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Govt completes printing of KAZA visa for tourists to Zambia and Zimbabwe

Economy Govt completes printing of KAZA visa for tourists to Zambia and Zimbabwe

The Ministry of Finance has completed the process of printing Unified Visa for foreign visitors to Zambia and Zimbabwe, commonly known as KAZA Visa.

 Commenting on the development in Lusaka this morning, Minister of Finance Felix Mutati expressed confidence that the completion of the printing process and subsequent issuance, the KAZA Visa will have exponential benefits to the Zambian tourism industry.

 Mr. Mutati said with the relatively stable exchange rate coupled with low inflation at 6.3 percent, the issuance of KAZA Visas from our side will result in increased tourist inflows.

 He added that stable macroeconomic fundamentals are critical to investment planning, including planning for festive holidays by both domestic and foreign tourists.

 KAZA Visa is a practical example of the government’s efforts to reduce the cost of doing business in the country, he said.

 The Visa will be available through the Zambia Immigration Department, to citizens of 65 countries which coincides with those who are eligible to receive Visas on arrival in both Zambia and Zimbabwe.

 Eligible visitors under the initiative will only be issued on Visa, stocked by both Zambia and Zimbabwe, to enable them enter both countries.

 This is contained in a statement made available to ZANIS in Lusaka today by Ministry of Finance Public Relations Manager Chileshe Kandeta.

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    • Ok, and I thought a Visa is simply STAMPED in someone’s passport. So how does PRINTING VISAS come into play. Or did you mean the DESIGN of KAZA Visas is complete and ready to be used? Maybe you mean the accompanying document called the ENTRY AND EXIT FORM.

      For instance when you enter the U.S.A with a foreign passport, you fill out what is called an I-20. But the Visa itself is stamped in the passport. This is what I recall even when I visited Zambia not too long ago. So what is this “printing” about?

      Anyway, good idea. I hope this can be done for the entire SADC region. It would greatly improved tourism because CONVENIENCE in tourism is very instrumental. The less huddles tourists have to jump, the more likely they are to visit both Countries and SPEND their money….which is…

    • Dull Mutati, we in Modern times of digital/electronic technology, why print visas?? Zambian leaders have no vision. They are too old, dull and useless that need replacement.

    • @Lipkwa, I understand. Maybe I wasn’t just clear in my initial post. Yes, the I-20 form is filled and signed students on F-1 or M-1 Visas (which are referred to as non-immigrant Visas.) But the Visa itself is stamped in the passport and NOT printed separately. I am sure there is also forms for tourists entering the U.S. or any other Country. Even Zambian Visas are stamped in your passport and not printed separately. This is what I was trying to point out. My mention of I-20 was simply to give an example.

  1. Most visas are stamps which are printed and sealed on your passports not the ink entry/exit stamp. Visas even have your passport photo on them and duration whether its single entry or multiple entry

  2. Just let someone skilled handle this job. Zambia WildlifePreservation on Facebook has a better chance of handling our tourism. This gentleman knows what he is talking about.

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