Friday, April 19, 2024

DEC arrests 5 small scale farmers for unlawful cultivation of cannabis


The Drug Enforcement Commission in Southern Province has arrested five (5) small scale farmers of Matako Chiefdom in Mulobezi District for unlawful cultivation of cannabis plants weighing over six (6) tonnes, contrary to the laws of Zambia.

The five arrested are Sibanda Ntunta, 29, of Kamwatamwata Village for cultivation of cannabis plants weighing 3.9 tonnes, Kapupa Eric, 37, also of Kamwatamwata Village for cultivation of cannabis plants weighing 600 Kilograms.Others include Madao Janita, a female of unknown age in Kazuzi Village for cultivation of cannabis plants weighing 600 kilograms and Kapupa Limbama, 41, also of Kazuzi Village, for cultivation of 495 kilograms of cannabis plants.

Also arrested is Kapeto Ostern, 36, a small scale farmer of Sibanze Village for cultivation of cannabis plants weighing 790 kilograms.

The suspects are expected to appear in court today.

Meanwhile, the Commission through the Anti-Money Laundering Investigations Unit (AMLIU) in Lusaka has arrested an export controller of a named transport company for money laundering and being in possession of property suspected to be proceeds of crime, contrary to the laws of Zambia.

Particulars of the offences are that on dates unknown but between 1st February, 2014 and 30th April, 2015, whilst acting together with other persons unknown, Chomba Mwansa, 30, an export controller of Chazanga Township in Lusaka District did deposit cash into a known bank account amounting to K 1, 133, 400.00, monies suspected to be proceeds of crime. The suspect did further launder the funds by remitting a total of K 480, 372.03 by way of swift transfer to various overseas companies and acquired seven (7) motor vehicles as well as properties amounting to K 459, 420.
The suspect has been released on Police bond and is expected to appear in court soon.


  1. The marijuana business in USA alone, both for medicinal and recreational, is exploding and will very soon shoot to the stratosphere. You would think an impoverished country like Zambia would jump at this opportunity and cash in. But no! Their advisers are all stup!d punks who don’t invest time in research, only drinking sprees on chartered planes.

  2. Legalized Marijuana for Medication can cure most cancerous diseases. Western Governments told you to criminalize the cultivation because they fear the giant pharmaceutical companies may crumble. They make billions of dollars out of fake medicine that kills People because of side effects. How can you be building Cancer hospitals and arrest People who are growing marijuana which heals Cancer? Most States in the US have legalized it for both medicinal and recreation purposes. Africa is not a dark Continent, it’s just ignorance of people.

  3. Most industries would crumble if the innocent plant was to be legalised. Apart from the already known medicinal properties of cannabis a lot more products can be made like fibres, oils etc. And that’s the reason this plant has been demonised. On a lighter note though I just like the name of the chiefdom gallant farmers are from.

    • everyone who supports hospitals goes to hospitals, everyone who supports education goes to school, everyone who supports money has money. What is your problem with this exactly?

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