance and shared priorities between our two countries,” President Trump said.
President Trump said this when he received Zambia’s Ambassador to the U.S Dr. Ngosa Simbyakula during presentation of letters of credence at White House on Wednesday.
“It is with great pleasure that I accept your letter of credence which establishes you as Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Zambia, and I acknowledge receipt of the letter of Recall of your predecessor, Ambassador Palan Mulonda, who represented Zambia in the United States.
“I look forward to working with you to preserve and strengthen Zambia’s leadership in promoting peace, stability, and good governance and advance our common interests to deepen the strong partnership. Welcome to the United States,” President Trump said.
And Ambassador Dr. Simbyakula in conveying President Edgar Lungu’s warm greeting to President Trump, said Zambia and the U.S have maintained close bilateral relations based on mutual values and shared interests. These have promoted economic growth and development and enhanced political reform through the promotion of democratic principles such as good governance and accountability to the rule of law.
Dr. Simbyakula said Zambia is proud of the record she has maintained since her independence in 1964 of being a peaceful nation within the Southern African region and on the continent. He said President Lungu is committed to fostering peace and reconciliation. The Ambassador further informed the U.S President that Zambia will take advantage of its election as a member of the Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) Organ Troika on Politics, Defense, and Security to foster peace and stability in the region and security of the African continent.
Dr. Simbyakula also said the Zambian Government greatly appreciates the assistance that the U.S Government offers through United States Agency for International Development (USAID) focusing on areas such as agriculture, education, health and economic growth. In addition, Zambia is an active participant in the U.S President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) which works closely with the Zambian Government in combating the HIV and AIDS pandemic.
“The people and Government of Zambia also appreciate the benefits accrued from the work of the Millennium Challenge Account in Lusaka which is focusing on business reforms and improving water supply and sanitation. Furthermore, Zambia is grateful for the opportunity created by the Africa Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) to facilitate trade with the United States,” Dr. Simbyakula said. 

Zambia’s Ambassador to the U.S Dr. Ngosa Simbyakula
Zambia’s Ambassador to the U.S Dr. Ngosa Simbyakula


  1. UPND doesn’t like such positive comments about Zambia. Trump should have told Simbyakula that the election in Zambia was rigged.

    • Jonathan and Trump practice politics of divisiveness, and promote hatred. Neither is competent in their respective jobs. Trump travels a lot less at least, and is not as corrupt. He also has a vision, warped as it is.

      Nonetheless, there will be no pat on the back for Jonathan after being commended by a fellow tyrant.

    • Donald Trump is either smoking something dangerous to his mental health or this is fake news. The world knows Zambia is governed by a ruthless dictator, a recent graduate of the world’s wicked despot, Mugabe.

    • So invisible trump followed kambyakula to his office? Ba pf the way i know you, when it comes to recognition talk, you mean you can waste time with a lonely kambyakula office photo and not show us shaking trumps hand at Whitehouse. You dying for recognition imwe bantu, iyo ni inferiority complex.

    • Trump doesn’t even know half of what is happening in the White house so how can he make such wild claims? Let him and rocket boy just play with their fireworks.

    • Shu shu shu or whatever you call yourself, your addiction to UPND is worrying indeed. Do you fall sick when a day passes without mentioning the name of either HH or UPND or what?

    • Donald Trump is himself a forged President with the help of Russians so what do you expect him to say about his fellow election rigger Jonathan Chaima Lungu. As I understand it DT has been tweeting about and championing far-right BNP and celebrating them. He is now recruiting Ngosa Simbyakula who he can’t even pronounce his name as a terrorist. Trump and Simbyakula go away both of you! You are cowards.

    • Speech just written for Trump, the guy does not even know where Zambia is. However, once he knows the truth about Zambia, the shock will begin

    • If Zambia is a model democracy then North Korea is the most peaceful country and only trying to protect itself against potential tyranny.

    • HH is busy playing the clown and entertaining his sponsors whose only interest is to rape Zambia economically. Wake up HH and smell that coffee from the White House, the center of democracy. Trump says Zambia is a model of democracy. In which country are you living HH? Sober up in your mind and come back home from your worthless dream to your senses. We need you here, not in Utopia. We know you can contribute positively without the devil in you.

