The deplorable Kafue-Chikankata-Mazabuka road
The deplorable Kafue-Chikankata-Mazabuka road

The PF leadership in Southern Province is happy that the debate on the rehabilitation of the Kafue-Mazabuka Road has been put to rest following the assurance by state house that the road will be rehabilitated.

Recently, State House through President Lungu’s Special Assistant for Project Monitoring, Andrew Chellah said it will engage the ministry of Finance to ensure that funds are released for the rehabilitation of the deplorable Kafue-Chikankata-Mazabuka Road.

And Chellah disclosed that the Road Development Agency (RDA) has already identified a contractor (INYATSI) to patch up dangerous potholes as a short term measure.

In a statement yesterday, Southern Province Information and Publicity Secretary Trymore Mwenda said this development puts to rest the many questions that people of southern province have been raising regarding the aforementioned road which has deteriorated over time due to lack of maintenance by previous Governments.

Mr. Mwenda added that this is another demonstration by President Edgar Lungu that his administration will take development across the country and that no part will be left hence his declaration that no project is too far or too small for the government’s developmental agenda.

“As if that was not enough President Edgar Chagwa Lungu has directed that development should be equally distributed to all parts of the country hence the tour of the Kafue-Mazabuka Road by Mr. Chellah to get firsthand information on the scope of work”

“What else could be better than state house itself acknowledging that the road in its current state requires attention following years of lack of maintenance”

“Our call is on our people of Southern Province and stakeholders to be patient as government mobilizes resources to facilitate rehabilitation and upgrade of the road”

“We note with delight that the Road Development Agency (RDA) has already identified a contractor (INYATSI) to patch up dangerous potholes as a short term measure until after the rain season when the long term solution will be executed”

“This is as it should be to ensure public property and lives are safeguarded. It cannot be over emphasized that the Kafue-Mazabuka Road is of huge economic significance looking at the country’s agriculture and tourism sectors which cannot thrive and flourish without an all-weather road system” Mwenda said

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  1. About time! This road is the bread winner road for Zambia. You just have to look at the number of trucks carrying copper and other goods to South Africa on the way to Europe, China, America, Middle East and Asia.



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