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Chief Mweemba palace ablaze while he was sleeping in his house

Rural News Chief Mweemba palace ablaze while he was sleeping in his...

Chief Mweemba (r) and Chief Sinazongwe joyfully welcomes President edgar Lungu at Chief Sinazongwe Palace in Southern Province yesterday 21-04-2017. Picture by ROYD SIBAJENE/ZANIS
Chief Mweemba (r) and Chief Sinazongwe joyfully welcomes President edgar Lungu at Chief Sinazongwe Palace in Southern Province 21-04-2017. Picture by ROYD SIBAJENE/ZANIS

Senior Chief Mweemba of Sinazongwe District this morning sustained severe burn after his palace was set ablaze by unknown people around 03:00 hours.

This is in a continued power struggle where succession disputes surrounding his chieftaincy have deepened as some members of his family are not happy about the way he was installed as Chief.

Southern Province Commissioner of Police Bonny Kapeso identified other victims who were burnt along as Clement Hantoboolo 37, Paul Sinakatonga 48 and Mubita Mubita 19 who sustained severe burns all over their bodies and property whose value is yet to be ascertained was destroyed.

Mr Kapeso tells Radio Chikuni News that the crime scene was visited and the house was found still on fire and it was established that petrol was the source of the fire, but no clues were immediately noticed.

The victims have been taken to Maamba General Hospital where they are currently admitted while investigations have continued.


    • 1.1 that’s the only answer because the chief is one of the handful Tonga chiefs to accommodate HE Lungu. This how vicious upnd is. They even confuse the farming input distribution so as make the government unpopular. But it’s not Lungu suffering, it’s all Zambians regardless of their affiliations.

  1. Not a surprise at all. This is what these tribes can do. Just watch what HisHighness (HH) is doing to get to state house. Its all the drama and trouble as you have never seen.
    Disaster tribe!

  2. Useless Tongas. These tongas dont even have security at their chiefs palaces. National security will be exposed if under 5 is in plot 1.

  3. The petrol bomb specialists are at it, sponsored by the graveyard sleeper. They believe that it’s an abomination for any Tonga to associate with the PF government. Kadansa at work

  4. imwe bantu we all have read about power struggle so why make it seem like a political issue?a few months ago a chief in central province was shot to death over power struggle and it was taken as such now that it is in tonga land you start with unsubstantiated claims.

  5. I just don’t understand why these days we have a clique of people who hate the Tonga people. What has happened? I have lived most of my life and associated with different tribes of Zambia but I have never experienced this hate mentality anywhere before now. What is going on kanshi?

    • Nobody hates the Tongas. It’s your attitude that people don’t like. I visited some club in Kalulushi and what I saw and heard was very frightening. One chap who I discovered was not even Tonga but Luvale was shouting that the best thing to do was to get rid of bembas in one way or another. He was shouting obscenities at the TV when the president was shown. I’d no option but to move to another place.

  6. When you hate yourself, when you begin to sing a song of being targeted you slowly believe your lies and you become scared for life the result is low self esteem and the end result is loss of purpose. Chundu Chiaitwa you come in droves to cast a blind vote when you lose you cry foul! Noone hates you you hate yourselves….

  7. Upnd is the worst opposition party to have ever existed in Zambia!!!
    senior chief Mweemba has been punished by upnd for simply hosting president Edgar Lungu and working with a Govnt of the day.
    When we told you that its upnd cadres who burnt City Market,you thought we just hate upnd.HAVE U SEEN NOW?When “cuundu chaitwa” chairman HH was mu ndende (mukobeko) we witnessed fire after fire caused by upnd cadres!!!UPND IS A CURSED PARTY!!!THIS IS THE REASON WHY GOD KEEPS ON PUNISHING HH BY LOSING ELECTION AFTER ELECTION!!THE BLOOD SHED IN THIS FIRE IS ON HH’S HEAD!!!tears of those who lost goods in city market haunt HH on daily basis!!SUFFERINGS OF MINERS WHO LOST JOBS AFTER HH&FTJ CHILUBA SOLD MINES VIA PRIVATIZATION SHALL EVER BE ON HH!!!as long as upnd wont realise this curse placed on…

  8. Continue…..
    as long as upnd cannot realise this curse placed on HH’s head,upnd shall continue losing election after election not until this devil worshiper called Kainde is replaced as upnd chairman!!
    Anyway,we wish senior chief Mweemba a quick recovery and RIP Mubita Mubita!!!
    NJIMBU BB 2017!!

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