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Senior citizen calls for enhanced support and care for people living with HIV/AIDS

Health Senior citizen calls for enhanced support and care for people living with...

A senior citizen of Livingstone, Mutinta Mulonda has called for enhanced support and care for people living with HIV by families.

Mrs. Mulonda of Zambezi sawmills compound, observes that people living with HIV often face hatred by their families and society at large.

She has further urged families to offer support and care for such people, saying they depend on them.

Mrs. Mulonda adds that myths surrounding possible ways of contracting the virus when giving care have been well expressed by ministry of health personnel through trained counselors.

She notes that neglecting and discriminating people living with HIV, is a setback in the fight against loss of lives through the pandemic, adding that families have an important role in enhancing the welfare of HIV positive people.

Mrs. Mulonda further bemoaned that discrimination has led to many deaths as those infected end up in self-denial thereby failing to adhere to treatment.

And Mrs. Mulonda further states that families need to ensure that they do not discriminate such people but encourage them to take medication accordingly.

The concerned citizen was speaking recently at a Radio Musi O Tunya public forum in Zambezi sawmills, that looked at measures taken by the ministry of health to mitigate the spread of HIV/AIDS in the tourist capital.


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