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UPND challenges President Lungu to call for early elections

Headlines UPND challenges President Lungu to call for early elections

UPND Spokesman Charles Kakoma
UPND Spokesman Charles Kakoma

The opposition UPND has challenged President Edgar Lungu to call for early elections following his statement that opposition parties are scared of meeting him in the 2021 elections.

While featuring on a special program on ZNBC where he went to check on rehabilitation works to the studios, President Lungu said some people are scared of facing him in the next general election the reason why they do not want him stand.

UPND Spokesperson Charles Kakoma says if indeed President Lungu believes he is popular, he should him call early elections now instead of waiting for 2021.
Mr. Kakoma states that the statement by the Head of State is highly deceptive.

He says President Lungu is so unpopular such that if elections were held today, he would get 40 percent less votes than what he got in 2016.

Mr. Kakoma claims that his party has data from a survey conducted by credible international researchers to that effect that with all the corruption, unemployment, poverty and poor governance under his administration, President Lungu cannot win the election.

In a separate interview, National Democratic Congress (NDC) Spokesperson Eric Chanda says President Lungu would be the weakest presidential candidate in the 2021 election.
He says to the contrary the NDC is not scared of President Lungu.


  1. It was unnecessary for UPND to issue challenge for an early election. What you could have said is that you be given an opportunity to show and prove that you won’t the last election in Court. A winner doesn’t challenge a Challenger.

    Meanwhile, Erick Chanda, the NDC spokesman is a PF plant in NDC. He was planted there by PF. Ba NDC baleshipula!

  2. Lungu was specific. He said 2021 elections. So just sit on your haunches and wait. This is democratic Zambia. People would rather here it from Trump than from their own.

  3. Kwena Ba UPND mulifibuba Even a lay person on politics can see this, how does Lungu call for an early election when he have a mandate of 5 years to save this country.Thats cheap politics. Talk sensible things that can build the country.
    Mr Kakoma show us your intelligence,kanshi naimwe nimwe ba Under 5.Mwasebana.

  4. Kekekekeke calling for an early election to prove a point with a loser HH who has lost each and every election since 2006?GET A LIFE CHARLES KAKOMA!!!ECL was talking about 2021 elections and not earl ones.moreover,we also have data which clearly states that if ECL stands in 2021,he will 100% win ,SO WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT KAKOMA?
    its like Chipolopolo boys asking to play Brazil next sunday and saying we shall beat them when they have never beaten Brazil football team since 1964!!!DREAMS ARE FREE BUT CONTROL THEM BO KAKOMA.YOUR UPND IS ONLY POPULAR IN 3.5 PROVINCES BUT VERY WEAK IN PF STRONGHOLDS!!!
    Allow PF to develop Zambia in peace.this is time to work until 2021 and many Zambians are not interested in upnd’s cheap politics!!!
    NJIMBU BB 2017!!!

  5. What a useless challenge. This guy knows that such a thing can never happen but goes ahead to issue a ridiculous challenge.

    • There are always politicking that ia want ECL was saying. These guys have nothing else to offer Zambians than going for elections. Are you not tired of loosing for you to at least take a break from elections.

  6. Early election??? That is all these guys are dreaming about. No plan no nothing just state house. That way they cannot question their “King” on why he has been losing elections for 5 times now. They will always look outside while leaving the elephant in the room.

  7. This party is full of dunderheads! What does the constitution say about election dates? Life does not revolve around Namwala! Wow! What a waste! Losers! I sometimes wonder if all UPND members have ever been to school, from Hazaluza, to HaJayJay, HaLombe, and that HaKalilo guy!

  8. Edgar clearly stated 2021. Wishiful thinking as usual. Ba kolokombwa aba taba kwata amano. You are indeed under fives. The late was right. What makes HH thinks is popular. If anything HH has become irrelevant to Zambian politics.

  9. Edgar Lungu is now doormat! Even myself can win a presidential post if I stood against him. Lungu is the most hated person in Zambia.

  10. @Kelvin Munde-given a chance,our local opposition parties especially upnd would love to be having elections in Zambia every after 6 months until their loser HH wins.as long as HH loses,upnd would love to subject Zambians to elections every after 6 months!!!THIS IS HOW DESPERATE UPND IS FOR STATE HOUSE!!!
    since HH lost 2016 elections,what has he done in Luapula,Northern,Muchinga,Eastern,CB,LSK to win popularity above PF?does upnd know that majority voters in Zambia live in rural areas and do not worry about unemployment,corruption,good governance which UPND sing about?there is no facebook,tv,radio in many rural areas to listen to HH.SO HOW HAS HH GAINED POPULARITY ABOVE PF IN PF STRONGHOLDS WHERE HE HAS NEVER BEEN TO CAMPAIGN SINCE 2016?KEKEKEKEKEKE …..many upnd leaders such as Kakoma…

  11. @Truth:yes president Lungu is the most hated person in your bantustan areas.BUT IS THIS NEW?never,it has ever been like this since 2006.this is how upnd followers hated late Michael Sata to the extent that upnd cadres even celebrated his death in 2014!!!
    Look,we had 14 by elections in August,2017 and PF won 12 including in upnd strongholds.THIS IS WHAT MATTERS MOST AND NOT CLAIMING POPULARITY ONLINE!!!
    your HH has never won an election since 2006 and since 2016 elections,HH has never campaigned in PF strongholds,SO HOW HAS HE GAINED POPULARITY TO BE ABOVE PF IN 6.5 PROVINCES?KEKEKEKEKEKE….DAGGA BA UPND!!!
    NJIMBU BB 2017!!!