  2. This is good recognition for Zambia. Trump has realized we don’t even impose travel bans like he does.

    Youngsters like Hakainde don’t even know what Democratic tenets are.

    Kekekeke i agree with shu shu shu as UPND do not like this kind of good words about Zambia.UPND want to hear Trump urging PF Govnt to hear HH’s petition way after 14 days ended!!
    Plus HH told us that he will talk to Trump to reverse 2016 results,any latest about this?Kekekekekeke!!!
    Am sure now HH wont make any noise about our democracy which A POWERFUL NATION(AMERICA) ON EARTH AS RECOMMENDED!!
    come 2021 ni PF nafuti nafuti!!
    NJIMBU BB 2017!!!

    • I doubt if this is diplomacy. Trump is anything but a diplomat. He speaks what is on his mind. Of course he said what he said from the reports he got from the CIA and the American Embassy in Lusaka. This report on its own should be a wake up call to UPND to move on and start preparing for 2021.

    • America does not sugarcoat matters of democracy. They are forthright on matters of democracy and Trump means well about Zambia.

  4. Who would be proud of an accolade from the craziest President that ever lived? Only Lusaka Times would trumpet such

    • Iam a philosophy student and there’s definitely no logic like that. You’re trying to sound Intelligent and impressive perhaps its working but its quackery

  5. And then Donald Trump turned to and aide and asked ” where is Zambia?”. He said “I know where Nambia is, but never heard of this place. Is that where Mugabe just resigned? Who is President there now? Kabongo? Or isn’t his name something like Kabila?”
    “Well I am sure that whoever he is he is a very good man!”

  6. Does he even know where Zambiya is! Bene HH don’t he isn’t sure what he is talking about not because we did win elections but because the dude only knows China, North Korea, Russia and UK. He has heard about Australia. He thinks New Zealand is a province of Australia. He has heard about Japan… Bene Tilampu sivintu

  7. Thanks Mr Trump for such wonderful comments; Zambia has always been a leader in democracy in Africa and will always be and Mr Lungu has demonstrated this thus far. God bless Zambia

  8. Do not mind whether trump knows where Zambia is or not. The speeches are written by aides who know each country in question, such as Zambia, very well. What the aides write and the President reads is therefore representative of the government’s views on that country, in this case Zambia. The aides would not give the President misleading views.

    • Sorry to have to tell you – Donald Trump does NOT KNOW HOW TO READ! He is illiterate. He gets his news not from aides, but from TV – Fox and Friends, who also don’t even know where Zambia is!

      Google “Samantha Bee On Why Trump Can’t Read” and “Uh-Oh: Does Donald Trump Know How to Read? | HuffPost”

  9. When Trump commends Zambian democracy, he’s commending all Zambians including HH so trying to be bitter about is futile.

  10. trump actually meant NAMBIA, not Zambia

    you pf fools should be ashamed of yourselves. trump has no freaking clue where Zambia is, he knows nothing about Zambia, he don’t give a rat’s ass about blacks here and you surely think he’d care about Zambians. y’all must be out of you damn minds!. are you that desperate or just plain stupid?. that’s not a rhetorical btw

  11. Zambia is far a better country in the international arena and even our democracy is way above average. Yes, we have many challenges by we don’t under 5 inexperienced and puffed up tuma politicians to turnish the image of our country. You know what i mean!

  12. The hypocrisy of you guys goes beyond the pail, these guys you are calling imperialists everyday are now flavour of the day because he has said something that suits you, how ironic? He is talking about the Zambia of yesterday and if democracy is so wonderful? why then are you failing to fully embrace and practice it fully. You dont need the endorsement of the likes of trump to prove your adherence to democracy. What is obvious is that there is something that Zambia is doing that is in the intrest of the Americans.

    • Thankfully this time, this is not one of Donald Trump’s infamous tweets! The ever beleaguered and embattled American president must have awoken to his astonishment, finding himself wearing an admirably good haircut today. He certainly deserves our applause, in his world, a rare happenstance.

