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Government hailed for lifting ban on night movement of trucks.

General News Government hailed for lifting ban on night movement of trucks.

Above, trucks from Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) heading to South Africa mostly carrying copper are stranded at Kazungula border post in Southern Proviince as authorities from Botswana site are not allowing due to enter their country fears of Ebola in DRC. Some drivers are now planning to back to Livingstone and try to use the Victoria Falls border post on the Zimbabwe route to South Africa

Northern Province Chamber of Commerce Trade and Industry has welcomed government’s decision to lift the ban on night movement of trucks.

ZANIS Business reports that Provincial Secretary Boniface Sambo says government’s move to revise the Statutory Instrument (SI) 76 of 2016 will greatly help
transporters reduce the cost of running their businesses.

Mr. Sambo said in an interview today that transporters were heavily inconvenienced by the law, adding that a lot of revenue was being lost as goods were not
delivered on time.

He stated that the night time travel ban was a hindrance on the part of transporters.

Mr. Sambo noted that lift will not only improve revenue collection by government but improve on efficiency in the delivery of goods and
services both by transporters and manufactures.

And Mr. Sambo has called on government to equally extend the move to other public passenger transporters, especially those that travel long

He charged that both commuters and transporters are inconvenienced due to long days spent on the road, adding that their businesses have
become even more risky and costly to run due to time wastage.

The regulation to restrict the movement of public service vehicles at night came into effect on 28th November 2016 and constrained the
movement of any freight or goods vehicles between 21: 00 and 05:00 hours.

Government recently announced its decision to lift the ban on night movements of trucks at night saying it was having a negative impact on
the country’s economy.

Meanwhile, the Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA) in Northern Province has called on members of the public to observe road traffic rules during this festive season.

IZANIS reports that RTSA regional manager Chileshe Chileshe says motorists and pedestrians alike should this forthcoming festive season abide by traffic
rules to avoid unnecessary accidents.

Mr. Chileshe noted in an interview that people tend be excited during the festive period by engaging in activities that endanger their lives and those
of other road users.

He warned that the agency will deal sternly with drivers driving under the influence of alcohol adding that RTSA will intensify patrols and ensure that people
found breaking traffic rules are dealt with according to the law.

He appealed to members of the public to be alert and utilize the toll free lines to report careless drivers who break the law.

And Northern Province Police Commissioner Richard Mweene has urged motorists to be alert this festive season to reduce accidents.

Mr. Mweene said people should be wary of their lives hence the need to observe road traffic rules to safeguard their lives.

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  1. Chishimba Kambwili told them do not stop driving at night as many people depend on buying during the day and move at night. the words of a seasoned politician has held

  2. Please government, just make sure all roads are marked. The white line on the edges as well as the center lines are very important in prevention of accidents. These with signals are so important. Also consider the rumbling strips for the middle as well as edges in dual carriage ways or more. Drivers please don’t drink and drive and if you drive don’t drink.

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