  12. not even in a million years that can never happen….early elections..?? facts will only be realised when there will be MP bye election either in Lusaka or copperbelt….

  13. Now you understand why Zambia can never entrust power to a tribal party to Govern. It’s already hell in their place as opposition and just imagine being ruled by such confused and dunderhead tribesmate.
    It’s time Zambians stated beating these opposition in UPND. They are so destructive. I used to respect my Tonga friends but looking at these guys do when left alone, I have second thoughts honestly. HH has destroyed the Tongas.

    • Nzelu good post but it is no laughing matter. Absolutely no credible opposition. The opposition has no strategy to win over new voters. Njimbu has summed it up very well reference opposition reaching out in PF strongholds for winning over the communities

  14. Why allow Lungu to waste public resources longer than necessary. It does have to be UPND and their nonsense but anybody else. The Green Party?

  15. Petty political milage so what is the problem with what the president said. President did not say lets vote now. I have never seen such bukopo in an elderly man like this gumugumu. These guys are a disaster. UPNDoshi!

  16. Zambians in pf strongholds who wanted lungu to lose will vote for kambwili in 2021. get it from me badala. they voted for upnd because they had no choice but vote for the next available party. eg scott, mulenga, sampa etc. in 2021 upnd will go back to their third position.

  17. Yes it’s very true, the Undemocratic Party for Ngombe Dealers (UPND) is very popular in Ngombeland. No two ways about it, because their demigod Hate Hate is the supreme leader of this tribal party.
    We know your schemes you Ngombe dealers.

    • Why do you have to insult others just to make your point – whatever it is? Why can’t you just debate soberly or is that too much to ask out of your type?

  18. Hey Kakoma, No need to have early elections before you have your own elections to choose your party president. Even when the elections come tomorrow you have no one mandated by your party to stand as president. We shall not consider imposed leaders because once they taste the sweetness of that position shall not let go.

    • “…Mr. Kakoma claims that his party has data from a survey conducted by credible international researchers…”
      This is UPND’s own undoing! they place so much faith in foreign or international bodies; they form dubious alliances with unpopular parties such as the DA in RSA; they clapped the loudest to the Kenyan ConCourt over the annulment of the presidential election (which same ConCourt has upheld the re-election of Uhuru Kenyatta!); they are on record for calling Zambians (yes, the very voters whose support they crave for) stupid and ignorant because they were again losing an election; they rush to toothless commonwealth to initiate dialogue with a government whose president they do not recognize. As if this is not enough, they traverse the length and breadth of the world to preach…

  19. …about the gloom and doom that Zambia has become when evidence is abound that our country is arguably the region’s safest haven as exemplified by the influx of refugees from Angola, Rwanda and the Congos. I dont ascribe to most PF philosophies but I am still looking for an alternative – a CREDIBLE opposition party!

  20. We’re grappling with economic problems and some animal is talking of early election as if elections are run using air. Just wait for 2021 and if PF failed by the time we’ll show them the door.

    • You ate right. If they are concerned about the economy they cant be calling for another waste of money just to feed HH’s ego

  21. I think Adolf is really despised by those who pretend to be close to him. How can you advise him to call for an election you want to put another nail into his coffin when he loses again? Don’t forget the 90% vote you got from the Bantustan will be reversed as the East North will also give 90% Never mind Central, Lusaka, then you will know how voting by region feels like….go lie down

  22. Kakoma Facebook is a credible platform to determine one’s popularity. Since elections HH has been trailing Lungu and now by a wooping 125,000 likes. Edgar Joined Facebook 2 years ago while HH joined more than 5 years ago. Then you wonder were is HH getting more popular we for more the a year he can’t catch up.

  23. UPND has very educated dull people. They praised the Kenya ConCourt …..we all know what happened next. They sang songs about the Zim coup and wished it happened in Zambia without realising that it has only made the grip of the ruling ZANU PF tighter on the country squeezing out all hopes of an opposition ever ruling Zimbabwe. Take time to think politicslly imwe ba under-5 cattle rustlers !!

  24. Ba kakoma you are complaining that the economy is bad in the country again you are asking for early elections. what you is just to be in power and have more money in your pockets.

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