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CBU students riot over unpaid meal allowances

General News CBU students riot over unpaid meal allowances


Copperbelt University students in Kitwe on Tuesday night ran violent riot over delayed meal allowances.

Eye witnesses said the riot which started at midnight turned violent and some students were injured in the process after they started throwing stones as riot police moved in to quell the violence.

The students have lost patience after delays from Government to pay them their allowances and vented their anger on the public by taking to Jambo Dive at midnight.

Some of the injured students were admitted to hospital following the riot.

Students have been demanding their allowances but have yet to receive after having been assured.

CBU management was not immediately available for a comment.


    • …because they behave like under5 kids start cooking for them. Morning porridge lunch cabbage nshima, dinner nshima beans per semester.

    • The idio.ts of academia. How much property have they damaged today. Arrest these ungrateful ingrates and send them back to Komboni

    • When government stops its paternalistic behavior. Let students manage their educational grants. Similarly, stop this housing allowance, sitting allowance nonsense. Pay people what is consistent with their job responsibilities, that includes attending meetings, training, etc. Where they choose to live and how they get to work should not be the concern of the government.

      It’s about time we stopped the practices that characterized the colonialists perception of unthinking Africans.

  1. Let there be a 50-50 cost sharing between the government and student. Good for nothing students behaving like spoiled kids. Bwana Minister just expel those who will be found wanting so that sanity is brought to these institutions of higher learning.
    You should even put a clause in those BC forms that anyone on government sponsorship when caught in a riot fracas shall automatically lose the scholarship.

    • Waba ishina kwati ninsele. U think the money is freely given. Its in form of loans. The taxes are high and we will live the rest of our lives paying the government back and also giving the government taxes, most of which will misappropriated

  2. When was the last time they were paid? By how long has the payment been delayed? When did the minister or GRZ say they were going to be paid?

    • August . and they have delayed by a month . the students are failing to print out assignments and are barely managing to have 3meals a day at this point

  3. But for the reckless spending of PF, after spending $17 billion , Zambias economy should have been sparking and heated by now with exports of finished goods up and imports down.. ….but the kaponyas were busy sontaring and dancing to comboni roads being build.. ……muzachi oona……

  4. Why riot imwe ba kapoli. Learn from Zimbabwe. You can demonstrate peacefully and still get the desired result. When you turn violent you damage property and destroy people’s lives. Mugabe had several degrees and made sure quality education was a priority. see the results? and we have Chibuku Vodigar Chakolwa.

  5. As an ex CBU student nshalande saana. icikalipa cumfwa umwine. Mwebuteko pls help our brothers and sisters pantu kwaba insala uku. eco nobuule mu kitwe tabupwila nipalwa nsala ku nstude. Long live the Republic of the COPPERBELT UNIVERSITY!

  6. ba munyenge……….bushe mwaliyapo pa CBU mukusambililapo?……..nagu umwana wenu aliyapo????????
    be serious when coming out………………………………………….

  7. Only someone who has been at a Zambian university can understand how life is that side. and reading from most comments above i can tell how ill-informed you are. you thinking is like having wet dreams and thinking its the real thing. first question you are suppose to ask is how long has it been delayed?. coz come to think of it. its ther money coz they earned it. just like government officials get there allowances. secondly there is always an allocation for that money in the national budget now what happens when it comes to paying them? were does the money go every time?

  8. Students don’t need to riot if their needs are met. The budget for education needs looking at. When are we ever going to get a government that appreciates education. This issue with students has been there for ages and seen promissory notes in resolving it. We have been spending money we never had on things we want ‘not’ what we need! And this government has not helped either. Total bl00dy Shambles!! Time to rethink and raise money internally!!

  9. I am against violence of any form but I understand that this is the only way most African government listen to the needs of their people. As a former student, it pains me to hear and learn that my brothers and sisters are going through the same things we went through 15 years ago. Really sad!! Unfortunately it is the innocent tax payers in Riverside or Great east road that suffers in the process. Which is a very unhelpful situation but I really understand and again with regret, I tend to agree with the students in such matters because I can we expect students to concentrate on research without food mostly more than 2-3 weeks? Do not blame the student maybe not even the ministry but the system.

  10. Don’t post pathetic comments like someone with no brains. The government keeps assuring students they would be paid but the minister keeps lying. After the riot she says money is sourced but students won’t be given. Did she have to wait for students to riot? Why couldn’t she give the union at least the date when money would come in. You think these are kids who don’t deserve ti know? These are loans which will be returned. Parents don’t have enough because the same government keeps increasing taxes but tax players money is always withheld. The minister fails to address students but instead prefers to talk about convincing Zambia scientists to study witchcraft. This money is not free so get that into your thick and clogged brains.

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