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400, 000 households on SCT country wide


Minister for Community Development and Social Welfare, Emerine Kabanshi, says over Four Hundred Thousand (400,000) households have been enrolled on the Social Cash Transfer (SCT) programme countrywide.

Ms Kabanshi says the programme is targeting to enumerate and register over Five Hundred and Ninety Thousand (590,000) vulnerable households across the country before the end of 2017.

ZANIS in Kabwe reports that Ms Kabanshi said this in a speech read for her by the Ministry’s Permanent Secretary Howard Sikwela during a workshop for lessons learnt under Social Cash Transfer held at Misuku Lodge.

Ms Kabanshi explained that the government places importance on improving the implementation of the SCT despite the numerous challenges the ministry faces.

“Social protection programmes and Social Cash Transfers in particular are key to fighting poverty and its dire effects including the inter-generational spill over” she said.

The SCT programme has scaled up to Five Hundred and Ninety Thousand (590, 000) beneficiaries compared to Two Hundred and Forty Two Thousand (242,000) beneficiaries in 2016.

Meanwhile Acting Director for Social Welfare Department, Kennedy Mumba, said all districts are done with community validation process.

Mr Mumba said the workshop is meant to share and document how the districts fared in the area of Social Cash Transfer.

He said he is happy with the progress and applauded all those that took part in the enumeration, registration, and validation programmes for their commitment.


  1. These buffoons are happy about this stupid idea. Empower people to feed themselves through education and farming and not these SCT nonsense. You are even proud about the figures bakabalwe imwe? No wonder this country is the third hungriest on earth. How will these people be motivated to work for their livelihood? Your e voucher fraud scheme is a wasted undertaking that has left farmers without fertilizer and seeds. Get serious for once.

  2. This program should have been in existence since independence in 1964. Any responsible Government takes care of the poor and any Government is judged by that margin. It shouldn’t be only 400 000. However, I hope it’s not actual cash that is disbursed, but ATM cards designed for this program. Every eligible Zambian should be covered not only under SCT but Zambia should have Universal Health Care for all it’s citizens.

  3. And many uninformed Zambians protested when a hunger report put Zambia and 3rd most hungry nation on earth. 400000 households multiply by 7 is equivalent to 2.8million Zambians surviving on handouts and yet politicians are puffing about improving economy due to their efforts

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