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Mukata’s alleged murder case to be continued today

General News Mukata’s alleged murder case to be continued today

A forensic pathologist from Police headquarters Masakhanov Tajimura has rubbished a postmortem report done by ballistic experts on Namakambwa Kwenda, the security guard UPND Chilanga Member of Parliament Keith Mukata is accused of killing at his law firm.

When the matter came up for continued defence before high court judge Susan Wanjelani, Dr. Tajimura told the court that he received an order from the MAGISTRATE TO conduct postmortem on the deceased, and discovered that he was shot from close range.

In his defence last week Mr. Mukata testified that he fired some gun shots in the air to scare away intruders after realizing that his security guard’s life was in danger.

Dr Tajimura who told the court that he has been practicing for 45 years and has been in Zambia since 1995, said the security guard was shot from close range because of the existence of flame burns on the bullet wound which was on the neck.

He explained that if the security guard was shot from a distance, there would not have flame burns on the bullet wound.

Dr Tajimura has also disclosed that he did not find the bullet in the deceased’s body when he conducted postmortem

Asked to explain why the measurements in terms of diameter and depth of the wound differed between those on his report and that of the ballistic experts, Dr. Tajimura explained that he has been a pathologist for over 45 five years, and at no point in his career has seen ballistic experts conduct postmortem, a job he said is supposed to be done by pathologists.

He has since described the report from the ballistic experts as ‘rubbish’.

The matter has since been adjourned to 5th December, 2017, for continued defence.

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    • Other people could have killed the guard at the same time Keith was scaring them away. It is now starting to make sense. Keith could not have done that.

    • Iwe Chi colour, its already confirmed that Namakambwa was killed by Mukata`s pistol which was later retrieved from his Benz. Unless you are saying other people wrestled the gun from Mukata and shot dead Namakumba, then that would make sence. Otherwise the status quo is not on Mukata`s side, sorry to say!!

  1. Weak defense. Just get ready to go in, the only thing keeping you out is your name and connections. Justice for ba mudala.

  2. This guy most likely he will get away with murder. Zambia is a poor country and anyone with money can do whatever he likes. The police has no capacity to conduct forensic tests and Mr Mukata knows that because he is a lawyer himself. Mr. Mukata will win the case but he Will never run away from the blood of the man he killed. This will stand on him.

  3. Its a shame Keith should end up like this he is an intelligent person but with a short fuse. I don’t think he intended to kill his guard but alcohol, guns and temper don’t go together.

  4. The ballistic experts hands were oiled in order to “confuse ” the evidence. Very common among our police officers.

  5. Thank God he is UPND had it been PF Yaba the likes of Jay Jay and Spakas they will be ranting like wild dogs demanding him to be locked up and through away the keys, alas Jay Jay with cool voice;So according to our constitution ..this guy is still area MP and is still getting paid!! life is unfair this Keith Mukata will haunted for rest of his life

  6. Flame burns suggesting the man was shot at close range and according to the story there were no other people nearby…… The noose tightens! No bullets were found in the body, ballistic experts were not competent to issue a report.. The noose tightens some more!

  7. This stupidity at its best, More than 50 years of Independence the ZP has no forensic experts?????? and that MP is still getting paid???? what a beautiful country for the privileged few!!!!!!

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