  13. After loss number 6 Adolf looked at the balance sheet and saw a gapping hole in the books. He threw tantrums with his lawyer in toe and huffed and puffed off to the concot. He spent the entire 15 days filing preliminary issues and assuring his followers that DT would sort out ECL on their behalf. When Suker told him the world(sic) believed he was a cry baby he referred to the elections in Kenya as a blanket on what he saw as hope. When old Bob negotiated his departure he mused that this was coming to his backyard. Indeed the man whose credentials have been accepted left as a bad constitution but he is our rep in these hoods.

    • Is there much difference between Trump and Lungu? Has not Trump’s election raised eyebrows Russia being accused of playing a role in rigging? Has not Lungu’s election been challenged and the matter strangled by the so called Concort, with a Ugandan being accused of tempering with the server at Mulungushi? Has Trump not been insulting the media to the point of threatening closures? Thanks to the powerful senate in the US, he can’t. Is Lungu’s story any better with the media? Where is the Post? What has been happening to Muvi? Prime? Komboni and many other TV and Radio Stations? Yes some people can be fooled by that sugar coated speech, but not all the people all the time. In fact Simbyakula is a big disappointment to the legal fraternity, how did he allow a law student Lungu to mislead him…

  14. Provocations by Upnd won’t help but lender their party useless. Let them improve the 10 point plan. Upnd is now competing with Kambwili NDC by displaying falsehood within and out side the country in order to win sympathy.Pf is busy implementing their manifesto. Come 2021 nisonta .don’t cry .

  15. Its not trump but America is happy with Zambia s democracy. I am sure Americans have done their home work in Africa and Zambia beats them all. Lets be proud with our nation.

  16. These are fake comments from Trump. How can he say things like that when he did not even know where Zambia was 2 weeks ago when he talked about importing wildlife trophies? Ba PF dont believe in such sarcastic comments. They are making full of you. It like telling an ugly guy that you are sooooo handsome.

  17. But ba Zambia, we like ukuyumfwisha bwino…

    Ba ambassador, tell us new things about your achievements in the economic diplomacy.

    The peace, democracy, friendly people, rich natural resources songs we have heard them a million times.

    Tell us what your office plans to achieve in contribution to reducing poverty levels in Zambia…

  18. Pama Fi LIERS. WHY IS THERE NO PHOTO OF EVEN A HANDSHAKE. WHEN U PRESENT DIPLOMATIC CREDENTIALS. IT’S ALMOST A CEREMONY AND THERE ARE PHOTOGRAPHERS TO DOCUMENT. AGAIN LIERS. ATTENTION SEEKER. I believe Ngosa submitted his credentials but to some low level WH staffers and was given a pre-written statement to take with home to show Jameson Jonathan. And I also believe it was signed by Trump.

  19. Zambia has never been a True Democracy and it not committed to respecting Human Rights, Rule of law, Due Process and Democracy.

  20. Trump has looked at the fact that Zambia has seen two sitting presidents lose elections and concede defeat and hand over power peacefully.

  21. Is there much difference between Trump and Lungu? Has not Trump’s election raised eyebrows Russia being accused of playing a role in rigging? Has not Lungu’s election been challenged and the matter strangled by the so called Concort, with a ugandan being accused of tempering with the server at Mulungushi? Has Trump not been insulting the media to the point of threatening closures? thanks to the powerful senate in the US, he can’t. Is Lungu’s story any better with the media? Where is the Post? What has been happening to Muvi? Prime? Komboni and many other TV and Radio Stations? Yes some people can be fooled by that sugar coated speech, but not all the people all the time.

  22. One of our daily papers today has a picture of Trump and Simbyakula shaking hands at the White House. I am surprised that some people were boasting that they were talking to Trump regarding lasts year’s elections, today they are saying bad things about Trump. Typical turncoats. They will only say good things about anything if it is in their favour. We are yet waiting to hear what insults they will heap on the Catholics if the Catholics say anything positive about the government. They will forget that Bishop Telesphore Mpundu was in the forefront to seek the release of their small god from prison.

    • Well said this is the memory we need to keep our shrewd politicians at bay. Those who think that Zambians have a short memory are in for a rude shock. “We are talking to Trump” was the majestic statement from a named opposition political leader who has never never held a democratic convention since his “coronation”. and yet he keeps on crying day in and day out that ECL is a dictator. ECL has only started saving his first term while the “King” (HH) who was installed 11 to 12 years ago still clings to power like tick.

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