Government calls for calm among rioting CBU students


Binwell Mpundu
Binwell Mpundu

KITWE District Commissioner Binwell Mpundu has appealed to the Copperbelt University Students to remain calm as government is working on modalities to address their delayed meal allowances.

ZANIS reports that Mr. Mpundu said during an interview at his office today that the tendency by students to take to the streets each time they have a grievance demoralises government’s effort of addressing their issues.

“I have been talking to the Permanent Secretary for Higher Education ( Mabvuto Sakala )and he has assured me that the issue of students’ meal allowances is being addressed as such there is no need for them to riot but that they should give us time”, Mr Mpundu said.

The Kitwe District Commissioner warned that government will not succumb to any pressure from students adding that it will come up with tough measures that may not be favourable to the students.

“ I urge CBU students to be patient on government . They should realise that government has other competing financial needing to be attended, “ he said.

Copperbelt University students have gone a riot over their delayed meal allowances.

The protects which begun last night have continued with one student having been arrested so far.

Meanwhile Lecturers at the Copperbelt University have also downed tools citing delayed salaries.



  1. A hungry man is an angry man. The only thing that can calm him down is food. It’s just the beginning of of many problems after IMF rejected our begging of a laon. You haven’t seen anything yet.


  2. But why did the GRZ not write the CBU management to continue giving meals or food to the CBU students while it looks for funds for their meals, instead of keeping quiet? In addition, why didn’t the DC come with a letter from the government asking the CBU management to continue giving food to the students? Are we saying that these government leaders do not know that a brain must have food to do intellectual work, or any kind of work? Is that how dull they are in this government?


  3. The IMF issue and this CBU nonsense and then someone even contemplates standing in 2021. He is always flying allover the continent for stup#d inaugurations and bilateral bullsh#t instead of doing real work.



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